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Social media needs no explanation in today’s world. With almost 2.8 billion of humans present on social networks, it is rather hard to imagine that this outlook can be ignored when it comes to business outreach. Business success stories on social media are no more limited to simple paid campaigns. Numerous tactics and innovations have taken storms on various social media platforms giving rise to corporate accomplishments even beyond expectations.

If you are selling on Amazon, you will be aware that it is a tricky task to attract customers to YOUR particular product, especially if you are selling a common product which is readily available from other sellers too. There is no overstatement in saying that you need to apply every possible marketing strategy (like sponsored ads, product page detailing, winning the buy box, price optimization and many others) on Amazon itself. But, no business exists without innovation and execution of tasks which are out of the box.

So here is your best option away from the Amazon platform – social media.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room so that you are majorly covered. Facebook is unarguably the most vastly exploited social media network and has an astounding user base of over 2.3 billion people. And here is the chance for you to reach out to targeted customers for your Amazon marketplace store.

There are two major approaches to raising your business on Facebook.

  1. Run paid campaigns – Facebook provides a very comfortable interface to target your customers. You can run campaigns of your Amazon store page or products by selecting your customers based on location, age, gender, their interests and dislikes. For example, if you are selling stationary, you can target a person in your country (as this customer is most likely to order from you) of age between 10 and 35 who has interests in craftwork. Such a direct targeting option allows you to reach out to relevant audiences and increases chances of sales very highly.
  2. Create your Facebook page – This idea also works well for a seller who is willing to be consistent on social media. Create your page and regularly post your products with new ideas. Add your product page links to your posts so that customers get an easy ordering experience. There can be high levels of success if you manage to create a good base on your page.

Some examples of social media business strategies are as follows:

A clothing and lifestyle brand Ugmonk, posted an image of its product using an inspirational quote from Steve Jobs on Twitter. Quotes are more likely to be shared and this is why this strategy worked out for Ugmonk.

You can use this strategy on your page as well as for paid campaigns for your Amazon selling products. It is a catchy approach to grabbing consumer attraction.

Nike uses images with motivational messages on Pinterest. So, people share the image with the idea of the message and the product penetrates through customers in a subtle way.

Aerie, a women’s clothing company, encourages its viewers to share un-edited pictures of themselves with the hashtag  #AerieReal promising to donate to a needy organization. This is a very unique way of making your brand viral – indirect but deep.

This method will work out well if you have your own Facbook page and manage to get an appropriate amount of attention in terms of followers. Once your page is set, ideas like this or something similar can be laid out. You may ask your customers to use a hashtag and post photos as a contest and give your product as a gift for the best photo selected. Such ideas, that have something return, generally catch the eyes of social media users easily.

Engaging customers with questions grabs a huge audience and the same can be done for your products on your Facebook page. Have a look.

Bottom line is that businesses have to be customer centric in order to sustain. So cultivate your brand in such a way that your customers comfortably showcase and spread your products on social media. Your customers should actually desire to interact with your brand on social networks and that is what gives you the real success.

For any further information or assistance related to social media marketing, please contact us on info@bmconsulting.in or visit us at www.bmconsulting.in.

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Facebook basically is a social network with a huge user base but how prodigious is it to hear that it is a critical part of Marketing Strategies too. Nowadays Facebook is considered as a pervasive platform to build lasting relationships and engagement with customers through valuable content just not in a word of making sale. Presence of colour and visuals on the Facebook platform make it a treat for viewers thus increasing the likelihood of traffic generation and conversion. The automatic play function in Facebook has further enhanced marketing by attracting a good proportion of traffic through videos.


So what’s New on Facebook?

A question arises in mind “how does Facebook help in marketing?” Let’s give a snappy comeback.

Facebook mainly started with the vision for Students but now it has emerged to be for anyone who has internet irrespective of the age. Facebook provides three main tools for Marketing.


  • The first step for Business Latency is setting up the Facebook page.
  • It costs no penny to set up a page which is very user friendly and even working well with low budget.
  • When customers hit the like button for a page it will allow them to receive the updates of that page in news feed.
  • It is not necessary to have millions of followers for Facebook page but some promotion run on the page will decrease the advertisements in red-top.


