Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

In the last few blogs, we have been discussing about various digital marketing strategies required for realtors to enhance their internet marketing  campaigns. Today, I am going to discuss about the hottest trend in digital marketing, that is Social Media marketing for real estate.
social media for real estate

For a layman, Social media marketing is the process to gain traffic through social media sites.This may include Twitter,that helps people to “share” short  messages or even Facebook,that allows sharing or updating photos and creating or inviting for events. Social Media is obviously not limited to Twitter and Facebook only.With new Social Media applications and social networking websites making a buzz every two months, Digital Marketing professionals make their best to explore these newer avenues. FYI, Jelly is the new talk-of-the-town among social media experts.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Techniques for Real Estate Company


It is important, You first search on  Twitter for people talking about your real estate company or your competitors. Now,how would you know what people are talking about you. Keep a tap on what your customers search for. Being Search using words that your prospective customers would say as well. Say for Example,you can use keywords like “looking for real estate agent”, “3 BHK apartment in Florida” or “need a apartment on a rent” on Facebook or Twitter. Using this strategy,you can find out your prospective customers,and you can directly target them.

Remember, you add an hashtag to your tweets. This will help to improve visibility of your Tweets for example, if you wish to sell a property in Chicago,use the hashtags, #chicago #realestate.

Facebook is an excellent medium to share property listings using photos, videos, and related information . Always  add a link to your website for more information about these properties. This will help  in generating traffic  and from SEO perspective,it will generate a quality backlink.

2.Likes,Shares and Follows

As a Digital Marketing Professional,the most annoying thing for me is,when a client asks me how much do you charge for 5000 likes?or How much should i pay for “x” number of followers? Gosshhh!! This is indeed disgusting.  Any premier digital marketing consultancy  likes ours will not enter in such kind of business.Give your customers a reason to connect with your real estate agency page on social networks.Figure out the difference between “Likes” and “Talking about”.A Facebook “Like” means at some point, someone clicked the “like” button.This could be either when someone clicked a “like” on a Facebook page or on the website. From my perspective,TALKING ABOUT THIS“,need to be a prime focus area.This is the actual number that is engaged with your page.These are  people who return to your page after they “like” your page.

3.Contests and Surprises

You can successfully launch a facebook contest for real estate’s prospective clients.You can run a Facebook Timeline contest asking  your fans or followers to leave a comment about what their dream house is like,or which is their best place to retire?.Keep your Facebook Pages interesting by announcing various deals,quizzes,trivia.Say,You can keep discounted rates for first 50 customers who won the contest.For example, run a Poll Contest to ask your Fans what photo they like best from your latest listing.


Always include an in-depth tour of available real estate properties.This is a great way to attract your potential buyers to make that “hot deal”.A voice over would definitely be an add on.


Pinterest  is a great tool to find, save and share beautiful pictures of homes that people want to buy. The interaction that occurs between Pinterest users is through ‘pins’. Whenever a photo is pinned,users and followers can ‘like’ the photo or ‘repin’ it to their own board. Popular and Good looking photos go viral and get pinned multiple times.

Real estate agents and sellers always use  websites for the new listings and the best pictures of properties. You can refer to, Trulia & Zillow, which offers the opportunity to build your profile with additional information and links to your website.

I hope,these social media strategy for realtors would help you to maximize your conversions. Do read my previous posts on digital marketing tips for real estate professionals.

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