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Overview of Amazon Marketing Services

You should never miss out on Amazon marketing services if you want to sell your stuff online. This is because Amazon is the biggest e-commerce space that you can get for your product. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is Amazon’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform where people get their products on the basis of keywords, products, and interests.

Overview of Amazon Marketing Services

AMS offers Amazon Pages, Product Display Ads, Headline Search Ads and Sponsored Products Ads.

How to enter Amazon Marketing Services:

If you want to get into Amazon Marketing Services, you must have one of these –

• A Vendor Central or Vendor Express login
• An invitation to represent a vendor
• An Advantage Central login
• A Kindle Direct Publishing account

Types of AMS Ads

1. Sponsored Products Ads

These ads give sellers more control over how they want to merchandise their product on Amazon. You can increase your product visibility when people look up the keywords you have bid on along with targeted ads. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad and reaches your page.

With Sponsored Products, you put out the maximum cost that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. If your bid is more competitive, you will have better chances of getting your ad displayed when someone looks up your keywords.

You must have a regular budget for every ad campaign and keep an amount that you are willing to pay. That way, at the end of a month, your ad expenditure won’t exceed your desired daily spend. Keyword research is an important part of is also very important, so make sure you do it well.

2. Headline Search Ads

Headline Search ads build the most brand awareness as they are displayed on the top, bottom and left rail of Amazon search results. They also feature a customized design along with your logo and headline. It also consists of three products that are click bait.
Keywords help in deciding if your ad will be displayed or not. If a shopper looks for something ideal to what your keyword is, that will lead to him finding your product.
Your creatives are auto-generated and all you have to do is add a headline and image before you submit your ad for review.

Amazon displays your ad to those shoppers who use the keywords from your campaign.
With these ads, you put out the maximum cost that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. If your bid is more competitive, you will have better chances of getting your ad displayed when someone looks up your keywords.

The only limitation is that Amazon will not accept ads that contain or relate to certain content. Headline Search ads can be made by all approved Amazon Marketing Services accounts.

3. Product Display Ads

Product Displayed ads are on the right side of an Amazon product page. It pays more attention to the brand than the product itself. In order to display your ads, there are two targeting methods: Product and Interest. Product targeting lets you choose which pages your ad will be shown on. You can also choose your campaign settings by naming your campaign, setting a CPC bid, a campaign budget, and the time.

Your ads will appear on the product detail page, around search results, customer reviews page, on top of the offer listing page and in Amazon-generated emails. When your items go out of stock, the ads are stopped until the item is back in stock.

With Product Display Ads, you put out the maximum cost that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks on your ad. If your bid is more competitive, you will have better chances of getting your ad displayed when someone looks up your keywords.

Using AMS also has a lot of challenges –

• Making a good impression
• You can’t bid for more than what you can afford
• Getting good conversion rates
• Getting a decent return on investment (ROI).
• Not every seller uses AMS
• Impatiently raising the bid
• Not being creative enough with targeting

When you advertise with AMS, it is an opportunity. You should use it efficiently and it also depends on the products you are getting. But, you must also remember that it won’t get you instant success. Amazon focuses on how your ad performs, good targeting and product page appeal. You should improve your targeting and your product page for better ad performance metrics.

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Understanding Amazon PPC ads

Today’s online portal for e-business and sales is very competitive and vast. Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) ads are an efficient method for brands to create awareness, improve visibility, and increase sales.


Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is Amazon’s advertising style provided to its sellers. It offers three kinds of PPC ads. They are headline search ads, sponsored product ads, and product display ads. These ads are all suitable for attracting customers and getting conversions done.

1.    Headline Search Ads

Headline Search ads get the most clicks among all the three types of PPC ads on Amazon. They build the most brand awareness as they are displayed on the top, bottom and left rail of Amazon search results. They also feature a customized design along with your logo and headline. It also consists of three products that are click bait.

