Content Writing Tips and Techniques for Your Website

Quality content is a latest buzz word in SEO industry. Although, “content is the king”; it is the quality content that rules the kingdom.Being into content writing and SEO for more than four years, I am witnessing how online content writing is bringing a revolution in online marketing day by day.

contentMany newbie bloggers approach me with their queries,primarily related to their rankings and further about monetizing their blog.To be very frank, blogging is fun till a dollar-bug hurts you.Once you become aware about different earning models through blogging, my dear friend, chances are very high, that you will be messing yourself. 🙂

Years between 2004-2009, World Wide Web has seen  a splendid growth in online content industry.As competition increased, publishers became clever and started outwitting their competitors on search engines. Publishers understood,it is search engines that could derive higher traffic to their blogs.This led Search Engine Optimization to evolve.And,then, rest is history ! Further, then experts divided SEO into white-hat and black-hat. Lot has already been spoken on white-hat and black-hat SEO on many forums.In my opinion,there is no white hat in SEO.If you say you did SEO, there cannot be any thing white-hat, a right word to define could be grey-hat.

Keywords?How Many??Where should I place the keyword??? In 2014, If you are still puzzled with these questions,then my friend , its high time you need to brush up latest SEO development.And of course, this does show your negligence towards algorithmic updates like Panda that happens almost every two months.

Panda is Google’s algorithm that targets low quality,thin content and keyword-stuffed content websites.Google termed these websites as content farms.These websites do not serve any purpose to the user,but follow all those practices that could help them to rank well on Google.

One such panda-hit content website approached me for last year. I did their website audit.I was really surprised to find the keywords they targeted and the quality of content they wrote.Their correspondent told me they used to rank on Page 1 for the keyword “Placement services” in pre Panda period. When I checked the content, it had nothing to do with services, but all they wrote was how much such placement services charge and where to find such placement services in california.All vagues content. No user satisfaction.Absolute rubbish.

So remember,Do not write content for Search Engines, write for your audience.And most importantly, write only if you have a passion over the subject.If have are passionate about your subject, 90% of your traffic issues are solved.Passion in writing is the key to drive organic traffic.

Google has come with the concept of Authorship markup. This will help you to carve your own niche in the web world.You can create your own identity in certain domain.Plus, You maintain your claim over whatever content you write.

I advice you not to fall prey to following things:

  • Keyword Spamming
  • Thin Content
  • Less Authoritative Writing
  • Grammar Errors
  • Too many Above the fold Ads
  • Content : Ads ratio

We at BM Consulting, have a huge team of content writers who are not only dedicated but are experts in various domains.We assure you User friendly writing that will drive quality organic traffic to your website.

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