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Infographics – A Better Way of Marketing


Truth Facts

Marketing online has now become crucial for any business or brand, especially the ones whose most transactions are online or have their business base setup on the internet. Most of them fight over what is the best strategy for advertising. One of the most recent and attractive method for marketing is to use Infographics in your online campaign.

What is an Infographic?

Most Popular Infographics

Most Popular Infographics

Although the term Infographic may sound really complicated, it simply is a word combined
of two words “information” and “graphical presentation”. Infographics are graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge with the intent to present complex information quickly and clearly. Therefore, it is –

  • A data rich visualization of a story or a thesis
  • An effective way to learn and understand various concepts
  • A best way to build brand recognition.

Why Infographic?

It has been observed that a good quality inforgraphic are read 30 times more than plain

text and the online traffic steers easily towards publishers who post Infographics than those who don’t. Inforaphics easily go viral and drives customers to your brand; here are a few reasons why-

  • People love facts, figures and statistics. Thus, adding inforgraphics can make your campaign addictive and compelling.
  • It helps in brand building if the subject matter mixes well with your marketing goals.
  • People love to go through content which are visually represented, thus your product will have a better chance of being noticed.
  • Because of catchy titles and quirky images, Infographics easily go viral and increase your potential customer base.
  • It is a good way to increase your Search Engine Optimization, since, Google’s search engine algorithm work well with Infographics, you are sure to bump up your website’s ranking.
  • Large amount of data becomes understandable, easy and interesting.
  • One of the most important gains is that it helps cater the audiences who have less time and low-attention span.

How to effectively use Infographic?

The money spent on Infographic should be able to give you lucrative results, and thus, you need to know how you can create the perfect Infographic-

  • Choose a quirky, interesting and catchy topic or title.
  • Include facts, figures and diversity of sources and statistics.
  • Make people engage with your company and brand.
  • Promote your Infographic via social media. It will help your brand and infographic go viral
  • Minimize the textual content and avoid plain or white background.
  • Notify a number of blogs and websites to promote your Infographic and keep on the shares coming.

Infographics may become the new buzz in the town, with the increase of its use. There are millions of blogs written every day, with the use of infographic, you could publicize yourself on various social networking and blogging websites, with millions of shares on social media platform.

Now that you have all the knowledge you need on Infographic, what are you waiting for? Be ready to go viral on the next campaign.





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A Guide to Digital Copywriting

Digital Copywriting

According to, “Digital Copywriting is a specialist skill. It requires digital knowledge in addition to the ability to write. Writing for the web alongside web designers, UX specialists, and conversion scientists is an entirely different skill to writing traditional copy”.

We know what a digital copywriter is and there are most of us who aspire to build a career in digital copywriting. However what shoots us down is the inability to understand of putting thoughts into words. The basic objective of this blog is to help you in becoming an ideal digital copywriter.

Sure, there are many guidelines to follow like writing frequently, understanding your audience and of course, writing sensibly. But what makes a good digital copywriter a great one?

  • Focus and Analysing the Data
    Writing is the key in digital copywriting, but it’s not enough. Simply writing without studying the web analytics and social metrics behind your content, you are not making your content worthy. It is important that every word you write has to be backed by meaningful data and facts, otherwise, it is just void
  • Building a Community
    A digital copywriter’s aim is not only to write for his clients or creating content out of nothing but also building his own community alongside. Building one’s own community gives you loyal followers of your work and thus helps you in getting more business and income.
  • Promoting your Content
    Like any other profession, digital copywriters look for more work and opportunities. Creating a brand image is important, and for that writing well is just half the picture. There are many entrepreneurial writers who stand apart, by not only writing but also promoting that content on various social media. If you aspire to become a digital copywriter, learn content promotion in addition to creation and building up networks.4
  • SEO Focused Content
    SEO, or Search Engine Optimization helps to find your work, content quickly and with ease. The name, SEO, itself tells us how important it is for aspiring digital copywriters, and one should focus on mastering it. Learning how to conduct keyword research or being aware in including anchor text links within content, etc. will add fluency in search and make your writing more valuable.
  • Creating Effective Content
    Your work is not only to write what your clients ask you to. They are paying you so that your work can help their business grow. Writing blogs and articles for your client is the first step. To move forward in this career, learn how to create email marketing campaigns, promotional campaigns and landing pages that convert like crazy. You should know how to write effectively which can lead to thousands of tweets. If you want to be an in-demand digital copywriter, you should be able to master this and more.

