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Driving conversions through LinkedIn

Driving conversions through LinkedIn

When someone mentions LinkedIn, the first thing that pops up in our mind is a “formal” social media platform that lets us connect with different professionals across the world and showcase our qualifications. In other words, LinkedIn can be considered as an excellent online resume. However, using it for looking for job openings is just scratching the surface.

LinkedIn is much more than a professional network for landing your dream job. Lead generation is something that can be done very easily and effectively with the help of this platform. According to a survey, 66% of people think that LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for boosting your sales.

So, why do you think LinkedIn is able to show good numbers when it comes to sales? The answer is simple. Everyone on this platform is present there with a clear objective of connecting with other businesses to expand their own. In other words, there are millions of prospects waiting for you to educate them about your business.

Below is a list of few things should consider to get the most out of LinkedIn:

1. Optimize your profile: The first and foremost element which your prospects will check is your profile. There are a lot of business owners who fail to complete their profile as advised by LinkedIn. You need to make sure that you fill out every single column there is to get your profile strength to an All-Star level (which is the topmost level on LinkedIn).

Infuse your profile with keywords that are relevant. For this, you will need to look for the words that pop up when you type in your industry keyword in the search bar. For example, if you are looking for keywords related to ‘content writing’, then the following highlighted keywords might prove to be useful.

content writer

2. Study your own product thoroughly: Remember to prepare yourselves technically before approaching prospects over LinkedIn as they are a bunch of professionals who already have considerable knowledge of the industry and hence, won’t fall easily for your usual gimmicks. Use the strategies mentioned in this article and you are sure to convert this platform into a lead generation machine.

3. Add backlinks to your profile: Backlinks are an important tool to get customers directed to your profile. Learn to place these backlinks strategically in your blogs or other social media posts. The more backlinks you generate, the higher your profile will rank in organic search.


Don’t forget to put a link in your author bio when you guest post on other sites. This will encourage your readers to visit your profile if they like your blog.

4. Customize your URL: Your default LinkedIn URL is a set of letters and numbers that make no sense to you or your business. However, LinkedIn has given you the option to create a custom URL for your profile where you can use your full name. In case your name is already taken, try adding a modifier to it give it a little twist.

5. Build a vast network of connections: On a professional platform like LinkedIn, everything revolves around your connections. The more connections you have, the more likely is your profile to surface on LinkedIn’s algorithm. Therefore, you need to make sure that you connect with as many people as possible in order to grow your business.

It is wise to decide the people with whom you wish to connect with. Start by connecting with the people you already know as they are your prime targets. Even if a few people do not belong to your industry, keep them as your connection because you never know who will prove to be helpful for you in future. On the other hand, a targeted network allows you to focus clearly on lead generation.

Try to connect with your prospects using customized request templates that feel convincing than the default template and help to connect on a personal level as well. Explain to your prospects why do you wish to connect with them by writing a personalized request, as shown in the example below.

Build a vast network of connections

Just like when someone opens Facebook, they are thinking about photos and videos, a person who is logged in to LinkedIn is already thinking about business. Following the strategies mentioned above will help you to strengthen your presence on LinkedIn and will help to boost your sales. After all, business is at the core of this social media platform and which is why it is the best way to generate B2B leads.

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LinkedIn is a multilingual Professional networking platform and an inbound marketing tool. Members with LinkedIn account establish connections where they could maintain a professional relationship. LinkedIn is a vast networking power consisting of more than 300 million users which seems less compared to Facebook and twitter but which provide a lot of benefits to business holders.


On the dole for business holders       

  1. Members in LinkedIn are often referred to as connections. More connections made within professional groups will pave the business a new way for global exposure.
  2. The best way to get the real power from LinkedIn is that to tap into existing connection and grow your network wider rather than just stacking up followers and connectors. A well-Managed LinkedIn profile can act as a forerunner for the brand.
  3. It provides a perfect shape for your business to run it the way you like. Having connections with possible customers as well as consistently posting unique content and optimizing Company page are the key elements for business growth.
  4. It prefers to be a great platform for customers to interact and business holders to share the statistics and survey, when done right it achieves for great customer satisfaction level.

Creating a LinkedIn Company page

Creating a company page seems to be simple when it is accompanied by a good strategic plan.

