Google’s Panda Update: “Content is the king”

Purpose of Google Panda

Google’s Panda update is a filter which was introduced in February 2011. The purpose of introducing this filter is to stop favouring sites carrying poor quality content, basically spammy content trying to rank in the search engines  from working their way into Google’s top most search results. Sites have to understand that Google is only trying its best to get rid of results that are not significant.

Effect on your Seo

Google PandaIt is advisable not to publish content just to drive traffic to your site, to attract more visitors from the search engines without paying heed on the quality of content published. Publishing content just for the heck of traffic to get some impressions and click on ads is not a good idea. Content which is rich in quality, real and useful to the readers is to be delivered. Google is just trying to get us access to the content on sites that is real and mindful of the fact that “Content is the king”

Articles that are created just to create false traffic to search engines are best when they find they are kicked off the picture, Panda update surely is the best implemented since it grabs keyword efficient quality rich content to rank first.

What we at B M Consulting follow?

We conduct extensive research to analyze the articles that are ranking best in your esteemed industry. Our motto we follow is “Content is the king”, so to escape the wrath of panda it is advisable for all to invest in quality content writers, who deliver exceptionally real and useful content.

Sites alike us that have made the right changes and have explored ways to escape Panda can be sure of finding its way to the top in the Google search engines. Mind you all, Panda since updated from time to time is efficient to catch the sites that have escaped before.

We are mindful of the Google Panda facts and purpose and to help our clientele find its way to the right traffic we deliver just the exceptional – ‘Real Content’

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