How to create a headline search campaign

If you want to create a headline search campaign, you should start by choosing the most clickbait page of your ad. Shoppers click on this when they click on your ad. You can choose whichever Amazon Store page you want and you can also customize your own Amazon URL.

Then, you must choose your keywords which are used to target your customers. That way, if a customer clicks on your ad, he will be taken to your page and be given details about your products.

2. Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored product ads are the most popular ones on Amazon as they bring in the highest amount of sales per click. They increase a product’s search visibility and bring more than usual people to your product details’ page. If you want to create a sponsored product campaign, you must choose the product you want to promote and add all the keywords which will help increase your product’s visibility. You can either do manual targeting, which includes selecting certain keywords for your ad or uses automatic targeting, where all your relevant keywords are targeted according to the product information. So, when a shopper looks for your keywords, your ad will pop up in the display if you win the Buy Box for that product.

3. Product Display Ads

Product display ads are becoming quite popular. These ads help to target shoppers who aren’t sure if they want to buy a product or not. They help in cross-selling and work extremely well for competition and give you a head start. These ads appear on product detail pages, customer review pages, the bottom of search results pages, and many other places. If you want to make a product display ad campaign, choose the product you want to promote and how you want to target customers. When someone clicks on your ad, they are taken to the product detail page.

4. Coupon Ads

If you have active Vendor Powered Coupons, then you can use the Product display ads to promote your products. These ads work just the way a regular product display and do, but the only difference is that they offer a coupon-specific creative. Amazon says that when you choose a product, there will be a notification about the availability of coupons. You can make a choice of advertising the coupon and view the ad before making the entire campaign live.

5. Deal Ads

Product display ads are also helpful when it comes to advertising deals with a limited amount of time. You will be presented the entire campaign process step by step. IT shows you the deals that can be used for promotion. They can be any Lightning or Savings and Sales deals which are under your vendor code. They should be approved and not to end within the next 72 hours.

The designs and logos for deal ads are auto-generated. They don’t have any custom headline or logo images. They show the type of deal, promotional price, and offer expiry date.


Amazon PPC ads help brands promote their pages in each stage. You can’t just set your campaign and forget about it. You need to change your ways, optimize things and target good keywords and products. Only that way, you will get good sales, convert shoppers to buyers and get good profits.

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Know the tips to increase sales and get optimum ROI on Amazon

If people want to open their own store online, there are various sites that can help with the same. It is a great way of starting something new. But, if you want to generate sales, you will have to do more than just setting up a store. You must know the best marketing tactics and how to make sales happen. Here are 6 ways you can increase sales and get optimum ROI on Amazon.

Know the tips to increase sales and get optimum ROI on Amazon

1. Get Paid Traffic

One of the best ways to generate better sales is through paid traffic. People have several misconceptions about the same; they think it is expensive. Some stories circulate around saying that people who spend a lot of money on such stuff, get nothing in return and have an inevitable loss. But, none of these is true. If you know the way to get the best deals, you will find that paid traffic is affordable and can take your business to the higher levels.

Those who fail with paid traffic seem to experience common mistakes. When you are running paid traffic campaigns, you should not put all your money on a single ad. Run multiple campaigns and have variations for them. You then drive traffic to each and check which ads bring you the best crowd.

2. Get people to trust you

Another way to increase sales is by getting people to trust you. People have to follow a process in order to buy a product before the actual transaction is made. When you increase the trust people have at every step of this process, conversions from shoppers to buyers will be more. You can add reviews of the products that are on display. This acts as proof regarding the product. You can also install a live chat option on your site, which acts as the best customer service. Testimonials and trust badges also gain the trust of the people in your product. They are for the last minute concerns people have before buying your product, and this might help in to eradicate them.

3. Have a simple Checkout process

There’s also the option of making your checkout process simpler. Instead of getting people to sign up, there should be an option to check out as a guest. This is less tiresome and easier as compared to other methods. You can also reduce the number of form fields that need to be filled. With some features like buttons, you can make their process simpler.

