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This is all about winning a buy box!

Hello sellers, hope you all are earning well! At amazon the buy box fight has gone wild. Buy box is a feature that enables sellers to sell first and fast. However, attaining a buy box seems somewhat like a myth to most of us, although there are certain parameters which need to be taken care of while selling online.


Pricing: Buyers look for a low price, so the amazon prefers sellers selling at low prices but definitely competitive. It is an observation, where amazon keeps a margin of 0.5 to 1.5% (plus or minus) in order to consider pricing to be more competitive (a buy box can be shared on rotation basis).

FBA: FBA is fulfillment by amazon. Amazon prefers FBA products over those products fulfilled by merchant. They provide FBA sellers longer duration of buy box in rotation. It means if there are two sellers who match by price and account health the 1st will get buy box for 3 times in a day whereas the 2nd one will have it for once in a day.

Stay competitive: view the price of the offer that is currently winning the buy box. Go to manage inventorypage, select the preferences option and select show when available for current buy box winning price. Buy box winning prices are displayed for new condition listing only.

Uphold Inventory: running out of a product will keep you away from buy box. Take an account of your inventory levels and fill it up with steady at selling products. If you don’t the next higher priced product moves in to buy box. (You can set inventory alerts on manage inventory page).

Stay away of negative feedbacks: Listing items which are out of stock is a great way to attain negative feedback, make sure you don’t sell product which are out of stock. Make sure that buyers are not left waiting for orders to arrive. Scrutinize the quality of your products. Communicate with buyers regarding negative reviews.

Be a brand: If you are a manufacturer, you got a higher stand in the competition. Amazon can offer better opportunity to those who have their own brands. Your credibility to attain a buy box increases.

Sales Velocity: You are a seller on amazon running a healthy venture your chances to win a buy box increases even when your products are newly listed. This happens because amazon monitors every seller’s account health before granting a buy box.

Impressions and clicks: More are the impressions closer is the buy box. Impressions show the number of buyers’ approaching your product page. Number of clicks shows the number of buyers intend to buy product. Both the terms indicate your popularity among customers. Make sure your product titles and description is relevant to searches made by buyers for  your Product categories. The product images should more detailed and vivid.

Customer service is measured in numerous ways. Excelling in all areas can help you succeed on amazon. The account health page on the performance links can help you track your customer metrics.

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Amazon Suspension Get Back by BM Consulting

We all know Amazon from a consumer’s perspective and are absolutely familiar with all transactions and attributes available and/or required.

There is a whole lot of difference from the seller’s perspective!

All those amenities that we simply click or tap on have a bulk of activities behind the screens. A seller on a platform such as Amazon has to go through a lot of careful maintenance for those products to be displayed appropriately and efficiently. If you need any information on the highlighting points that may hinder your Amazon presence and sales, this article is a sure read for you.

Despite a thorough checking process, some errors may be continuously happening for sellers. Under these situations, a seller’s services are likely to be suspended by Amazon resulting in temporary payment blocks for up to 3 months. In such scenarios, retailers end up facing significant loss amounts.


Firstly, we will list down the metrics which are more likely to lead to suspension.

  1. Order defect rate – purchases being damaged
  2. Response time – should be a maximum time of 24 hours to consumers
  3. Negative feedback rate – negative responses regarding product
  4. Cancellation rate – order cancellation statistics
  5. Late dispatch rate – late delivery of orders to customers
  6. Policy violation – manufacturer’s complains and product mismatch

If your seller platform continuously signals any of the above metrics, it is very expected to have a suspension.

Now, this is where BM Consulting assists. Errors occur – it’s human. And errors can be corrected – it’s also human! And that is the base of BM Consulting’s service – Amazon Suspension Get Back.

Upon receiving a suspension requirement, BM Consulting takes the necessary steps in order to facilitate the quick re-sale of the retailer. Firstly, a problem understanding is built up whereby the situation and its actual faults and causes are derived from advertisement and campaign analysis. Then, a guidance and possible solution is structured for the seller. The final stage – Plan of Action is the most important. A layout of an action plan is described which elaborates the steps that are needed and will be taken by the seller to achieve back the selling status.

This service was launched by BM Consulting on the 5th of May 2016 and ever since then, quite a number of suspended sellers have regained their services. This service is of great help to all retailers on ecommerce platforms. For further information, please log on to http://bmconsulting.co/

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