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Collecting User Generated Content for Marketing

User generated content is undoubtedly one of the most decisive tools when it comes to marketing research and analysis. Nothing can guide you better than this and there can be no data set more clear and accurate than this one. For any marketing department, user generated content lights the pathway that should be followed to obtain maximum market penetration and capture maximum audience.

Without arguments, social networks are the most vulnerable platforms to realistic humane data. Before anything else, having a strong social presence is necessary before you go on to the next steps. After this, increasing audience/consumer interactions through social networks and other such touch points should be given attention. One method that has been followed for quite some years now and has shown significant results is the hashtag. Hashtag has been a convincing medium of meaningful traffic generation since its conception. The hashtag is supported by the major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr and Pinterest. Using the hashtag to involve audience is the key to collecting user generated content. From the quantity to the quality of data collected through such campaigns, a whole lot of marketing analysis can be done.

Some examples of successes through the hashtag are Red Bull’s campaign of #PutACanOnIt (where consumers uploaded different pictures with Red Bull cans and added the hashtag) and Oreo’s #OreoHorrorStories during the Halloween season. These posts drew significant engagements and also spilled out numerous customer thoughts.


Picture courtesy: redbull.com

Customer reviews are the second on list for collecting data which is user oriented. This data is honest and can form tough foundations for business growth in the right direction. Every business must learn to listen to its customers; all customers – whether they have something good to say or something bad to say. Your loop holes will be easily identified through this strategy and you can work towards excellence by filling them up. Encourage your customers to give you a feedback and make sure the interface is simple. A difficult interface to review submission will cause them to shun away. Companies like Nascar have a Fan council which captures consumer insights. Amazon is also a platform which functions on the basis on customer-centric reviews.


Picture courtesy: nascar.com

Contests are another persuasive method of collecting data. Having a prize or promotion to input from consumers drives them stronger into your campaign. They all hope to be a winner and will give you inputs accordingly. Ask your customers to say something about your company and offer them awards based on various indicators. This will drive more traffic and also give you scope to collect opinions about your business. Even if they are all good – they give you insights on to which areas you are performing well and which areas you need to pay attention to. And nonetheless, good ones always steer your enthusiasm! Brands like dove invited people to post photos of their friends indicating why they think the friend represents real beauty. Such contests will be able to give you some indications as to what to consider during your next advertisement campaign too.

Remember that whenever you are hosting a campaign, use creativity and stretch it. Build anticipation in the audience and do not give away the climax of your campaign too soon. This rule applies to all types of campaigns.

You may contact us for any further details with social media campaigns or other paid advertisements.

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How Content Elevates Digital Marketing

Have you ever wondered “does content create magic in digital marketing”? The straight cut answer is – yes. Let’s Discuss

Hornbook for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing, as the name specifies, is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies. It differs from the traditional marketing where it promotes through electronic media such as internet. Consumers are not just intended only with what company says but they have also exposed to media, friends and peers. More than the company would say about the product, people mostly believe in media reviewing about the product. Customer should feel supported and valued by the company which is more likely done by the online customer support provided by each company in favor of customers.


Now does content make any sense with marketing? Probably the answer is yes. Let’s see how.

What is content?

Take a step back and look what content is.

Content is just information associated with experience for communication. It is usually targeted towards end user. It is something expressed through media.

Content – a line of target for digital Marketing

  • The main objective of content is “why”, “who” and “how”. Why do you write, who is being targeted and how will you help them.
  • The content should be precise and driven right to the correct path of what customers prefer.
  • The plan in the content should achieve the purpose and able to prioritize the information.
  • Content that has more engagement with costumer will be effective in achieving the goal.
  • The main objective of content is that it should be more understandable to the end-user

Over and Above About content in digital Marketing

Promotion: Content plays a major role in promoting digital marketing. Usually people like to buy what they know, so making people know about the product will indulge more number of customers. The strategy is that once we attract the visitor that makes more promotion to the product which could be done by attractive transparent content.

Skyscraping Traffic: Creating a high quality content will help in inbound marketing strategy. When the exact value and information is provided for customers as they expected, it will create more trust towards the product and obviously there would be more traffic. Good content will not only grow your business but also provide you with strong online presence.

Exposure to media: Planning content right down to the keywords and topics will be a boon to the products/services ad it will help in being top listed in search engines. It is about providing more like a lava cake than the usual sugar free biscuit which is dry and that makes the difference in the industry to excel.

Better Vision: The more we research on content planning the more intensity is provided to the product/service. Listening closely to the conversation of audience in social media will have a better view on product to be promoted. In this context, it is always advised to make your content creative. Creative content is like a tool in hand which plays a better role in changing the vision of audience.

There is an opportunity created to inspire customer. The right mixture of creativity with the content will elevate the products in the field of Digital Marketing. Content writing is eventually one of the most important subsets in the whole field of SEO. You may look here for further insights on content marketing or contact us to assist you with content services.

(Compiled by Nisha Ranjith)

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An Overview of Content Marketing

digital composite of marketing graphics with office background

Content marketing is one of the crucial streams of marketing. If content is not noteworthy then no marketing expert or agency can give you a positive results. Moral of the Story is that “Content is King”.

Content marketing is a tool use to develop, publish or promote and distribute a subject matter to a targeted audience. Mostly content is in the form of blogs, though other types of content can also resonate well with your customer. Content includes:

  • White-papers and ebooks
  • Videos
  • Info graphics
  • Quizzes
  • Lists
  • How-to guides
  • Webinars
  • Q&A
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Editorials/ Op-eds
  • Podcasts

The appropriate type of content for any business will depend on the business’ goals and target customer. For example, an architect provider targeting real estate developers of large residential complexes may benefit from creating a list outlining all the considerations that a real estate developer should consider before entering a deal. Contrariwise, a local catering aiming towards industrious occupied families/bachelors may benefit from a video showcasing the warmth and convenience of a home-made, freshly-cooked meal.

