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Essentials to Add in a Sales Email to Grab Client Attention

Sales Email to Grab Client Attention

If you rely on the power of sending out mass emails for conversions in your business, here are a few facts. Each of your prospective customers, especially if they are B2B buyers, receives several hundreds of such emails every day.

Out of these, they open a small percentage, read a few of them, and there will be very few instances where they would actually reach and act upon the call of action.

This means that in order to maximize conversions, you will need a better flow in the emails, more engaging language, and lots of other little tools of the trade that you’ll find in this blog.

Below is an example of a typical sales email:

Email Marketing

5 Important Components of a Sales Email

From start to finish, there are 5 things you need to keep in mind when composing sales emails. They are the step by step flow of what a prospect customer reads through, and it goes in the following order.

• Subject Line
• Opening Lines
• The Body
• Call-to-Action
• Signature

All these elements must be thoughtfully constructed, written, and placed in a way that the customer can’t help themselves but go to the next step after the other. This is how we ensure that they reach the call to action, and do call upon the action.

Please note that these aspects are dynamic and ever-changing. What’s a cool opening line today, can come off as corny tomorrow, so take these guidelines with a grain of salt, and be open to improvise.

1. Subject Line

The subject line is the first line of interaction between you and a potential customer. This is where the pros get things done because nailing this first step is so important. If there’s any room for creativity, it’s here. In the subject line, you can deliver value to your customer, making them open the mail in the first place.

It’s important to write the subject line like a real person, and not make it seem like a robotic factual statement of what is actually in the mail. Try to avoid catchy sounding slogans, because they can come off as corny, and be a big turn off for prospect.

A trick that really seems to work is, asking a question in the subject line, which seems personalized for the particular client you’re targeting.

Subject Line

2. Opening Lines

It is very important to know beforehand, what is the best way to address a particular client. Would they like to be addressed by their first name? Do they respond better to formalities like using “Mr.” or “Mrs.”? Are they a figure of authority and would be keen to respond to emails that start by addressing their seniority with “sir” or “ma’am”? These are important things to know because they can make all the difference.

The next step is to connect the context of your opening line to your subject because it is very important to maintain that kind of continuity. When done right, this funneling process should lead them right to conversion of a sale.

There is nothing worse than a bad opening line to turn back a customer. The first line is where you start establishing trust, tell them why you’re reaching out, and then take the first step towards the actual sales pitch.

3. The Body

This is the business end of your email. This is where the action happens, and you pitch them your sale. If a customer gets this far, you’ve already started warming them up towards your product or service. You have taken what was a cold customer and made them read the body of your sales pitch. Good job!

Depending on what you’re trying to sell, or what is the end goal of this sales email, you need to figure out what works best for your particular customer and service. The result could very well be a simple exploratory call by your prospect.

So to achieve this, you need to be thorough about what you do, what problem you solve, and what are the exclusive benefits you provide that the potential client can relate to.

4. Call-to-Action

This is the most important part because this where you are fulfilling the purpose of the email you sent. Now, it is very easy to get this step wrong. Call to action can simply mean a link click, but it has to lead somewhere, where the customer feels like their experience has been satisfactory too, and they come back again.

One can very easily confuse the customer by providing more than goals to their email, for example, a Facebook like, filling up a contact form, buying a product, etc.

Call To Action
The best way to get customers to fulfill the CTA is by making it very clear and simplified what you are asking for. You have room to be creative in making complex requests seem simple here.

5. Signature

The last thing you’re going to put on your sales email is the signature. This is where you put your name and hit the return button, then you put your title, hit return again, contact info, etc. etc. This is the traditional way of finishing an email, and it’s boring!

The signature part is an underutilized piece of real estate on an email, which can be used creatively to improve how you are perceived by your client. Getting creative means, attaching something that shows them more of who you are, or credible sources of third-person views about you.

Email Signature

For example, a good press feature is a great way to establish some clout. Another good way is to provide a YouTube video of something related to your product or service that showcases what you bring to the table.


Writing a good sales email from start to finish is an extremely vital skill to have when you’re relying on the internet to get your business. This guide is a great place to start funneling your potential clients in an organized manner, for turning them from a cold customer who has never heard of you, to a regular client who trusts in your business.

For getting more information regarding Email Marketing, you may contact us or visit our website www.bmconsulting.in

**This blog is compiled by Divyanshu Gupta

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Ways to Implement an Effective Call-to-Action

Call –to- Action is a clear and concise communication that compels readers to take an action. It is one of the most important factors driving conversion of any promotional content for blogs or email.  The content should be persuasive and should drive readers to take a definite corrective action such as

  • Click through a landing page
  • Click to pay online for a finalized purchase
  • Subscribe to your email campaigns or newsletters

call to actionIt’s not your sales team alone who is responsible for closings and conversion. Your content marketing team too can drive that traffic, however not without quality content and without a good call-to- action

In this section of the blog we discuss why you’re content needs to go beyond the generic “Click here” option. We provide below a few effective tips on how to create effective calls to action to increase your click-through rates and ultimately drive conversions.

