Ways to Implement an Effective Call-to-Action

Call –to- Action is a clear and concise communication that compels readers to take an action. It is one of the most important factors driving conversion of any promotional content for blogs or email.  The content should be persuasive and should drive readers to take a definite corrective action such as

  • Click through a landing page
  • Click to pay online for a finalized purchase
  • Subscribe to your email campaigns or newsletters

call to actionIt’s not your sales team alone who is responsible for closings and conversion. Your content marketing team too can drive that traffic, however not without quality content and without a good call-to- action

In this section of the blog we discuss why you’re content needs to go beyond the generic “Click here” option. We provide below a few effective tips on how to create effective calls to action to increase your click-through rates and ultimately drive conversions.

What’s the equation of recipients who “Click” your posts?

The click-through rate of the recipients who click on a certain URL in your email is directly proportional to the fact as to how your content has proved to be a good measure of the effectiveness of your calls to action.

This will allow you to re-work and improvise on your email campaigns’ calls to action. You will there on want to test and implement changes to your content as per the click-through rates to gauge what works best with your specific target audience.

Construct Your Words in a Calculative manner

It is advisable that the content you carry makes use of a strong command verb to start each call-to-action. After discussing out the complete topic in the end sum it up quickly and clearly and make sure to mention what subscribers will get by clicking the call-to-action. Some examples include:

o   Order now

o   Sign up today for weekly/monthly offers

o   Buy now

o   Click to Pay

o   Start your trial now

o   Compare prices here

o   Click here to inquire more

State reasons for the readers to infer why they should take the action

Readers should be able to easily make out the benefits. In other words, what’s in it for them? Will the service or product help them to outgrow their business, or save money? It is advisable for your content to highlight your valuable scheme compared to your competitors. E.g.: 40% off or Free home delivery. Make sure the message is concise and clear. This will help you give you an edge in getting your consumers to take action.

A few more must do’s to consider

Make sure your font size mentioning the call-to-action is easy to view and stands out more compared to other elements in your email so subscribers can’t miss it.

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