These are just the basic guidelines on becoming a digital copywriter, the baby steps if you may call. A true digital copywriter will not only excel in these above areas but create his own portfolio and his own definition for his work. Each client is different, thus your style of writing also depends on which kind of client you land. However, always remember to stay focused.

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Tips for Writing Killer Headlines that Will Drive You Profits

Who said not everyone can write a killer headline? Well, coming up with a great title is more of a science that art and following certain guidelines will make you a master this science. Out of the entire jigsaw called article, the most essential part is the heading. From eery 10 readers, 8 read your title and only 2 out of them go through the entire content. Further, to grab the attention of the reader for eliciting response, you just have 3 seconds. A killer headline has the capacity to turn a visitor into reader, however if the reader stops after reading the title you’re in mucky waters. Every element has to be compelling, each sentence should have a call to action, guiding the reader to move to the next sentence. In this guide, I teach you stepwise how to develop the critical skill of writing a catch headline that would entice your readers to read further.

  1. Your title should communicate the benefits: A simple question: Why would someone buy your product/service? Most common mistake that writers make it adding features in the title. Customers are more interested in the benefits that are offered rather than the features. Benefits are the means in which the product makes the user’s life simpler. Costs, features, facts or color does not help you sell your brand. Follow this point and you’ll have more happy customers who’ll want to share your piece in their circles.

Eg: “Buy our loan services, our reps have more than 10 years’ experience.” Rather than using this heading, a better option would be: “Our loans have hassle-free procedure.”

  1. Mention the big benefit: Discounts and sales are attention grabbers. By announcing the sale right in the title you tend to attract more attention.

Eg: Free subscription to our e-book series.

  1. Spend 80% of your time writing an effective title: The screaming title leads the visitor to further read your content. So from 1 hour that you spend writing the article, 30 minutes should be given to writing and rewriting an apt title, the 20 minutes to writing the whole framework and the rest time in proofreading.
  2. Keep it to-the-point and short: Strip down your title to the bare essential. A headline minus the superfluous words that explains to the readers all that is there in the article attracts more users.

Eg: “Our devices help you save more electricity.”

Edited headline: “Save more electricity.”

  1. Use more verbs and sparse adjectives: Excessive use of adjectives leads to a dull title. Winston Churchill’s iconic speech “Blood and Tears” just had 12.1% adjectives.

Eg: Best services and affordable rates.

A better version: “Get more and save more”.

  1. Don’t use a self-centered perspective: Another common mistake that marketers make is using “we” in “What we believe”. This portrays a we-perspective that focuses more on what you think is important. Instead, by building headlines that say how it would be beneficial to the users.

Eg: “We vouch by our tax-saving schemes.”

More effective title: “You deserve a bank that helps save on taxes.”

  1. Avoid writing sayings and puns: Your reach to the target audience decreases when you use puns and idioms. They are not understood by all readers and that itself discourages the user from reading further.

Eg: Saving more is as easy as making Maggi.

Instead you can use: “Here is a guide to saving more.”

Key Takeaways

The crux of each headline should include: It should have an urgency call, ultra-specific, convey benefits to the user in a distinctive way and be of use to the reader either in enhancing his knowledge or solving his problem.

Huffington Post case study

Huffington Post is known for the terrific titles that have heled them boost traffic. They use certain time-tested methods which we have listed here.

  • Use of dramatic headlines making you intrigued to read further.
  • Asking its readers for headlines- crowd sourcing the headlines.
  • Huffington Post pitches in articles about the most trending topics.
  • They often try out a single post with two different titles to see which ones works more.

Practice these above skills and you’ll learn how to write magnetic headlines aimed to fascinate your target audience.

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Importance of Writing Case Studies in Blogs

What is evergreen content?

casestudyCase studies, also termed as evergreen content is the way to foster long term visibility online. When you post evergreen content in social media pages, in the world of content marketing you will reap more and more awards, for days months and years to come. Evergreen content keeps on giving, mainly because it is not time sensitive and is going to always be ‘in-date’ regardless of current trends. Evergreen content takes time to conceptualize and will continue to produce traffic, leads and sales for the credible.

Due to its powerful articulation to a purpose, case studies not only add a huge level of authority to your website but are also one of those incredible ways of generating long term traffic. Let’s take a closer look at why case studies are good and show trends in overtime engagement.

Case studies are very specific in purpose

Case studies speak volumes and hook people go to your website as it speaks about the niche that you are covering and speaks in details about your experiences of a particular activity. eg: When HR and technology blend together your case study includes right insights to take the right business decisions and engages the younger tech savvy millennial workforce.