  • It is an advertising platform for business. It is a method to share content with the targeted audience based on the pay.
  • It is exposing the business brand in front of customer based on the specific targeting tricks and hacks.
  • It is a good targeting parameter but it can get expensive based on the mission.
  • Facebook allows users to hit the “Like” under the ads and also close it if they don’t like.


  • Facebook group is just like a favorite coffee talk group. In professional language, it is like a discussion forum.
  • Here people get together to share information’s and ideas online which creates an active environment.
  • It is a best way to gather the customer’s right stuff and gain more support with active presence.
  • It is a lead source to expertise the business brand and have constant interaction for promoting the business.

Let’s look at a few tactics pursued for exposing the industry in the most interesting and creative way.

Based On Goal

The Facebook Ad type will purely depend upon the goal which is set. So choosing the main objective is the best way to reach the success. There are many Ad formats available on Facebook based on the goal specified.

Seizing the Spotlight

Seizing the attention of the audience can be done by Facebook offers targeted mainly for Facebook users. Offers can be of providing discounts for store or eBook etc in account of the E-Mail address. It will widen the network when goes in right path. Using psychology in social media as a tool for targeting your audience gives good fruitful results.

Hike the Post

Making a hike on post with appropriate content will increase the fans and also invite the friends of fans. Facebook put on ice for the fans to see the post in the Newsfeed based on the maximum budgets set up by the company. When we boost post it creates a traffic hence leading to increase in sales.

The best scheme for successful promotion and increase the business globally is by choosing the right customer at right place with right content. These could be done with right platform which obviously meant to be the Facebook. Facebook marketing is today used across various industries and has proved to give significant results. You may contact us to try our Facebook campaign and page management services.

(Compiled by Nisha Ranjith)

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How Faceboook’s Automatic Play Works For Marketing

Information acquisition methods have drastically changed through the years. Older approaches generally included the newspaper, radio and/or television. These were the only major sources of information a few decades back and were also limited as their target was only local. These media are alive even today but have widespread to reach out greater boundaries. Despite the expansion of these media in terms of range, the internet world has swiftly taken over almost all communication and information sources.

Among the numerous and various fascinations of the internet, social media has by far taken up a significant section in terms of user attraction and/or satisfaction. And among the list of all social media platforms active on the internet today, Facebook takes the world at-large – both in terms of user statistics and amenities. With 1.65 billion active users by the first quarter of 2016, this platform is appropriately considered as an efficient marketing platform.


Audio-visuals are known to increase traffic in marketing methods as all people in general respond quicker and better to colour and movement. Video advertisements have been showing on Facebook from quite some time now. Facebook has now taken up to a great step by enabling the automatic play – which is just the beginning of some intense push to marketing strategies.

Beforehand, any uploaded video in the Facebook news feed would be locked up behind a play button. Bearing in mind the impetuous nature of users, which seems to be exponentially shooting up, stopping a scroll, opening a video and waiting it to load is very much a big deal. This strategy will only get traffic if the tag line, description or front display is very very attractive.

Inducing the automatic play naturally generates appeal and once a video starts to play, it is again expected to be watched as it reduces all efforts of starting the play to zero. The video begins to play as soon it is on the main screen while scrolling, without the audio. If you are interested, you may enable the audio. If you continue to scroll without enabling the audio, the video automatically stops playing as well. These features increase the video traffic significantly.

Brands and advertisers are gaining progressively in terms of marketing using Facebook’s video autoplay feature. The major advantage is that it provides a relatively non-disturbing way to get customers’ attention in the social environment. The user-friendly autoplay tends to get more engagement from users in common. In order to add to the advantages, after a video is completed, the user will get options to view other videos, usually from the same brand or merchant. This feature also holds huge potential in terms of overall traffic for a particular advertisement.

Facebook proposes an enormous target inclusive of all demographics – increasing the chances of more views through likes and comments and shares. And in a nutshell, automatic play broadens the wavelength of target audiences more promptly and ominously.

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Discover the Huge Power of Social Media

With the right data and interactions if you fancy driving sales, generating qualified leads and want to build relationships with your clients and who’s who in the industry “Social Media” is an economical answer.

social_mediaSocial Media serves as an interactive platform between various brands, independent artists of different genres and their fans. Elsewhere, social media is a driving force behind changing public opinion on social issues to awaken the nation and promote breakthrough campaigns. Every business big or small in today’s business set up want to make their brand more visible using this social route, Believe it or not  – It is a doable job.

