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Attracting More Traffic – Effective Advertising

The main purpose of advertising is to reach out to your target audience; efficiently enough to capture the right proportion of traffic towards your product/service. Getting more customers has always been the main goal and the most unsolved secret to date in the marketing periphery. Common answers to this impenetrable question of traffic come as good marketing, good customer communication, good customer support, etc. Let’s take this a step further and get into the consumer’s shoes. After all, in order to fascinate an audience, you have to infiltrate through their thoughts. There are some simple methods that may be overlooked in your advertising strategy resulting in a much lesser traffic towards you.

The infographic below does a good job at highlighting these points.


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Client on-boarding is essentially defined as ‘establishing the account relationship, having a legal framework and getting the CRM correctly populated between yourself and the client’. In the practical corporate world, it is much more than just that. For marketing agencies, it is rather an ongoing process for the initial months with the client. And being a fundamental part of the relationship, marketing agencies that shun away from firm execution of client on-boarding either lose their clients fast or end up with clients who are just carrying on to get their projects done.



As very well said by the author and marketing consultant John Janstch – “If you hold a customer’s hand for 90 days, they’ll be loyal for life”, if clients are satisfied in the initial stages, they will never abscond your services. Simply pulling them towards your services does not suffice, especially in the marketing industry. This is because actual results take time to show up and you need to continuously convince clients that you are truly working towards the very best for them.

After the client acquisition process, you need to assure the client that they have made the right choice by picking on you. Set the client into your business and establish a good and promising relationship. One must executively integrate clients into the business rather than just having them on the clientele list.

The following steps can be used for assuring a successful client on-boarding process:

  1. Collect all client information and requirements to every detail. It would be a good idea to update all this information onto your CRM and share the updation with the client.
  2. Send a welcome note to the client on acquisition – this could be in the form of a letter or an email. You may also send a welcome kit to the client. Welcome kits would generally (but not necessary or limited to) the following items: a welcome video/link, several business cards, business brochure, testimonials/case studies and promotional items engraved with your logo.
  3. Arrange for a team meeting so that both teams are introduced to each other and the client is in well knowledge about who is working on his project.
  4. Regular reporting about the ongoing activities to the client is an important augment of all on-boarding activities. Make sure the client is in loop.
  5. Check-up calls at regular intervals (weekly calls are recommended) keep you both updated on any new activities/changes that are going on.

Keep the above points in mind to ensure an effective client on-boarding that will result in less of churn for your business. No-one wants to keep on cliffing too new clients because of losing older ones. Make your clients cling on to you by building a profitable business relation.

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How smartphones have gradually taken over the shopping journey at large


Considering the connectivity in today’s era, activity is at its boost all around the clock. And the same goes with marketing and purchasing. Research, inquiry, overviewing and shopping, in general, is never at rest. Individuals are trafficking the internet via smartphones throughout the day for product/service research. Ranging from day-to-day light materials to bulky procurements, every purchase is completed or complemented using the smartphone. An involuntary action of tapping the fingers on the smartphone screen occurs at almost every micro second today in relation to purchase.

smartphone usages 2016 India

Google data mentions that 93% of the population uses a mobile device to research before purchasing. Since this is a significant fraction, it clearly follows that a noteworthy portion of the total purchase made in any brand is credited to smartphone users. Considering the Indian diaspora, about 87% of the Indian community uses smartphone to research before purchasing and 73% of the total smartphone users actually make purchases after this research. India being one of the countries having a large internet user wavelength perceptively reflects the high usage of smartphones in routine consumer activity.

Purchase research is done over a wide range of information. Price information is one of the most sought after data for different brands in online research. Quality of product/service follows this. It is but natural that every individual would like to make a purchase that is affordable and yet has a high quality. Reviews, recommendations and brand names come within this umbrella. Such searches are made during casual talks with friends, serious business gatherings, long term acquisition decisions or even at the shop door step. At all these vicinities, smartphones are the most user friendly, fast and reliable gadgets that can be exploited by any person.

information searched by users

Now moving ahead of research and inquiry, it is noted that consumer decision is highly affected by the smartphone even after physically being in a product outlet. A high percentage of shoppers reflectively turn to their smartphones in order to make a decision of buying.  And online information is pointedly influential in the purchase up to the last minute. Carrying a smartphone to shopping is seen today as something almost important as carrying your wallet.

  shoppers using smartphone

Marketing today does not rest, as consumers are in the ‘on-mode’ 24/7. Smartphones widen the purchase perspective by availing all brands, all information, all possible choices for all possible products/services right on the palms of customers, just a finger tap away.

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