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Social Media Marketing Through Human Psychology

Social media is inarguably the widest human interface of today’s era. Being a large platform of communication, it has become an important marketing channel for all types of businesses at large. Penetration results are found to be more successful through social media, not to be doubted as the number of social media users worldwide follows a growing graph pattern without even the smallest disruption.


With such increasing numbers of users of social media, it is but obvious that effective marketing can definitely produce significant results. And it is not a surprise that the following business statistics have been evaluated for the social media platforms:


Marketing on social media has many facets to success. And because it is a platform that is actively involving people of all demographic natures, human psychology is an important factor to be considered. We shall herewith discuss a few points that may drive your social media marketing using human psychology.

  1. Make your posts more human

Putting a human face to your advertisements and brand increases the chances of a customer being attracted to you. Attention is grabbed much easily when advertisements are associated with a human face as this is related to emotional connect. If a consumer is aware that there is a human on the backstage to reciprocate all activities that he is doing towards your business, the conversation is likely to be swifter.

  1. Build relationships

Be consistent with your social media presence. Do not disappear for unexpected long periods; your audience is very likely to forget you. Social media is a platform that offers a diversity of information to consumers – you must be consistent enough to keep yourself in the limelight as well. Make sure that all messages that you receive are replied to appropriately and well in time. Give your audience a sense of trust. You are in touch with many like them, but each of them looks upon you with the expectation of a single communication channel. Try to fulfil their queries in time.

  1. Expose the benefits

Every individual is naturally attracted to anything that advantages or benefits him/her. Highlight on what benefits you have for your consumers. Keep allocating free trials and discounts for your services and/or products and show them on your social media. Focussing on customer benefits assures you a much higher engagement rate.

  1. Emotional triggers

Don’t leave out on the wit and humour, that’s what catches the human eye the most. Laughter is a universal language that strengthens connections. You will notice that a large percentage of the content that goes viral on social media is either funny or witty. Jokes will trigger quicker reaction and positive responses to your posts.

  1. Make it easy to grasp

Study proves that human attention is mostly stable for only up to 8 seconds. Make sure that the major information that you are trying to pass on is clutched within 8 seconds. If you are writing a long story, make the introductory lines catchy enough to hold on to the customer for longer times. Visual content and videos are known to be great concentration boosters. Use them effectively in your posts.

Adopt these tactics and watch your social media outreach grow enormously!

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Social Media Campaign Strategy to Make Campaign Rocking

Avoid the pitfalls, to make your social media campaign rocking

Internet is a revolution in itself which has tremendous impact on every sphere of development in this century. The concept of connecting to people just at the click is a boon of the internet. Internet has made way for many technologically advanced this can be clearly visible in the fact that people are moving closer to each other, across all time instantaneously breaking the barrier of distance.

The evolving advancements in the field of internet

Social Media Campaign

The technological boon in the internet has given people the confidence to use this medium for business purposes as well. Thus, the concept of social media has popped up. Social media marketing has turned out to be a windfall to the marketing department of most organization.

The entire scenario has changed now.

Awareness among the people is far better than ever before and this has resulted in the demands to soar up manifold. There are varied brand for any particular product. Customers have started understanding that they are the life line of any organization.

Customers today not only are engaged in buying products or services but are also likely to give suggestions, leave comments on products as well as services, in turn making the organisations aware that achieving sales alone cannot be their objective to success. So, organizations have also changed their strategy and are making optimum use of Social media marketing to achieve these objectives.

Social networking sites are an invariable part of social media marketing

Social media act as a medium through which organizations and individuals have started connecting with the people.

Facebook is a social networking giant, has caught the attention of many businesses, big and small and now has become the savior of many organizations. Facebook pages have become a single point of contact for many businesses. Organisations have started implementing these strategies in every possible way to keep their customers attracted to them. Many succeed in achieving the objectives and many are not that lucky. Simple mistakes can cost a lot to an organisation. If these mistakes are not identified and corrected at the right time, the overall image of a brand gets affected.

There are certain pitfalls to avoid during a social media campaign. Posting messages on the Facebook and waiting for results will not help at all.

The following are the 5 important Facebook tips that can really help to make your social media campaign rocking:

  1. Prioritize Top Posts:

Facebook automatically prioritizes the posts or news feed that should appear on the page. These news feeds are generated according to the user’s interests. Facebook will in turn help these relevant posts to appear as top news in others page. It’s vital to be highly selective about the content to be posted. You should possibly include quotes, proverbs, photos, videos etc. to keep up the interest quotient towards the page. Keeping the page interactive by posting questions, comments and sharing information about some interesting facts will also help to leverage the traffic towards the page.

  1. Welcome the followers on your page

Everybody loves the attention they get. Giving credit to people for their comments, appreciating their efforts to spread the word about the page and providing them with some freebies will help the page look better. Facebook will automatically rank the page better. 

  1. Deliver visually strong content posts

Images and videos are considered to be the best kind of posts. Images and videos play a major role as these are easy to comprehend. Visitors to a page automatically click through the images and videos and understand the purpose. As a result the readership and traffic increases. Cluttering of contents should be avoided. Including Call to Action tab in a post is considered to be a good strategy on a Facebook page. Using Call to Action tabs like Click here Share this, like this, Leave a comment, Share your opinion etc. will help visitors to act instantaneously. This methodology helps to save a lot of time and thus, make it convenient to use.

  1. Engaging your customers

Keeping the customers engaged at every stage of a campaign. Customers like to share their opinions and they leave comments on the page. User should appreciate these comments. One must try to take the conversation further and connect with the visitors. Similarly, one can allow the fans to publish on the page. It is a very good strategy to improve the ranking of the page. One can keep a check on what is being shared by others on your wall.. So, keeping a watchful eye in this regard is very important as it may spoil the image of the page.

  1. Posts Consistently

It is also important to post daily on the Facebook page. The number of posts should vary between 2 to 5. More than five posts or less than two posts will look really bad on a page. The user must ensure that there is sufficient time gap between the posts. Minimum of 2 hrs to 3 hrs of time gap should be there between the posts.

Make a note of these tips and strictly adhere to them while carrying out a social media campaign on Facebook. Facebook is a powerful medium to grow your business. Remember when used efficiently it can deliver extraordinary results.

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