Have problem centric approach to audiences problems

The reason why case studies are so respected and sought after in any content marketing strategy is that they are an easy way to link between yourself (and brand) and your audience. You should focus on providing a simple and relevant interpretation on the issues and lay out principles to your audiences and start your case study off with a story.

Case studies are easy to read and follow, and is an evergreen content which never fails to draw audiences. This is why they are so powerful, popular and effective.

Case studies display the process

There are many different people in your audience: Some people in your audience are just looking for answers. Some people in your audience are just looking to be assured that whatever situation they are going through, somebody has experienced that as well. Case studies are excellent sources for these people.

Case studies enable your site to stand out as an authority

Well-written case studies really shine. However, case studies take a lot of work. More importantly, case studies apply a deeper level of analysis and companies should take cues as per the statistics so that the process is made clear.

Case study content needs to be strategically put to use

As powerful as the case study format is, it takes a lot of work to create relevant case studies. However, this too can be conquered with proper tools and proper data gathering strategies. Base your case study on interactive format on questions asked by forum members and get your answers from the responses. It’s a simple structure but it works.

Case studies enable you to present solid information, monitor the movement of your products or services and show off your authority to your audiences. This will help mitigate the time, space and cost constraints and will stand the test of time and continue to generate traffic.

By bringing about a positive impact of certain pattern and the devastating effects of certain other work pattern, will help you strive and craft together your own particular strategy for producing case study content.

Case studies are way ahead and are the perfect union with engaging technology and social media marketing to watch out for in the near future! Moreover, it leads a business to focus on wellness in order to catalyze to be the most healthy and active business in the ever-growing online social media world.

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Google’s Panda Update: “Content is the king”

Purpose of Google Panda

Google’s Panda update is a filter which was introduced in February 2011. The purpose of introducing this filter is to stop favouring sites carrying poor quality content, basically spammy content trying to rank in the search engines  from working their way into Google’s top most search results. Sites have to understand that Google is only trying its best to get rid of results that are not significant.

Effect on your Seo

Google PandaIt is advisable not to publish content just to drive traffic to your site, to attract more visitors from the search engines without paying heed on the quality of content published. Publishing content just for the heck of traffic to get some impressions and click on ads is not a good idea. Content which is rich in quality, real and useful to the readers is to be delivered. Google is just trying to get us access to the content on sites that is real and mindful of the fact that “Content is the king”

Articles that are created just to create false traffic to search engines are best when they find they are kicked off the picture, Panda update surely is the best implemented since it grabs keyword efficient quality rich content to rank first.

What we at B M Consulting follow?

We conduct extensive research to analyze the articles that are ranking best in your esteemed industry. Our motto we follow is “Content is the king”, so to escape the wrath of panda it is advisable for all to invest in quality content writers, who deliver exceptionally real and useful content.

Sites alike us that have made the right changes and have explored ways to escape Panda can be sure of finding its way to the top in the Google search engines. Mind you all, Panda since updated from time to time is efficient to catch the sites that have escaped before.

We are mindful of the Google Panda facts and purpose and to help our clientele find its way to the right traffic we deliver just the exceptional – ‘Real Content’

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Recommended Elements of a Perfect Blog

blogA perfect blog design is the one whose design appeals the vision buds and has an equally stunning impact on the brain. There are certain designs which sink or shine a blog. Choose the wrong interface and your blog will be ruined! Have you ever notices that the best blog’s are organized and have personalized designs? Here are a few tips that would help you understand the elements that must be taken into account while creating your blog.

