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Social media is a feature that utilizes the internet functionality to the core. World-wide networking and connections have become unbelievably feasible through social media. And one name that is almost synonymous to social media is Facebook. Using Facebook intelligently for business is one of the most effective methods of reaching out to a wide, very wide audience. Showcasing your business on Facebook today is an important marketing strategy that cannot be overlooked. This article outlines some steps that you could use to brush up your business page on Facebook.

FB for business

Without a second thought, the first step on Facebook for business is to create a page. Give your business individuality and make it independent by creating a separate page. Facebook has a variation of helpful tools which can help you build efficiently. Add you address, website, contact number and any other appropriate info in the about-us section. You can use the settings options to control all inputs on your page. You may distribute page roles among your team members who will help you run the page.

Once you have created the page, do not stop there. A page needs to be managed just like a business branch. After liking the page yourself, create an audience to connect with the page. Invite your friends through Facebook to like your page. An excellent option is to invite other business contacts and delegates to connect with your page by sending them an email containing the Facebook link. You may use the email technique with other audiences who may be interested in your business.

After building up an audience who are ready to hear from you through your page, begin posting on the page regularly. Be consistent and appropriate with the posts. Try not to be very formal and specific, make the posts light and acceptable to everyone in general. It is important to post regularly, do not keep gaps of 10 days between posts. On the contrary, do not over-do the process. Research says that businesses that overwhelm their audiences with continuous posts (such as two per day) see a decline in their audience number.

Posts on a page keep it alive and running. The types of posts make a huge difference in the audience engagement. Inclusion of multimedia posts is sure to catch the eyes of individuals at a much higher rate than simple text. Keep adding multimedia posts on your page to improve engagement. Using a good number of keywords in your posts is a very good idea to reach out to relevant audience. Add keywords in your posts/descriptions so that search engines can catch your page easily.

Add an appropriate display picture for your company. For example, a photograph of a team member does not at all fit well for a business page. A Facebook page helps you to brand yourself, use it suitably. For most businesses on Facebook, the logo is seen as the profile picture.

Recognition of strategic times is very necessary for Facebook page posts. Research the market to see what exactly your customers are looking for at what time. Post accordingly. A Facebook post describing a heater is completely irrelevant in the summer time. In relation to everyday post timings, research shows that topics posted between 1:00pm and 4:00pm tend to have more engagements. Therefore, synchronize your posts with your watches & calendars!

Facebook pages allow others to send messages to your business. Offer quick responses. It indicates professionalism and increases the strength of your brand online.

The above mentioned points are easy-to-implement, absolutely free and adequate for business growth through Facebook. Use them to enhance your social media presence and increase traffic to your business!

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Facebook Advertising for your business

In the technology driven world, customers are constantly looking online for growing business and are especially targeting potential customers in the local market. The number of hours that people spend using the Web has grown significantly as most users are connected through cell phones, computers, iPads, etc

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Online advertising that targets local markets is a growing area on the internet especially advertising on Facebook. Facebook advertising in particular has a unique advantage over almost all of the other internet advertising channels when it comes to helping you generate sales.   Be visible where it matters, especially in social media. It’s the smart thing to do. Test out and find out first-hand if the returns justify the investment.


Why advertise on Facebook?

  1. Strong visual presence and accessibility: It offers 24/7 round-the-clock visibility. Allows your audience repeated accessibility to your content, time and again. It has a faster and wider reach as you can connect with audience in the remotest locations.
  2. Facebook facilitates targeted advertising: You can target a specific group of people based on age, personal interests and more and create customized promotional campaigns.
  3. Enhance your customer loyalty through a Facebook fan page: Facebook fan pages are used by numerous businesses to interact directly with customers to build loyalty and brand image.
  4. Use your fan page as a platform to promote new products or ad campaigns: Consistently keep your audience updated on new product launches and keep your customers more informed on what products or services you offer.
  5. Advertising on Facebook is quite inexpensive compared to the traditional means of advertising: Thanks to Facebook to facilitate targeted advertising, your online campaign can reach your target market for a fairly affordable price. Reach as many users as your budget allows.
  6. Facebook is technologically driven and has reached Smartphone users: Millions of Facebook users access Facebook via Smartphone worldwide every single day. This potentially increases your audience outreach across varied platforms.
Thanks technology

Thanks technology


Get ready to explore what the Facebook ads have in store for you. Study the 4 Types of Facebook Ads before taking the leap to experiment and release a variety of different advertising options.



  • MARKETPLACE ADS: These are the most standard Facebook ad type and are usually the starting point for many small and medium sized businesses.
  • PAGE POSTS ADS: These are visible on a user’s news-feed. The ads appear and blend seamlessly into a news-feed like any regular status post.
  • SPONSORED STORIES: These ads help people engage with brands that their friends like, and only show up in a user’s news-feed if a friend has engaged with the company recently.
  • PROMOTED POSTS: When you post an update it doesn’t necessarily reach your entire fan base. Hereby, you need to boost the percentage of the audience you reach – which of course costs money.

Most importantly, you can visibly monitor and measure your online reach and brand accessibility of your campaigns which can then be quickly modified to increase conversions and sales. Get ready to explore the potential outreach Facebook Advertising allows your business!!

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How to Maintain a Facebook Page Successfully

Advertising on Facebook has broken all conventional taboos of marketing. For a company or individual to sculpt his irreplaceable mark in the market, a functional Facebook page is a prerequisite. Creating a Facebook page implies that you have decided to fill up the generic gap of communication between the customer and company.

Starting up your own Facebook page is like entering into a committed relationship with the page. It has to be constantly updated and maintained. Your Facebook page is like a child, creating the Facebook page is not enough. You have to nurture it with the right amount of content and efforts, take interest and enable it to find its mark online among the colossal number of competitors. Ultimately after investing all your efforts, it bear fruit in terms of profits and wider fan base. Here are a few tested worked-wonders-for-us tips:

facebook pageTips to Maintain YourFacebook Page

  • Hook on more people – Invite your friends and contacts to like your page and become fans. Give people a reason to like your page and portray what you will offer them. Distinctiveness attracts more people, think of ideas to be creative. Offering inaugural schemes is one way by which your business page will attract more fans by virtue of word of mouth.
  • Post frequently – Posting regularly, not too often and not too rarely. Find out the correct rhythm which resonates the best with your audience. Being over obsessive about your business would can be annoying to the fans hence it posting should be done in the correct frequency.
  • Keep the coming back – Create engaging authentic content which enraptures your fans. Including contests, as well as timely promotional schemes will make the fans to check your page time and again. Organize online conversations that will involve the audience and strengthen your relations with them.
  • Post useful and aesthetic content – While posting something on your page, always think “How will it help the fans, is it adorned with useful content to draw more people to read it?” Adding information that will help the followers and making it pleasing to the eye is the trademark of a distinct Facebook page.
  • Encourage inter-fan conversations – Create spotlight on your fans. Interaction between your fans augments your fan’s experience. By creating contests like fan of the week or recognizing the topmost contributor renders that you give utmost importance to your fans and establishing customer relationship is your primary goal.
  • Advertise your page – There are numerous ways to increase your fan database. Creating a fantastic Facebook page is not the end of the story, it has to be publicized among the public. E-mail blasts, Facebook contests and integrating Facebook URL’s with our marketing materials are a few ways in which you can draw a large fan following.

Facebook is a tool for marketing and behind every fan is a user taking interest into your brand and wanting to communicate with you.

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