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Landing Page Optimization and its Importance in Marketing

Any shrewd inbound advertiser “gets” that once you’ve done all that diligent work to get visitors to your site, the next big step is to convert them into leads for your business. But what’s the most ideal approach to get them to convert? Landing pages , that’s what! They are the heart and soul of an inbound marketer‘s lead generation efforts.


Landing pages literally serve as the location your prospect “lands” on your website. They are focused on a single objective, either informational or transactional. Landing pages provide highly specific information in the form of text, images or other dynamic elements and the ultimate goal is to convert visitors into customers. In addition to prospects, many repeat visitors or customers will come across your landing page.This means that your landing pages need to be optimized for every stage of the marketing funnel for increasing conversions.

Here are the few simple tips for Landing Page Optimization:

  • Optimize every element of your landing page for conversions-

Headline: Find out if a punchier headline works, or if you are better off using a descriptive, clarifying headline. Does different language or messaging change your clickthrough rates?

Image: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. If there’s anything these stats teach us, it’s that it’s always wise to include a relevant image on your landing page. Try to match then that image with the offer.

Privacy Policy Link: Include a link to your business’ privacy policy on your landing page or directly within your lead-capture form to give your visitors peace of mind.

Call To Action: At the bottom of your lead-capture form should be a submission button. This button is the actual call-to-action button on your landing page. Be sure this button employs specific action words so your visitors clearly understand what they have to do to obtain the offer you’re presenting.

Social Sharing Buttons/Links: Enable visitors to easily share your landing pages with their connections by including social media sharing links or buttons. Include buttons for social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like. Don’t forget to include a share button for email, too.A/B test your landing pages

  • Do A/B testing:

A/B testing or split testing, is a method for testing two versions of a  webpage: version “A” and version “B”. The goal is to test multiple versions of webpages or one specific element that changes between variation A and variation B to determine which version is most appealing/effective.

Running A/B tests on your landing pages is a great way to learn how to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads from current visitors. Just a few small tweaks to a landing page can significantly affect the number of leads your company attracts. In fact, A/B testing of landing pages can generate up to 30-40% more leads for B2B sites and 20-25% more leads for eCommerce sites! Such increases in lead generation can provide a huge competitive advantage for your company. In fact, chances are your competitors aren’t doing A/B testing right.

  • Optimize Thank You Page:

After your newly converted leads fill out a form, you should always send them to a “thank-you” page, which delivers the content you have promised on the landing page. This is where you bring back the navigation and direct people to other parts of your site, or more offers in which they may be interested.

(Complied by Sana Mokashi)

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How to Design a Perfect Conversion-Driven Landing Page

Landing Page – This is that million dollar page that caters your potential customers  and earn you bread and butter. But,unfortunately, I have observed,this is either the most neglected page or lacks that X-effect that will help you drive a conversion. There is no particular rule of thumb that could be a deciding factor when you design a landing page. It is all about a niche,your customer behavior and the ideas you brainstorm with your graphics team to make the best possible landing page.

landing pageLanding Page Design Tips to Generate Conversions

Call-to-Action Yes,this is what we all hear when we start learning about Inbound marketing /Search marketing or Conversion optimization. Call-to-Action has to be the core element of any landing page. Think how customer will behave on your page. Your audience will appreciate you more if they find things easy and simple to grasp. If your business is into lead generation, make sure you place your form at a prominent place,and is catchy enough to attract your audience. It is always better you keep it above the fold. Get used to Call-to-Action keywords like Buy Now, Download now, Register now, Enquire Now, See How we Work, Let us solve your query, Find better Solution and more

Landing Page and Ad Copy Relevancy  It is important that your landing page serves your ad copy better. In order to achieve a good quality score on Adwords, it is important to keep landing page content relevant to the Ad copy you serve. It is very disgusting to see an Ad copy that talks about “excellent plumbing service. Enquire Now!”, leading to a home page of that Plumber’s website,where neither a Contact Us form is available nor a Phone no. is available.

Minimum Navigation Possible All right, so you got your audience on the landing page. Its your job to make them stay, till they are converted. Keep no loose pockets. We at BMConsulting, advise our clients to keep minimum navigational links,and instead engage audience with value-added services you serve.

Trust Factor Treat your landing page something like “marriage material”. I know, I am going a bit off the track.But,yes seriously. A “marriage material” guy keeps all his things tidy to create an impression. No sooner he meets his “would-be-better-half”,than he tries to generate a “trust-factor” in her.Similar is the case with landing page.You get a visitor through some referral source.When he lands,your landing page not only should attract him,but also generate some kind of trust-factor in him.

You can mention in your private policy that you won’t misuse the data you collected from customers.This will build a trust in your customers.If you expect some transaction to happen on landing page,make sure you put “certified by VeriSign” or some other organization’s logo on the page.This will mark you as an authoritative website,and people will not fear to do any business with you.

Testing You must run A/B test,before you zero down upon landing page.Cjange the content,keywords,images and Call to Action,to check how these changes reflects on user’s behavior.

I remember,long time back BMConsulting  designed a landing page for a company looking for ethical hackers.We had a long brainstorming session with graphics team,and suddenly and idea popped up.We had a good optimized landing page with keywords and services,but we encrypted the “contact-us form”.And ,instead,we wrote there “Prove us,You are a Hacker”.

And yes,the idea worked and was a super hit enough to get us our checks in advance. We will be sharing good examples of Landing pages in upcoming blog post. Stay tune 🙂

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