  • Start with adding the official company name and work e-mail address. Once done LinkedIn will send an e-mail to verify that you are eligible to create a company page
  • Add in your company details and to capture the business better it is recommended to add the banner and company logo which feels good.
  • Comprise the Company details by crafting a message which involves what the company does and setting up with marketing and content team. Click “publish” and the company page is online.

Key notes for reachability of page

Just creating company’s page will not bring followers. The best way to boost the chance of success is from the following strategy.

Intensify the page:

Setting up a unique brand personality by creating an attractive banner image and including the company website, blogs and so on puts in credibility to the page. Having appropriate brand humorous videos will help in online awareness about the brand.

Employee connecting to LinkedIn page:

The best resources for growing the business are the employers.  By adding those as followers can expand the connection tremendously. Adding company page in Personal profile can exposure the company’s update to other connection.

Frequent update and reply:

With proving valuable articles and company updates on regular basis will keep the customer active all time. Engaging with customer frequently would enhance the chance of outgrowth of business to next level.

More over adding frequent updates and being active on page will create more visitor traffic and will improve the performance in search result page. The most important fact is that differentiating yourself from the competitors make the company more transparent and creates a positive impression about the brand.

(Compiled by Nisha Ranjith)

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LinkedIn for the Education Industry

It’s a digital employment world now in which LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking service and it is very useful for students. Students can use LinkedIn to:

  • Connect with classmates, faculty and family (professionally)
  • Find new opportunities for internships and jobs
  • Manage what potential employers learn about you online
  • Research companies

linkedin for education

The goal of LinkedIn networking is simple – Networking Smarter. LinkedIn helps students to become professional. In other words you can say that – “Your LinkedIn account is your CV that never sleeps”. It gives you a voice on search engines. It affords you the ability to send a generic resume via the link. It provides a place to network with business owners. It allows you to meet prospective employers, industry powerhouses. It is a great place to establish yourself as a thought leader

The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users (workers and employers) to create profiles and “connections” to each other in an online social network which may represent real-world professional relationships. LinkedIn has changed the way of searching job forever. It is a virtual, global, professional networking event that is going on 24/7

In the book Groundswell a marketing research company highlighted the fact the business owners love Discussion Boards. LinkedIn is wisely built their groups around discussion boards business owners are very likely to use them! The same applies to educational groups as well. There are many groups that provide a learning platform, provide opportunities for career options/career counselling and give an outlook of the industrial world to students

Educational industries/institutions gain a very strong and professional social media presence through which they can channelize their marketing.
Becoming more active on LinkedIn can increase your visibility in the news feeds of your connections. LinkedIn is a professional network. It is most active during work hours and weekdays. Mornings are more active than afternoons and evenings. Weekends aren’t nearly as active as weekdays. So make sure you time yourself correctly on LinkedIn to get better overall results


  • LinkedIn has more than 200 million members in over 200 countries and territories.
  • Professionals are signing up at a rate of approximately two new members per second.
  • As of the school year ending May 2012, there are over 20 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn. They are LinkedIn’s fastest-growing demographic.
  • Members with a profile photo receive 14x more profile views
  • LinkedIn profiles with summaries get 10x more profile views

Tip: Start your day by visiting your homepage and liking, commenting, and sharing updates that you think your network would find interesting. It only takes a minute, and your connections will soon see you as a trusted source of great information

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LinkedIn : Source of New Business and Career Opportunities

LinkedIn is a network of over 12 million members who have a strong focus on business. LinkedInStatistics have proven that LinkedIn has 3 times better visitors and the lead conversion rate is far better than Twitter and Facebook.

It is vital for every business big or small to have a profile on LinkedIn. If your business is not currently on Linkedin, you should seriously consider building a profile on LinkedIn soon.

If you are about to make your first profile on LinkedIn, send an email to ( XYZ) .Put “Invitation to LinkedIn Please” in the subject line, and your name in the body of the message. We at B M Consulting will try to oblige within 24 hours.