4. Use emails

In order to get more publicity and grow your e-commerce store, you can take up email marketing. If you want to do that, there are two ways of approaching the same.
You can have a list and market according to that. Or, you can make a completely new list. If you have the emails of all your customers, you can start without any hassle. However, if you don’t have a list, you must first create one, get people through paid traffic and conduct a giveaway. But, if you want to generate sales, you will have to follow some methods. You can resort to cross-selling, which is when you sell products that are complementary to what they have already bought. You must send your emails a week or two after someone has bought your product and then you can send them the complementary products’ promotion.

5. Show off your product as much as you can

The best way to improve sales is by showing off your product in a much better manner. People buy a product for its benefits, and you have to keep that in mind while you are marketing it. You can start by taking pictures of your products against a good background, preferably white. You can outsource the photography work to someone else if you can’t do it on your own. You can also take videos. Improve your product descriptions and align them in a proper manner. Highlight certain features of the product and emphasize them well enough to attract your customers.

There is also the process of upselling. You can also include an expensive product and add the ratings and reviews to it. Encourage and convince your customers to go for the expensive option and do it by providing discounts and deals on the same.


There are many ways you can market your product and gain plenty of sales. Whether you do it through paid traffic or email marketing, the options aren’t limited. The most important part is knowing your customer well, that helps in getting the most success out of a product. All we know is that at the end of the day, the customer should be happy and you must make good profits out of your products. That is what matters most.

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Tips to know how to optimize Amazon products as campaigns

All the brands of all sectors such as fashion, consumer durables, and packaged food are interested in doing business on Amazon, Wal-Mart, Flipkart, and all such online sites. This is all because the advertisements and promotions done online are becoming a major part of marketing activity and is continuously increasing. Online shopping is trending these days which has increased the scope of companies registered online. Statistics say that 55% of products searched online are on Amazon. People tend to search their requirements on large retail and e-commerce websites instead of search engines like Google and Bing. The data analysis revealed that the amount spends on marketing activities on Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) saw a tremendous growth. Day by day Amazon is improving its performance. Amazon Marketing Service emerges as the most important advertising services in e-commerce. The strategies in it should be understood properly and its potential should be used in the best possible way. Amazon Marketing Services has three types of different advertising units- Sponsored Product Ads, Product Display Ads, and Headline Search Ads.

  • Getting granular with Sponsored Product Ads

The base of Sponsored products ads is targeting the campaigns. By this Amazon indexes your brand’s individual ASINs/ Product Detail pages. ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number that is unique and is assigned to all the products on site. It then runs the machine learning algorithms against that index to push the target keywords. The best-targeted keywords are selected for target campaigns and can be seeded into manual campaigns also.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

If you choose manual campaigns then you get more control over specific keywords, products, and ads that you want to include. Here you have to use the granular structure. You should aim to allocate a separate campaign per keyword and a set of products. This will give you more clearly and better control on optimization over granular at the product level.

  • Eligibility and Headline Search Ads

In order to run headline search ads which have different targeted keywords and banner ads that appear in a banner sized placement right at the top of the search results- your brand needs to display at the most three eligible products within the ad unit. If Amazon decides any one of the three products ineligible then your campaign will be paused and ads will be stopped appearing. This is lead to a huge loss of opportunity. Product eligibility has a commerce aspect for the advertising of the products.

Amazon Headline Search Ads

Amazon has all the rights to make a product ineligible for advertisement due to many reasons including but not limited to if the product is out of stock for a longer period of time or is not profitable enough for Amazon. Eligibility is applicable on all the products. You should be very careful before building and managing your ad campaigns. You should always keep a backup product ready if the main product that you chose is deemed ineligible by Amazon. You should always be aware of the latest updates and check the notifications regularly to ensure quick response towards any ineligible product and minimize the issue of ad campaigns stoppage.

  • Conquesting and defensive strategies for Product Display Ads

With the product display ads that appear on Amazon’s product details page, you should also target the consumers as per their interests and search results. You should do proper researching and these can include your product, your competitor’s products, or complimentary offering products. The most popular strategies that brands are using these days are either defensive campaigns or conquesting campaigns.