What is needed is some smart strategy on your part. Here are few tips that can help you create your own brand by using social media:

Define a target audience for your business: It is vital for you to identify your target audience and know your target audience. When you define your target audience correctly and precisely, you focus your marketing efforts on the people who are most likely to buy your product. You will likewise want to discover and get familiar with your audience interests, needs and biggest challenges. You will be able to get a better idea how your product or service will solve their problems and profit them and in turn use your valuable resources in the best way possible.


Your marketing will be more effective if you have a strategic plan in mind: Remember strategically analyzing your target you will know how to reach them easier. You won’t be wasting money and effort in relaying your message to people who won’t be interested.  You will be able to gauge the investments you will need to make into your marketing to get the results you want. After all, it’s not about you and your liking alone. It’s about what your customer likes and wants.

Once you have your target audience clarified, you’re more than halfway to success. Your advertising will be easier and more efficient understanding your customer’s interests before trying to target them. Strategic planning beforehand will help you reach far more of your audience than you could if you were less focused.

Talk about your brand subtly, so much that your message is classified as noise: Social media is a tool which allows you to make your brand brilliant, by building an ongoing conversation with any potential and current customers and getting people spending money on a product or service. Social media is the platform which allows you to tell stories and build up a narrative that everyone wants to read, however you need to try and avoid tactics which simply increase traffic through your social media accounts, but don’tgenerate leadsand sales. Instead, provide useful information and news related to your specific audience’s needs and interests. Your content needs to resonate with your target market and encourage them to engage with your brand. Yes, be subtle in mentioning your brand, that’s the catch!

Posts diversified content and get your audience engaged in conversations: Do not follow a particular pattern. Add variety to your posts. Include industry specific updates, latest news, key happenings, practical tips and fun stories. Get interactive; engage your audience by starting conversations, an idle way to build strong business relationships in the rat race.

Be creative in your posts; engage your audience posting interesting images and videos:  Content that lacks any visual appeal, no matter how much sense they make fails to gather audience.  The reality is making it mandatory to post visuals (Images or Videos) along with your posts. This will help your content to stand-out at all times on your timeline.


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Facebook Advertising for your business

In the technology driven world, customers are constantly looking online for growing business and are especially targeting potential customers in the local market. The number of hours that people spend using the Web has grown significantly as most users are connected through cell phones, computers, iPads, etc

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Online advertising that targets local markets is a growing area on the internet especially advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising in particular has a unique advantage over almost all of the other internet advertising channels when it comes to helping you generate sales.   Be visible where it matters, especially in social media. It’s the smart thing to do. Test out and find out first-hand if the returns justify the investment.


Why advertise on Facebook?

  1. Strong visual presence and accessibility: It offers 24/7 round-the-clock visibility. Allows your audience repeated accessibility to your content, time and again. It has a faster and wider reach as you can connect with audience in the remotest locations.
  2. Facebook facilitates targeted advertising: You can target a specific group of people based on age, personal interests and more and create customized promotional campaigns.
  3. Enhance your customer loyalty through a Facebook fan page: Facebook fan pages are used by numerous businesses to interact directly with customers to build loyalty and brand image.
  4. Use your fan page as a platform to promote new products or ad campaigns: Consistently keep your audience updated on new product launches and keep your customers more informed on what products or services you offer.
  5. Advertising on Facebook is quite inexpensive compared to the traditional means of advertising: Thanks to Facebook to facilitate targeted advertising, your online campaign can reach your target market for a fairly affordable price. Reach as many users as your budget allows.
  6. Facebook is technologically driven and has reached Smartphone users: Millions of Facebook users access Facebook via Smartphone worldwide every single day. This potentially increases your audience outreach across varied platforms.
Thanks technology

Thanks technology


Get ready to explore what the Facebook ads have in store for you. Study the 4 Types of Facebook Ads before taking the leap to experiment and release a variety of different advertising options.



  • MARKETPLACE ADS: These are the most standard Facebook ad type and are usually the starting point for many small and medium sized businesses.
  • PAGE POSTS ADS: These are visible on a user’s news-feed. The ads appear and blend seamlessly into a news-feed like any regular status post.
  • SPONSORED STORIES: These ads help people engage with brands that their friends like, and only show up in a user’s news-feed if a friend has engaged with the company recently.
  • PROMOTED POSTS: When you post an update it doesn’t necessarily reach your entire fan base. Hereby, you need to boost the percentage of the audience you reach – which of course costs money.