Understanding LinkedIn in simpler terms, It is social connect network for people with a strong bent of mind for business. It doesn’t require a lot of personal time, because there is no requirement to join groups. However in the beginning you have to look for people to join your network. Once people have 35 or more connections, they seem to reach a tipping point where the usefulness of those connections becomes apparent. To have 20 connections is to join the top 25%. Once people get 30 or 35 connections they seem to take off, and it becomes easier and easier to make new connections as people start to flow into your network.

Increasing your LinkedIn engagement could be a crucial move for your career or your brands presence. Sure, you won’t generate as much traffic from LinkedIn in contrast to other social sites, but its audience tends to be businesses, which implies each LinkedIn visitor is likely to be worth more money.

Here are several suggestions you can follow to grow your profile presence on LinkedIn

  • Regularly post in the morning on weekdays between Monday through Friday

  • Remember, Image posts have a 98% higher comment rate.

  • To enhance you’re linked in engagement rate, you should do minimum 20 posts a month.

  • On an average a user spends 17 minutes on the site per visit, and with that type of attention it is easy to see why LinkedIn is so important.

Leverage your profile presence, ask for recommendations

You will notice on many LinkedIn pages that people have recommendations. In the great majority of cases the people making the recommendation have been asked to write that statement, and may have joined LinkedIn to do exactly that. So first; if you know members of LinkedIn who know you well, by all means ask them if they could write a recommendation for you. You don’t need to publish all the recommendations written, and you can ask for a recommendation to be re-written.

Check the person’s profile who gave the recommendation

Very often the LinkedIn Profile page of that person is minimal; this clearly is an evidence of a “jacked up” recommendation. On the other hand if the person behind the recommendation has a full profile and many contacts, someone who is active online, the recommendation can be read with more confidence. 

But no matter how you manage to create new articles, get involved. The faster you start to build your list of followers, the better prepared you will be as LinkedIn’s publishing program grows and becomes an even better source of new business and career opportunities.

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: How to Improve Your Business using LinkedIn

“Can I expand my business using LinkedIn?”  This is the burning question that most of the upcoming startups and the small company owners are asking themselves as well as to digital marketers. According to a study, this social media website has become a secret weapon to boost your business as well as to gain a foothold in the professional market. Leveraging your business through LinkedIn has the benefit that the right type of audience is targeted. So Google is not the sole proprietor for getting your business being discovered online. The latest trend in the e-microcosm is that “You aren’t someone noteworthy until you are found on LinkedIn!”


To help you maximize your engagement, and improve your business on LinkedIn we have chalked out a few points:

Why Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Business

  • Specificity: Rather than delving into the unnecessary information, stick to the key points. Be most precise in letting people know who you are and what you do so as to avoid confusion among visitors. Include the key ingredients: Your current work, past experience, summary and your specialty. This would enable you to reach out to your customers in telling them what you do and how can you help them. In short build a powerful and informative profile.
  • Add links and websites: LinkedIn allows you to add three links of your work. In order to make the visitors more curious, make this section attractive and as engaging. This tactic would make them inquisitive about the services that you offer.
  • Creativity attracts more leads: Most of the LinkedIn profiles are as dull as a dishwater. To make your profile stand out from the competitors, include a few specs of video’s which would come alive when the visitor checks your profile. This video can include the basics about your company profile, what is offered and don’t forget to add in a few good words by the clients.
  • Add contact information: When someone stops by your profile, essential contact details help to tie in via phone or email. The best feature on LinkedIn is that it allows you to export your connections. A 15-20 minute talk with the potential clients or with the visitors will boost your business directing to a tsunami of leads.
  • Answer the questions: Creating a LinkedIn account and adding professionals to it is not the end of the story. It’s just the tip of an iceberg. Always customers choose the suppliers whose interaction levels are higher. This creates a pseudo effect among the customers by adding an informative and resourceful answer. Another strategy to generate a sense of reliability among customers is to follow-up after some time letting him know that you are personally interested and cater to their needs.
  • Carry out discussions in groups: You can build your business around Groups, each contains a specific target audience. By engaging in conversations and answering the questions posted on these groups enhances your online visibility. Thus more people come to know about you and your work. This develops more contacts and ultimately leads to increasing your business.

No matter what your business is, if you project your business amidst the right target audience; it will definitely help attract more customers, investors, partners and sponsors. Before that,it is necessary that you appoint a good digital marketing agency  that will enhance your business on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

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