Amazon Product Display Ads

Conquesting means running the ads on the detail pages of competitive products in order to entice consumers who drive there to consider your product over the other products. As part of this you need to get you won merchandising, images, reviews, pricing, details of products, description, content, etc. spot on if you want to excel in conquesting. Brands are constantly doing experiments for its success. While defensive campaigns involve purchasing the spot for your product for ads while the competitors are unable to conquest it. Here you can help the consumer in identifying your product specifications and uniqueness. E-commerce advertisements are trending nowadays and which is preferred to be used by all the brands apart from their traditional advertisements.

For any further information on Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads or Product Display Ads, please contact us on info@bmconsulting.in. You may also visit our website www.bmconsulting.in to get further insights.

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Tips to drive sales with AMS and drive traffic on Amazon

drive sales to amazon

After you have completed the optimization of listings and the conversion, it is not important to increase the traffic of the products. This will give a boost to the products. You can increase this traffic through internal service provided by Amazon named as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). Even though you have a best optimization product listing but that doesn’t guarantee your page to be the first page on the search bar. This can only be made possible if the keywords used are not vague with a high ranking. By optimizing the product you can come to know about the accurate and right keywords for the products. The product whose sales turnover is high will have a high ranking on Amazon in comparison to their competitors. Other relevant factors that affect the ranking are customer reviews, ratings, price ratio, conversion, delivery speed, time, etc.

  • Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Slowly and gradually the ranking of the products can increase. It takes much time and challenge for a company to top the ranking list on Amazon. When the awareness of the product is very less amongst the customers you need to do some advertisement campaign ads for discovering the product to the customers and making it appear on the top search pages on Amazon. Amazon marketing services focus on cost per click advertisements which is in the form of sponsored product ads and headline search ads which is applicable to the clicks made the viewers on Amazon. These ads are called prime real estate and they get the priority in the customer search. Whenever a customer searches for any item on Amazon they will get to see these results and will get the maximum number of clicks.


  • Creation of marketing budget for Amazon Marketing Services by the vendors

In today’s era, there is a lot of competition in the market. A vendor cannot rely upon the organic searches over Amazon. They need to invest in marketing activities to get ahead of their competitor as well as increase the traffic and sales of their products on Amazon. The competitors will bid on their brand’s keywords. Vendors need to create product display ads to drive the traffic from their competitor products to their products and the related products. Amazon marketing services require long-term attention and expertise for its proper use. It requires ongoing management as it cannot be stopped at any point in time. It needs expert monitoring and continuous optimization to ensure the best for the vendors. Vendors can do outsourcing through some consultant or learn how to manage these ads internally and recruit a specialty for it.

  • Different tools for helping the vendors

There are a few tools that will help the vendors in increasing traffic and sales of their products on Amazon:

  • Promotional activities

This is another way in which the vendors can drive the traffic and divert the customers to their product. This is a cross-site activity for listing on Amazon.  Majority of the customers searches products in the search bar on Amazon but there are few customers who are attracted towards the new updates of Amazon. These are the regular site visitors on Amazon. They are attracted towards various coupons, daily deals, hourly discounts, etc. vendors can create attractive deals and coupons for the customers. These ads are not only available on the pages but also in the listings in the search results on the product page. This promotional activity will help the customers in getting the best deals. Vendors are helped in increasing their product traffic and ultimately the sales of the product will increase.

Promotion Activity on Amazon

  • Increasing the external traffic

Vendors do have customers outside Amazon on social media, etc. the vendors can increase the traffic by proving various promo codes, discount schemes for them. They can target their influencers in the industry through these schemes.  Promo codes are a type of discount. These are the codes that the vendors create for the customers applicable to certain purchases that help the customers in saving some money or getting an additional service. A vendor needs to come up with a certain beneficial plan for the customers keeping in view their profits in this promotional activity.

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