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Lead Generation Methods for the New Year

It feels like 2021 is going to be gone before any of us had the time to really feel like it was here at all. Since the pandemic, these years seem to be flying by, and the world of business is advancing at just as rapid a pace. But one thing that will never change is the value of leads. Your marketing and sales teams come together at this very aspect. Your marketing team generates leads, and your sales team follows up with them to try and convert them into customers.

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Since digital channels started becoming the number one method of marketing, lead generation has become both easy and tricky. Easy because it is so easily accessible to everyone, and there are just so many options to do so, and that is exactly the reason why it can become tricky too. So many channels like social media, email marketing, search engines etc. can make it a little overwhelming for a marketer to keep track of and follow up with leads generated from all these channels.

We understand that everyone can use a few tips and tricks to improve their efforts in marketing to scale their business even more. So here are a few things you can look into to improve your lead generation antics and get more out of your marketing budgets.

1. Personalize Outreach Based on User’s Buying Intent

There are many ways of determining where a specific customer is on their buying cycle. You can see how many times a customer has interacted with your business and what their level of involvement is. Depending on buying intention or just potential interest shown by a customer, your strategy to communicate with them should vary. There are many metrics to help you determine buying intent, primarily the bounce rate reports on different pages of your website. A great way to interact further is to send personalized emails to people who have abandoned carts, talking about the specific product they put in their cart.

2. Focusing on Alignment of Sales and Marketing

Nothing kills sales better than bad communication between teams. There will be significant improvement when the marketing and sales objectives are better aligned. All the sales teams require from the marketing team is higher quality leads, and the marketing team needs there to be consistency in the metrics used. It is also important for both departments to understand the other’s challenges and commitment. A better-aligned sales and marketing effort will mean more sales and also happy customers.

3. Focus on Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-centric is a buzzword every marketer has heard of. It basically means putting the customer trends in front of anything else. It is not a new concept by any means, but given the current times, it has been in focus way more now. Since the competition has gotten tougher and the customers more outspoken, it is now more important than ever to focus on your ideal customers and treat them like kings. An average internet consumer gets bombarded with thousands of ads on a daily basis on all different channels. This is where customer-centricity comes into play with lead generation. It is important to profile your customers right and only focus on a selective cohort of individuals who are most likely to interact with your marketing efforts.

4. The Power of Videos

It was predicted very early that by 2022, most of the internet would be engaging with video content. Amidst all the entertaining video content, there are also a lot of advertisements. Marketers have caught on to the power of this amazing visual tool and have already started focusing on engaging video marketing. To increase engagement through videos, companies can put out video testimonials of loyal customers, product demonstrations, and offers. From a lead generation perspective, a constant encouragement to ask viewers to interact with the business in some way can be used. There’s also the value of brand building that can’t be unnoticed.

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