Keyword Research Strategies for Real Estate Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Keyword research is an integral and basic component of any digital marketing campaign. We have discussed different tricks and techniques to optimize your real estate campaign. Whenever you run a pay-per-click campaign,you have to be very careful with the selection of keywords,since,you have to pay for every single click.

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Keyword Research for Real Estate Campaigns

Last month one of my friend – “a PPC Expert” from a reputed company called me. He had issues with respect to the conversions of his real estate campaign. After reviewing his campaign and considering his daily spent, I concluded that he was paying a high price for those keywords that  were difficult to get conversions.

Google’s keyword research tool is a great help for PPC experts.Apart from the keyword research tools,I personally recommend using Google Suggest. Google Suggest brings out those keywords that could be naturally searched by users.




Now put yourself in searcher’s/customer’s shoes.When you search on Google for “3bhk flats for sale”,Google suggests you with 10 different options.As a search engine marketer,you term these options as “keywords”.

As per the analysis,the top keywords suggested in Google Suggest are the frequently searched terms.These keywords if used correctly within your campaign can yield better conversions.

Short Tail Vs Long Tailed keywords for Real Estate Campaigns

long tail keywords are keywords are made up of 3-5 words. They tend to have less traffic because they’re not as popular as “head” terms.”Head terms” are the short tailed terms that are generalized terms having a good traffic.

For eg: “3bhk flat in mumbai” is a short-tailed keyword. whereas,a keyword “3bhk flat in mumbai and suburbs” can be termed as a long-tailed keyword.In PPC campaigns,short-tailed keywords have higher CPC,compared to long-tailed keywords.

Higher the traffic,higher is the cost-per-click of the keyword.This does not mean you should ignore long-tailed keywords.

short vs long tail


Keyword Match Types

Whenever selecting keywords,it is important that you add a proper match type to it.

Broad match is the default match type and the one that reaches the large audience. When you use broad match, your ad appears whenever a user’s search query includes any word in your key phrase, in any order. For example, if you use broad match on “luxury apartments” your ad might be displayed if a user types “luxury 3bhk flats,”big apartments” or even “luxury guest house”.

Phrase match offers some of the features of broad match.Your ad appears only when a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that phrase. for eg: if your phrase keyword is “luxury apartments”.Then your ad will appear for the keywords:

luxury apartments in mumbai

spacious luxury apartments

Exact match is very specific and restrictive of the keyword match types. With this match type, users can only see your ad when they type your exact keyword phrase by itself.

For eg:if you have a keyword [luxury apartments in mumbai],then your ad will appear only for the keyword luxury apartments in mumbai.It will not appear for other terms like luxury apartments in mumbai suburb or even luxurious apartments in mumbai.

Your cost per click may vary depending on match type of the keywords.

Digital marketing for real estate is getting more and more competitive.We,at BMConsulting, provide well researched solutions to make your real estate campaign more optimized.

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