The first step in creating a successful content marketing campaign is to define your target audience, commonly known as user segmentation. Successful content marketers deeply understand their customers’ needs and desires, beyond just their sole interest in their products or service. For example, if you are marketing a food truck, you may define your target customers as young millennials who work within a 5-minute walk of downtown San Francisco and who enjoy trying fresh, healthy foods. The more narrowly you can define your customer, the better you will be able to define content to your target audience.

Content Marketing is used to widen the customer base. Content marketing is very useful to build trust with the targeted customer because we directly promote our content to the customer there is no curtain between the customer and the product or content. It gives clear idea of the product and is often used by businesses to:-

  • Expand their user base
  • Diversify their user base
  • Establish or Increase online sales
  • Increase brand awareness or credibility
  • Create an online community of users

It is important to check the performance of any marketing campaign, content marketing is checked on the following aspects:-

  • Number of visitors to a page
  • Time spent on the page
  • Click-through across pages/ photos
  • Number of emails collected
  • Demographics of visitors
  • Sources of traffic (i.e., SEO, social media, referral, direct)
  • Differences in buying patterns and user-behavior of visitors
  • Conversion through the sales process (the process from sign-up to check-out), including click-through-rates at each stage of the conversion funnel
  • Time spent on the page
  • Re-engagement (i.e., % of return visitors)
  • Click-through across product pages

Businesses who actively curate their content on these platforms have been able to expand their reach to new audiences. Visit http://www.bmconsulting.in/ for further Insights by the experts.

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Recommended Elements of a Perfect Blog

blogA perfect blog design is the one whose design appeals the vision buds and has an equally stunning impact on the brain. There are certain designs which sink or shine a blog. Choose the wrong interface and your blog will be ruined! Have you ever notices that the best blog’s are organized and have personalized designs? Here are a few tips that would help you understand the elements that must be taken into account while creating your blog.

  • Clear display of categories: While writing a blog, categories are all those things that you would write about. Taking the example of the website www.nextbigwhat.com, each category is displayed neatly at the top. Perhaps you can even place them on the sidebar for the user to easily navigate across his choice of category. A tip for all the excited amateur bloggers, don’t over-do it! Don’t keep 40 categories to confuse the reader, don’t make them more than 10. The main content should be around 60% of the blog space. Remember, people’s main aim is to read your blog, so don’t distract them with other elements. The design should be such that people should focus on reading your content and the extra things should be added in the sidebar.
  • Placement of social media icons: Blogging being a social sport, readers will want to follow you on multiple social networks when they like your blog. The simplest way to facilitate this and make it easy for the user is by the social media icons at the top. When hidden under layers of content and not easily noticeable, you’ll miss out to catch the attention of a large chunk of audience. It is no brain teaser that your social outlet tabs should appear on the top of the page. The ideal number of social plugins to be kept is three and scrolling social buttons are popular and easy to use.
  •  Uniformity: While writing a blog, consistency and uniformity of font and font size also matters. Times and Arial are the simplest to read. And talking about the size, the 8-11 is the optimum size. As the size is increased, you can grab the attention of the visitor for longer time. But in case you use complex fonts, increasing the size won’t help you in any way.
  • Keep your pages clutter-free: Thinking to include a new banner or a widget? Before including this, always ask yourself that is it really needed? Would it add value to your blog or will it be useful to the audience? Rather than meddling and cluttering each page with too many things, opt for a new page wherein all them be splashed.
  • Make the commenting simple: For a blogger, the best means of feedback is by comments. Moreover, there are so many commenting systems right from Disqus to Facebook. Disqus is the most interactive commenting platform. Threaded comments are the best comments as they will increase the content on your page. More the text on each page, the longer the tail of keywords and this will help you get more traffic on your website. If you have a Facebook page, rigorous commenting will not help you get search engine related traffic because that content is owned by Facebook.
  • Add short bio: Putting in a short biography about yourself increases your personal connection with the audience. Whether it’s a personal blog or a professional blog, you can include a short bio in your sidebar and link it to the full bio. You can also add a short introduction about your team who works to make your venture a success. Another tip, adding your photo gives that extra personal touch. It is said, people visit your blog because they like your content and also because they like you. Giving a reliable touch will always be adored by readers.
  • Email subscription format: To grow your traffic. Email subscription is the best option. Collection of emails can best be done by adding a pop up email option when the person comes to read your blog. A number of options are available from opt-ins at the top of the page to pop-ups. Asking just for the email id gets more response than asking for the full name and email id. Pop-ups receive greater response. Collecting emails is the best way to notify them about each new content that you post.
  • Color scheme and design matter: Picking up the right colors matters to your audience. Light colors make it easy for the reader to read the text. For example, red or black background is not as easy to read as a simple white or cream background. Also keep your text color black and add as much white space as possible. Because people are coming to read your content and that should be your main focus.
  • Add images to woo your audience: Images speak a million times more than words. Adding an image to your blog post growths the number of people who click through your blog homepage to the main blog. By putting relevant images, traffic as much as 37% can be increased to your post.

The blogosphere is too huge to ever compile a list of instruction that you can follow for creating a successful blog. However, increasing traffic to your blog is not rocket science, by simply following the above mentioned tips, you can drastically increase the number of viewers. These tips will make your blog look clean, neat and easy to navigate. Try them and see how the traffic increases humongous.

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