Most importantly, you can visibly monitor and measure your online reach and brand accessibility of your campaigns which can then be quickly modified to increase conversions and sales. Get ready to explore the potential outreach Facebook Advertising allows your business!!

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Facebook Page a Magnetic Gateway to Generate Traffic

Facebook today is a wonderful medium to build traffic and route it to a landing page. All age groups aging above 16 years  are glued to Facebook throughout the day. Businesses today have been largely promoting their brand  on Facebook by preparing a Facebook page to enhance the presence of their brand online. We will guide you to get more clicks and get more traffic to a landing page using Facebook.

facebook traffic

There are a few simple steps which you need to follow to upload an interactive Facebook page to promote your brand by way of social media.

  • You firstly need to Login to Facebook account. You need to write real and upload short and relevant content on the wall to interest your target audience.
  • You will now need to copy the Web address of the landing page.
  • People generally prefer to upload content with the web address mentioned right below the content and by doing so the Facebook automatically picks up the image from the mentioned web address. Now, it is likely that the landing page has more than one image on hand and in that case the same multiple images would come up as a collage and one can choose the most suitable image for the post.

All active Facebook users must have noticed that whatever content that is posted on Facebook is also seen in the newsfeed of all your Facebook friends. People generally tend to read content only that is posted on their own timeline, rather than visiting profile page of friends and reading it there. This is actually in most cases done only if a particular friend is being followed.

It is proven that whatever content is posted on Facebook wall with a great and relevant image increases the probability of increased fan followers and number of clicks.  Facebook users can now show any image and every new story has a different look with bigger photos and this change attracts lots of clicks and longer engagements from friends and public.

Moreover the modified News feed feature actually enables the marketer to choose the right image that create interest and engagement amongst the people.

This detailed step by step method to build your online presence on Facebook will help you market your content on Social media. Enjoy the mileage you get!!

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Ways to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Facebook today no more is just to connect and chat with friends and family. This is most preferred social media network preferred by most businesses, when beginning to build presence in online media. Facebook is a reinvention for business to grow online. Businesses today are implementing social media marketing strategy for productivity enhancement.

Even though there are many social media engaging large social media networks, statistics have proven that Facebook creates a strong, smarter marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad.

Do you know how to run business on facebook?

Businesses are still learning to increase the social media engagement on Facebook. Ask yourself a few vital questions when attempting to increase productivity on facebook. A few relevant questions are mentioned below:

  1. How often a business should post on Facebook?
  2. Will updates drive fan engagement?

Here are some answers to the important questions popping in your mind every time you wish to collaborate social media technology to foster long time success to your business.

facebook engagement1.    Know the best productive hour to post on Facebook

It has been analytically proven by experts that to get the best results evening hours when the fans are not at work, during “non-busy” hours  you can expect increased “likes” and “comments on your facebook page.

2.    Best day to post on Facebook

It’s good to post throughout the week. However better engagement is more mid-week and on Sundays.

3.    Is it write to post often in one single day

Quality matters the most, not quantity when publishing to your wall. One or two brand posts can expect higher fan engagement and “like” rates as compared to posting 3 -4 times a day.

4.    What content to post?

To begin a dialogue with fans, ask questions the content post should be informative and answer questions popping in the mindset of the readers. To increase ‘likes’ and Comments, strategically analyze posts to get fans talking (i.e., increase their Post Comment rates)

5.    Key words to use for Facebook offers

Do not run around the bush. When it comes to deals, give a straightforward offer. Statistics have proven that retail brand Posts containing the sales keywords “Rs off” and “coupon” receive the highest fan engagement.

The most popular sales keywords used by businesses such as “sale” and “% off,” receive the lowest fan engagement.

6.    Keep posts simple

Of course, interesting content  added to W all Posts in the form of links, photos and videos is engaging however the more simple Posts is likely to achieve the most fan engagement. Avoid more complicated Posts, such as those with attached links and thumbnail photos.

Get active, to evolve and engage your business in the facebook world.


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What Makes a Good Facebook Post?

