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Tracking the Client Conversion Journey

Marketing strategies are rather hard to apply in today’s chaotic epoch, with the clocks ticking faster than never before. As consumers, we are subject to all sorts of advertisements on a variety of platforms ranging from emails, messages, display ads and many more. In such situations, although it would be difficult to actually trace out the exact journey of a client lifecycle, it is of utmost importance to have a basic model that can be efficiently used by an organization and its marketers.

The excursion of a potential client from a requirement arising to contract signing with your organization gives you an ample space to proficiently make an impression on the client. Inbound marketing agencies ought to lay out their lead generation strategies on the buyer’s trail. There are three main stages that this journey can be divided into, which will be described in detail below. In a nutshell, these stages would describe the overall client conversion journey.



  1. Reaching out – Brand awareness in the current market is the most vital point of capturing an audience. This point should be strong enough to appropriately pick up the correct target audience from the whole market. Making the first contact of your business with the audience occurs at this stage which is a ticking start for the marketers. It is a bit ambiguous for any organization to create exact goals in this stage since even the customer him/herself is usually not able to recognize this stage. One imperative point that the marketers should never overlook is that strategies that are applied at this stage should serve as effective (information) resources and not sales pitches.

Awareness can be measured using the following points:

  • Survey – carefully survey all your running customers and current prospects of how they reached you. Keep a record of all these points and pay more attention to these channels when creating your marketing strategies.
  • Identify the common search terms that are related with your organization and used widely in the market. Put yourself in the audiences’ shoes when researching on keywords and create content for SEO activities using these words.
  1. Driving the decision – Once you have gained the attention of potential customers, you need to drive them towards making a positive decision. Creating more contact and providing with more information is the key to mastering this point. Initiate contact by embedding contact buttons and live chat on your website. Make sure your contact details are easily visible on all your listings. You should also continue to write more blogs with the captured audience in mind. Working with you is highly beneficial – you know that, so convey the same to your audience. Create interactive contents like infographics, eBooks, videos and case studies. Share these widely throughout your corporate networks. Further attraction of decision driving can be done by offering free trials, packages etc. Marketers must make sure to make the right contacts at the right frequency. Don’t forget that overwhelming your audience can easily push them away from you. 
  1. Conversion – After you have given a broader look of your organization to your audience, specific and one-to-one communications follow up. At this stage, the recipient now is a prospect. He is in genuine requirement and is sincerely interested in your offers. Efficiency, communication and mutual understanding gradually result in conversion whereby the prospect now becomes a client.

 Measuring the conversion rate is an essential factor for any marketer. Conversion rate is measured with respect to factors such as total number of leads, total number of website visitors and the likes. As an efficient organization, all leads who did not convert into clients require attention as well. One needs to study why exactly their conversion was hampered. Looking into these reasons will result in higher conversion rates for the enxt scheme/strategy.


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Lead Generation Vs Demand Generation

Lead generation and demand generation are the terminologies often used in B2B and B2C marketing. When I started my career as a Digital Marketing consultant. I often used to get puzzled and curious to know the difference between two, when actually the efforts taken for both the strategies are no more different.

Lead Generation is sales centric, where as Demand generation is marketing centric.

 Lead Generation involves collecting registration information, in exchange for content,that helps us to build a marketing database. The contacts generated through lead generation are passed on to tele -callers / sales team.

As stated earlier, Demand Generation is marketing centric. Demand generation helps in creating demand for an organization’s products or services through marketing.

Lead generation is a database-building activity, capturing prospect information and connecting that prospect with sales. It is much reliant on keeping your content and information behind things like lead capture forms. 

Demand generation is about influencing a market. It’s about creating an interest in and a market for your products or services through marketing, with the goal to make buyers more likely to buy them.

lead generation and demand generation are totally different activities that needs to be a part of  content marketing plan. In many markets, the dominant approach has become lead generation first.

Difference Between Demand Generation Vs Lead Generation

lead gen vs deman gen

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Facebook Page a Magnetic Gateway to Generate Traffic

Facebook today is a wonderful medium to build traffic and route it to a landing page. All age groups aging above 16 years  are glued to Facebook throughout the day. Businesses today have been largely promoting their brand  on Facebook by preparing a Facebook page to enhance the presence of their brand online. We will guide you to get more clicks and get more traffic to a landing page using Facebook.

facebook traffic

There are a few simple steps which you need to follow to upload an interactive Facebook page to promote your brand by way of social media.

  • You firstly need to Login to Facebook account. You need to write real and upload short and relevant content on the wall to interest your target audience.
  • You will now need to copy the Web address of the landing page.
  • People generally prefer to upload content with the web address mentioned right below the content and by doing so the Facebook automatically picks up the image from the mentioned web address. Now, it is likely that the landing page has more than one image on hand and in that case the same multiple images would come up as a collage and one can choose the most suitable image for the post.

All active Facebook users must have noticed that whatever content that is posted on Facebook is also seen in the newsfeed of all your Facebook friends. People generally tend to read content only that is posted on their own timeline, rather than visiting profile page of friends and reading it there. This is actually in most cases done only if a particular friend is being followed.

