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Effective graphical content for social media

Effective graphical content for social media

Whenever you find yourself on the Google landing page, what is the first thing that you notice? The answer is Google Doodle. This element of Google is not only informative but is also visually appealing and gives you a reason to visit the Google landing page every day and use this search engine rather than any other. Similarly, in your daily life, you come across a variety of visual content in the form of magazines, TV advertisements, Facebook Ads, billboards etc. You tend to read these advertisements only if you find them visually attractive at first glance. Moreover, you are 65% more likely to remember the information if it includes an image. Such is the impact of graphics in the field of content marketing. This implies that you need to generate effective graphical content if you want your business to succeed.

Following are a few tips that you can follow to create an impactful graphical content:

1. Decide a goal: You need to decide a goal for your social media graphic design before you start working on it. This will help you to set up a base while creating a design for your social media content. You need to start by asking yourself a few questions like:
•  Why am I doing this?
•  Who is my target audience?
•  Which social media platforms do they use?
•  Do I want to increase sales or user engagement?
•  What action do I want my audience to take once they see the design?

These questions might seem simple but they have a huge impact on the way your design gets created. Once your goal is set, make sure that you take further steps based on this goal.

Decide a goal

2. Resize image according to the platform: There are different social media platforms that allow you to post your visual content like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, each of these platforms has its own specifications for images that you need to understand before posting anything. You will need to resize the image and change its type according to the norms of your platform. You can familiarize yourself with the current norms and specifications by using Facebook Ads Guide for Facebook, cheat sheet for LinkedIn, etc.

3. Use free resources and tools: If you do have a problem in spending a large sum on a professional photographer for your content requirements, then you can always resort to the free tools that are available on the internet. These tools give you access to countless images that do not have a copyright and can be freely used in your posts without any implications. Following is a list of few such resources and tools:

•  10 sites for free stock photos
•  21 amazing sites with breathtaking free stock photos
•  Facebook cover photo templates
•  10 awesome websites to find free Instagram photos

4. Include your brand in the design:  According to a study, it takes about seven times of seeing or hearing your brand for someone to recognize it. This means that you need to incorporate your brand logo, color, and fonts into your design to create impactful visual content. Doing this will not only enhance your image but will also help to redirect your audience to your website. The only thing which you need to be mindful of is to make sure that the addition of your logo to a particular image does not take away the essence of that image.

Power of brand

5. Be consistent: Consistency is an attribute that has a high value in any business. You need to make sure that the content which you are posting is consistent with your brand and is successful in keeping your audience engaged. As long as your audience feels connected to your brand and understands the message you wish to deliver, you will be on a path towards success. The moment you derail from your original idea and start posting irrelevant and random content, you are bound to lose your customers.


Along with the tips mentioned above, you also need to have an in-depth understanding of every social media platform because each of them has its own set of requirements and specifications. Also, don’t forget to be creative while designing any content for your website since it is this content to which your audience is going to get connected. Keep everything simple yet unique to keep moving up the ladder of success.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: How to Improve Your Business using LinkedIn

“Can I expand my business using LinkedIn?”  This is the burning question that most of the upcoming startups and the small company owners are asking themselves as well as to digital marketers. According to a study, this social media website has become a secret weapon to boost your business as well as to gain a foothold in the professional market. Leveraging your business through LinkedIn has the benefit that the right type of audience is targeted. So Google is not the sole proprietor for getting your business being discovered online. The latest trend in the e-microcosm is that “You aren’t someone noteworthy until you are found on LinkedIn!”


To help you maximize your engagement, and improve your business on LinkedIn we have chalked out a few points:

Why Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Business

  • Specificity: Rather than delving into the unnecessary information, stick to the key points. Be most precise in letting people know who you are and what you do so as to avoid confusion among visitors. Include the key ingredients: Your current work, past experience, summary and your specialty. This would enable you to reach out to your customers in telling them what you do and how can you help them. In short build a powerful and informative profile.
  • Add links and websites: LinkedIn allows you to add three links of your work. In order to make the visitors more curious, make this section attractive and as engaging. This tactic would make them inquisitive about the services that you offer.
  • Creativity attracts more leads: Most of the LinkedIn profiles are as dull as a dishwater. To make your profile stand out from the competitors, include a few specs of video’s which would come alive when the visitor checks your profile. This video can include the basics about your company profile, what is offered and don’t forget to add in a few good words by the clients.
  • Add contact information: When someone stops by your profile, essential contact details help to tie in via phone or email. The best feature on LinkedIn is that it allows you to export your connections. A 15-20 minute talk with the potential clients or with the visitors will boost your business directing to a tsunami of leads.
  • Answer the questions: Creating a LinkedIn account and adding professionals to it is not the end of the story. It’s just the tip of an iceberg. Always customers choose the suppliers whose interaction levels are higher. This creates a pseudo effect among the customers by adding an informative and resourceful answer. Another strategy to generate a sense of reliability among customers is to follow-up after some time letting him know that you are personally interested and cater to their needs.
  • Carry out discussions in groups: You can build your business around Groups, each contains a specific target audience. By engaging in conversations and answering the questions posted on these groups enhances your online visibility. Thus more people come to know about you and your work. This develops more contacts and ultimately leads to increasing your business.

No matter what your business is, if you project your business amidst the right target audience; it will definitely help attract more customers, investors, partners and sponsors. Before that,it is necessary that you appoint a good digital marketing agency  that will enhance your business on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

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