It is each digital marketers dream to create a post that would go viral on Facebook. It’s the golden mine of marketing and these Facebook posts are Mount Everest of information. Marketing on Facebook is the latest trend. If the page has the right ingredients and strikes the right cord among the audience, then it is bound to go epidemic on the Facebook page. However, there is no textbook theory for generating good quality posts but we jot down a few points that are bound to attract more attention and help you gain your stand on Facebook.

facebook postWhat to Consider for a Quality Facebook Post

  • Include specs of engaging videos and photos – The posts that have an accompanying image or a video are capable of drawing more attraction and help the content to stand a class apart. Try to include attractive images and see how the post gets an elevated response.
  • Succinct and crisp text – Short, concise and to the point posts are the winners in the competition of generating more interest and reader attraction. Ideally keeping the text limit 100-300 characters are better received.
  • Build a two way dialogue – Always ask your audience to give their opinions about your product. The changes thereby imposed, showcasing that you value their feedbacks and acknowledging them for the beneficial results encourages the viewers to more actively participate in the conversations that you craft.
  • Share discounts and promotions- Broadcast promotional schemes and discounts in form of posts to drive your online sales to rise meteorically. Adding details of the dates between which these advantages can be availed will add an element of urgency among your customers.
  • Provide access to exclusive information – Exclusive information for your followers in form of posts will generate a placebo effect. This in turn leads to amplified trust and loyalty.
  • Be quick to reply to a post – When you post about a particular topic and a customer asks a question, make sure to answer it in the shortest span. Regular and timely replies establish better engagement ties.
  • Schedule your posts – There are different opinions about the ideal time for posting on a page. But the practical solution is, schedule your posts when most of the members are online.
  • Target your posts – In order to generate maximum likes and engrossment, select your target audience first. Post relevant to a particular target audience will generate more interest and are more likely to be read.
  • Always review the performance of your posts – Creating an avant-garde post and taking no pains to see how well it faired among the audience will not help you. Tools like Page Insights helps you to find what type of content interests your audience. There are several monitoring tools that show the response to each post.

Now it’s your turn to implement these strategies ,increase your quality social media metrics and unfurl the innumerable layers of Facebook marketing.

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Facebook or Twitter- Which Social Media Strategy Suits Your Business?

Romancing your brand and making your customers love your brand is the Holy Grail for any business. An effective communication with your customers is the binding glue between customer satisfaction and success of your brand. Taking advantage of the social media to reach out to customers is what each brand is convergently engaged in doing. Between Facebook and Twitter, the two social media honchos, there has always been a debate among folks as to who is more proficient in elevating your business. We list out the “hits” and then let you decide the clear winner.

twitter_fbTwitter Vs Facebook : Clash of the Social Media Giants

  • Twitter – As speedy as Zeus, the Greek God of speed. The best hit of twitter is that a tweet can go viral worldwide in seconds. Any worthwhile news, can it can reach the workplace of even the remotest place in a flicker of an eyelid. Similarly, each tweet gets buried in minutes, so we consider this as a great miss. Until and unless your content is great, attracts more conversations, it’s just a matter of few minutes and your tweet is submerged in the maze of innumerable tweets.
  • Facebook – Personal touches can be included. Just as much as Twitter is professional, to the same extent Facebook page can be made personal. It’s human tendency that they relate more when that thing has pictures, videos and can be made more demonstrative. Reaching out to customer’s queries is like doing that extra bit which earns for you more acclaim. Adding a catchy profile picture on Facebook makes it quirky and attention grabbing.
  • Twitter – Concise and precise. On twitter you can tweet only 140 words. This allows the person to write everything in the crispest way. No add-ons, only the essentials. Sometimes writing too long essays disinterests the reader. A short and to the point statement is the best way to convey your message.
  • Facebook – Target your desired audience with Facebook Ads. The best way to reach out to the target audience is via these ads. According to a survey Facebook generates 60% of its revenues by the ads which are by far its best propagation channel.

We listed out the advantages of the two hot shots. Facebook is twice as big in size as Twitter but the latter is more professional whereas the former is more profile versatile. Use both of them to shrewdly attract more visitors, thereby leading to a chain reaction whereby more people interact with your brand and build a bigger community. This gradually moves the people from passive observes to potential customers. Our advice- Go with the flow and utilize both Facebook and Twitter to the maximum extent.

We help you to find out the best possible conversion driven social media strategy for your  business.

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