It is proven that whatever content is posted on Facebook wall with a great and relevant image increases the probability of increased fan followers and number of clicks.  Facebook users can now show any image and every new story has a different look with bigger photos and this change attracts lots of clicks and longer engagements from friends and public.

Moreover the modified News feed feature actually enables the marketer to choose the right image that create interest and engagement amongst the people.

This detailed step by step method to build your online presence on Facebook will help you market your content on Social media. Enjoy the mileage you get!!

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Why is ecommerce website important for your business

E-commerce, the face of business today

E-commerce is the new boom! The skyrocketing sales growth of ecommerce giants such as and has become a point of rigorous discussion at every commonplace. It’s amazing the way the founders of ecommerce giants created mountains of wealth from nothingness.


Never too late to start

Brands undoubtedly are not created overnight;  it is tough to match up the brand equity of the existing exceptional. To create an eternal brand that is alluring to the online consumers online brands have to create relationships with consumers as strong as some physical brands have.

In a certain period of time, a brand focussing on building a relationship with customers will be able to emerge.. It will be no longer just an “upstart brand” but a brand that has threatened the brand power of likes such as flip kart .com and Strongly believing in this prediction in mind you can venture in to the boom of e-commerce and proudly get associated with technology that works – Always

Investing in e-commerce site,a tailor made stunning website can be best delivered by BM Consulting, a leading web Development Company in Pune. Here you will get the right help to reach more potential customers to achieve outstanding brand identity.

 E-commerce website crucial for your business

  • E-commerce website for your business facilitates close proximity to customers. It’s advantageous for your business to be available to clientele 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your client can shop from the ease of their homes, offices while travelling without having to worry on going to the shops or waiting in queues.
  • As a business you have a limitless possibility to promote a wide range of goods and services to your clientele and moreover your clients will be able to buy online goods at a much cheaper rate.
  • Your customers will be able to locate you more quickly in the global market, as neither you nor your customers are restricted to your / their locality.E-commerce sites have made shopping easier and have become a mainstay of the every industry today and are valuable for both consumers and online businesses.

 In due course of time in the coming years you will be able to create online business that will change the way customers relate to a brand or product.

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How to Use Google+ Efficiently to Boost Your Business

Google+ is the newest entrant into the cornucopia of social networks. While many critics have given it the nickname of “Ghost town”, if utilized strategically, it can work wonders for your brand. Google+  is the magic wand that can work wonders for your business and is an excellent belvedere for creating customer engagement and promoting yourself or your business on the Googleverse. According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has more than 300 million users, which puts behind Twitter with 200 million followers. These mouthwatering statistics should prompt you to use this amazing “new relations builder” network for leveraging your business and to do it NOW.

google+6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google+?

  1. Link authorship and your Google+ personal account: Google enables you to your content from a domain to your Google+ profile. Once the Authorship is established your photo will appear next to the all your posts in the search results. The benefits include:
    1. Enhance visibility among search results
    2. Your content garners greater authority
    3. Greater level of trust created among readers.
  2. Link your Google+ page and your Business website: After analyzing 5,000 websites, Hubspot concluded that the websites with “+1” button get 3.5 times more visits on Google+. Moreover it helps you grow your audience on Google+ and also within the search engine results. Installing a Google+ badge on your website will work wonders for you. Posting genuine content and updating your posts regularly will project a good impression on the viewers. Advantages are: 1. Increases your follower database 2. Will institute you and your brand as a source of quality and authoritative information.
  3. Hangouts and Hang on air: Google Hangout is a unique way of carrying out video conferences or webinars. If you are not ready to invest in webinars, by the aid of Hangouts interaction with 9 contacts is possible. However live streaming on YouTube can increase the audience and to have online discussions with people from all over the world. With the Hang on Air you can launch your product as videos to the global audience or carry out debates and discussions which can be viewed later or live. Highlights: 1. Video conferences with employees on the go 2. Web conferences 3. Online interviews
  4. Google+ and SEO: The content posted on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google. It has a positive influence on Google search engine. If you are followed by people on Google+, then there are chances that your article will be ranked higher.
  5. Join and create communities: Being social by participating in like-minded communities and creating communities using your personal profile and page is a great way to increase engagement with other members. You can make your profile private and invite people of your choosing. Alternatively, your community can be made public and you can moderate the requests to join the community.
  6. Google+ Local: With Google+ you can be where your customers want you to be. When your page is listed as local business, you can post pictures and reviews can be written by visitors. For example: If you decide to go to a restaurant and check it on Google, you can read the reviews and see the pictures of that place. Google+ even prompts you to write reviews on the local businesses of your area.

Conclusion: Google+, if used efficiently can do wonders to your business, and more importantly,it may help you to boost your rankings in organic search.

Key takeaways:

  • Increase your authority
  • Enhance visibility
  • Reach out to a greater audience.

All in all, its a powerful social media tool , having all power packed features that can give you quality conversions.

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