What’s the equation of recipients who “Click” your posts?

The click-through rate of the recipients who click on a certain URL in your email is directly proportional to the fact as to how your content has proved to be a good measure of the effectiveness of your calls to action.

This will allow you to re-work and improvise on your email campaigns’ calls to action. You will there on want to test and implement changes to your content as per the click-through rates to gauge what works best with your specific target audience.

Construct Your Words in a Calculative manner

It is advisable that the content you carry makes use of a strong command verb to start each call-to-action. After discussing out the complete topic in the end sum it up quickly and clearly and make sure to mention what subscribers will get by clicking the call-to-action. Some examples include:

o   Order now

o   Sign up today for weekly/monthly offers

o   Buy now

o   Click to Pay

o   Start your trial now

o   Compare prices here

o   Click here to inquire more

State reasons for the readers to infer why they should take the action

Readers should be able to easily make out the benefits. In other words, what’s in it for them? Will the service or product help them to outgrow their business, or save money? It is advisable for your content to highlight your valuable scheme compared to your competitors. E.g.: 40% off or Free home delivery. Make sure the message is concise and clear. This will help you give you an edge in getting your consumers to take action.

A few more must do’s to consider

Make sure your font size mentioning the call-to-action is easy to view and stands out more compared to other elements in your email so subscribers can’t miss it.

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How to Design a Perfect Conversion-Driven Landing Page

Landing Page – This is that million dollar page that caters your potential customers  and earn you bread and butter. But,unfortunately, I have observed,this is either the most neglected page or lacks that X-effect that will help you drive a conversion. There is no particular rule of thumb that could be a deciding factor when you design a landing page. It is all about a niche,your customer behavior and the ideas you brainstorm with your graphics team to make the best possible landing page.

landing pageLanding Page Design Tips to Generate Conversions

Call-to-Action Yes,this is what we all hear when we start learning about Inbound marketing /Search marketing or Conversion optimization. Call-to-Action has to be the core element of any landing page. Think how customer will behave on your page. Your audience will appreciate you more if they find things easy and simple to grasp. If your business is into lead generation, make sure you place your form at a prominent place,and is catchy enough to attract your audience. It is always better you keep it above the fold. Get used to Call-to-Action keywords like Buy Now, Download now, Register now, Enquire Now, See How we Work, Let us solve your query, Find better Solution and more

Landing Page and Ad Copy Relevancy  It is important that your landing page serves your ad copy better. In order to achieve a good quality score on Adwords, it is important to keep landing page content relevant to the Ad copy you serve. It is very disgusting to see an Ad copy that talks about “excellent plumbing service. Enquire Now!”, leading to a home page of that Plumber’s website,where neither a Contact Us form is available nor a Phone no. is available.

Minimum Navigation Possible All right, so you got your audience on the landing page. Its your job to make them stay, till they are converted. Keep no loose pockets. We at BMConsulting, advise our clients to keep minimum navigational links,and instead engage audience with value-added services you serve.

Trust Factor Treat your landing page something like “marriage material”. I know, I am going a bit off the track.But,yes seriously. A “marriage material” guy keeps all his things tidy to create an impression. No sooner he meets his “would-be-better-half”,than he tries to generate a “trust-factor” in her.Similar is the case with landing page.You get a visitor through some referral source.When he lands,your landing page not only should attract him,but also generate some kind of trust-factor in him.

You can mention in your private policy that you won’t misuse the data you collected from customers.This will build a trust in your customers.If you expect some transaction to happen on landing page,make sure you put “certified by VeriSign” or some other organization’s logo on the page.This will mark you as an authoritative website,and people will not fear to do any business with you.

Testing You must run A/B test,before you zero down upon landing page.Cjange the content,keywords,images and Call to Action,to check how these changes reflects on user’s behavior.

I remember,long time back BMConsulting  designed a landing page for a company looking for ethical hackers.We had a long brainstorming session with graphics team,and suddenly and idea popped up.We had a good optimized landing page with keywords and services,but we encrypted the “contact-us form”.And ,instead,we wrote there “Prove us,You are a Hacker”.

And yes,the idea worked and was a super hit enough to get us our checks in advance. We will be sharing good examples of Landing pages in upcoming blog post. Stay tune 🙂

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