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How Content Elevates Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered “does content create magic in digital marketing”? The straight cut answer is – yes. Let’s Discuss

Hornbook for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, as the name specifies, is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies. It differs from the traditional marketing where it promotes through electronic media such as internet. Consumers are not just intended only with what company says but they have also exposed to media, friends and peers. More than the company would say about the product, people mostly believe in media reviewing about the product. Customer should feel supported and valued by the company which is more likely done by the online customer support provided by each company in favor of customers.


Now does content make any sense with marketing? Probably the answer is yes. Let’s see how.

What is content?

Take a step back and look what content is.

Content is just information associated with experience for communication. It is usually targeted towards end user. It is something expressed through media.

Content – a line of target for digital Marketing

  • The main objective of content is “why”, “who” and “how”. Why do you write, who is being targeted and how will you help them.
  • The content should be precise and driven right to the correct path of what customers prefer.
  • The plan in the content should achieve the purpose and able to prioritize the information.
  • Content that has more engagement with costumer will be effective in achieving the goal.
  • The main objective of content is that it should be more understandable to the end-user

Over and Above About content in digital Marketing

Promotion: Content plays a major role in promoting digital marketing. Usually people like to buy what they know, so making people know about the product will indulge more number of customers. The strategy is that once we attract the visitor that makes more promotion to the product which could be done by attractive transparent content.

Skyscraping Traffic: Creating a high quality content will help in inbound marketing strategy. When the exact value and information is provided for customers as they expected, it will create more trust towards the product and obviously there would be more traffic. Good content will not only grow your business but also provide you with strong online presence.

Exposure to media: Planning content right down to the keywords and topics will be a boon to the products/services ad it will help in being top listed in search engines. It is about providing more like a lava cake than the usual sugar free biscuit which is dry and that makes the difference in the industry to excel.

Better Vision: The more we research on content planning the more intensity is provided to the product/service. Listening closely to the conversation of audience in social media will have a better view on product to be promoted. In this context, it is always advised to make your content creative. Creative content is like a tool in hand which plays a better role in changing the vision of audience.

There is an opportunity created to inspire customer. The right mixture of creativity with the content will elevate the products in the field of Digital Marketing. Content writing is eventually one of the most important subsets in the whole field of SEO. You may look here for further insights on content marketing or contact us to assist you with content services.

(Compiled by Nisha Ranjith)

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Infographics – A Better Way of Marketing


Truth Facts

Marketing online has now become crucial for any business or brand, especially the ones whose most transactions are online or have their business base setup on the internet. Most of them fight over what is the best strategy for advertising. One of the most recent and attractive method for marketing is to use Infographics in your online campaign.

What is an Infographic?

Most Popular Infographics

Most Popular Infographics

Although the term Infographic may sound really complicated, it simply is a word combined
of two words “information” and “graphical presentation”. Infographics are graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge with the intent to present complex information quickly and clearly. Therefore, it is –

  • A data rich visualization of a story or a thesis
  • An effective way to learn and understand various concepts
  • A best way to build brand recognition.

Why Infographic?

It has been observed that a good quality inforgraphic are read 30 times more than plain

text and the online traffic steers easily towards publishers who post Infographics than those who don’t. Inforaphics easily go viral and drives customers to your brand; here are a few reasons why-

  • People love facts, figures and statistics. Thus, adding inforgraphics can make your campaign addictive and compelling.
  • It helps in brand building if the subject matter mixes well with your marketing goals.
  • People love to go through content which are visually represented, thus your product will have a better chance of being noticed.
  • Because of catchy titles and quirky images, Infographics easily go viral and increase your potential customer base.
  • It is a good way to increase your Search Engine Optimization, since, Google’s search engine algorithm work well with Infographics, you are sure to bump up your website’s ranking.
  • Large amount of data becomes understandable, easy and interesting.
  • One of the most important gains is that it helps cater the audiences who have less time and low-attention span.

How to effectively use Infographic?

The money spent on Infographic should be able to give you lucrative results, and thus, you need to know how you can create the perfect Infographic-

  • Choose a quirky, interesting and catchy topic or title.
  • Include facts, figures and diversity of sources and statistics.
  • Make people engage with your company and brand.
  • Promote your Infographic via social media. It will help your brand and infographic go viral
  • Minimize the textual content and avoid plain or white background.
  • Notify a number of blogs and websites to promote your Infographic and keep on the shares coming.

Infographics may become the new buzz in the town, with the increase of its use. There are millions of blogs written every day, with the use of infographic, you could publicize yourself on various social networking and blogging websites, with millions of shares on social media platform.

Now that you have all the knowledge you need on Infographic, what are you waiting for? Be ready to go viral on the next campaign.





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What Makes a Good Facebook Post?

It is each digital marketers dream to create a post that would go viral on Facebook. It’s the golden mine of marketing and these Facebook posts are Mount Everest of information. Marketing on Facebook is the latest trend. If the page has the right ingredients and strikes the right cord among the audience, then it is bound to go epidemic on the Facebook page. However, there is no textbook theory for generating good quality posts but we jot down a few points that are bound to attract more attention and help you gain your stand on Facebook.

facebook postWhat to Consider for a Quality Facebook Post

  • Include specs of engaging videos and photos – The posts that have an accompanying image or a video are capable of drawing more attraction and help the content to stand a class apart. Try to include attractive images and see how the post gets an elevated response.
  • Succinct and crisp text – Short, concise and to the point posts are the winners in the competition of generating more interest and reader attraction. Ideally keeping the text limit 100-300 characters are better received.
  • Build a two way dialogue – Always ask your audience to give their opinions about your product. The changes thereby imposed, showcasing that you value their feedbacks and acknowledging them for the beneficial results encourages the viewers to more actively participate in the conversations that you craft.
  • Share discounts and promotions- Broadcast promotional schemes and discounts in form of posts to drive your online sales to rise meteorically. Adding details of the dates between which these advantages can be availed will add an element of urgency among your customers.
  • Provide access to exclusive information – Exclusive information for your followers in form of posts will generate a placebo effect. This in turn leads to amplified trust and loyalty.
  • Be quick to reply to a post – When you post about a particular topic and a customer asks a question, make sure to answer it in the shortest span. Regular and timely replies establish better engagement ties.
  • Schedule your posts – There are different opinions about the ideal time for posting on a page. But the practical solution is, schedule your posts when most of the members are online.
  • Target your posts – In order to generate maximum likes and engrossment, select your target audience first. Post relevant to a particular target audience will generate more interest and are more likely to be read.
  • Always review the performance of your posts – Creating an avant-garde post and taking no pains to see how well it faired among the audience will not help you. Tools like Page Insights helps you to find what type of content interests your audience. There are several monitoring tools that show the response to each post.

Now it’s your turn to implement these strategies ,increase your quality social media metrics and unfurl the innumerable layers of Facebook marketing.

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