  • Clear display of categories: While writing a blog, categories are all those things that you would write about. Taking the example of the website, each category is displayed neatly at the top. Perhaps you can even place them on the sidebar for the user to easily navigate across his choice of category. A tip for all the excited amateur bloggers, don’t over-do it! Don’t keep 40 categories to confuse the reader, don’t make them more than 10. The main content should be around 60% of the blog space. Remember, people’s main aim is to read your blog, so don’t distract them with other elements. The design should be such that people should focus on reading your content and the extra things should be added in the sidebar.
  • Placement of social media icons: Blogging being a social sport, readers will want to follow you on multiple social networks when they like your blog. The simplest way to facilitate this and make it easy for the user is by the social media icons at the top. When hidden under layers of content and not easily noticeable, you’ll miss out to catch the attention of a large chunk of audience. It is no brain teaser that your social outlet tabs should appear on the top of the page. The ideal number of social plugins to be kept is three and scrolling social buttons are popular and easy to use.
  •  Uniformity: While writing a blog, consistency and uniformity of font and font size also matters. Times and Arial are the simplest to read. And talking about the size, the 8-11 is the optimum size. As the size is increased, you can grab the attention of the visitor for longer time. But in case you use complex fonts, increasing the size won’t help you in any way.
  • Keep your pages clutter-free: Thinking to include a new banner or a widget? Before including this, always ask yourself that is it really needed? Would it add value to your blog or will it be useful to the audience? Rather than meddling and cluttering each page with too many things, opt for a new page wherein all them be splashed.
  • Make the commenting simple: For a blogger, the best means of feedback is by comments. Moreover, there are so many commenting systems right from Disqus to Facebook. Disqus is the most interactive commenting platform. Threaded comments are the best comments as they will increase the content on your page. More the text on each page, the longer the tail of keywords and this will help you get more traffic on your website. If you have a Facebook page, rigorous commenting will not help you get search engine related traffic because that content is owned by Facebook.
  • Add short bio: Putting in a short biography about yourself increases your personal connection with the audience. Whether it’s a personal blog or a professional blog, you can include a short bio in your sidebar and link it to the full bio. You can also add a short introduction about your team who works to make your venture a success. Another tip, adding your photo gives that extra personal touch. It is said, people visit your blog because they like your content and also because they like you. Giving a reliable touch will always be adored by readers.
  • Email subscription format: To grow your traffic. Email subscription is the best option. Collection of emails can best be done by adding a pop up email option when the person comes to read your blog. A number of options are available from opt-ins at the top of the page to pop-ups. Asking just for the email id gets more response than asking for the full name and email id. Pop-ups receive greater response. Collecting emails is the best way to notify them about each new content that you post.
  • Color scheme and design matter: Picking up the right colors matters to your audience. Light colors make it easy for the reader to read the text. For example, red or black background is not as easy to read as a simple white or cream background. Also keep your text color black and add as much white space as possible. Because people are coming to read your content and that should be your main focus.
  • Add images to woo your audience: Images speak a million times more than words. Adding an image to your blog post growths the number of people who click through your blog homepage to the main blog. By putting relevant images, traffic as much as 37% can be increased to your post.

The blogosphere is too huge to ever compile a list of instruction that you can follow for creating a successful blog. However, increasing traffic to your blog is not rocket science, by simply following the above mentioned tips, you can drastically increase the number of viewers. These tips will make your blog look clean, neat and easy to navigate. Try them and see how the traffic increases humongous.

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Content Writing Tips and Techniques for Your Website

Quality content is a latest buzz word in SEO industry. Although, “content is the king”; it is the quality content that rules the kingdom.Being into content writing and SEO for more than four years, I am witnessing how online content writing is bringing a revolution in online marketing day by day.

contentMany newbie bloggers approach me with their queries,primarily related to their rankings and further about monetizing their blog.To be very frank, blogging is fun till a dollar-bug hurts you.Once you become aware about different earning models through blogging, my dear friend, chances are very high, that you will be messing yourself. 🙂

Years between 2004-2009, World Wide Web has seen  a splendid growth in online content industry.As competition increased, publishers became clever and started outwitting their competitors on search engines. Publishers understood,it is search engines that could derive higher traffic to their blogs.This led Search Engine Optimization to evolve.And,then, rest is history ! Further, then experts divided SEO into white-hat and black-hat. Lot has already been spoken on white-hat and black-hat SEO on many forums.In my opinion,there is no white hat in SEO.If you say you did SEO, there cannot be any thing white-hat, a right word to define could be grey-hat.

Keywords?How Many??Where should I place the keyword??? In 2014, If you are still puzzled with these questions,then my friend , its high time you need to brush up latest SEO development.And of course, this does show your negligence towards algorithmic updates like Panda that happens almost every two months.

Panda is Google’s algorithm that targets low quality,thin content and keyword-stuffed content websites.Google termed these websites as content farms.These websites do not serve any purpose to the user,but follow all those practices that could help them to rank well on Google.

One such panda-hit content website approached me for last year. I did their website audit.I was really surprised to find the keywords they targeted and the quality of content they wrote.Their correspondent told me they used to rank on Page 1 for the keyword “Placement services” in pre Panda period. When I checked the content, it had nothing to do with services, but all they wrote was how much such placement services charge and where to find such placement services in california.All vagues content. No user satisfaction.Absolute rubbish.

So remember,Do not write content for Search Engines, write for your audience.And most importantly, write only if you have a passion over the subject.If have are passionate about your subject, 90% of your traffic issues are solved.Passion in writing is the key to drive organic traffic.

Google has come with the concept of Authorship markup. This will help you to carve your own niche in the web world.You can create your own identity in certain domain.Plus, You maintain your claim over whatever content you write.

I advice you not to fall prey to following things:

  • Keyword Spamming
  • Thin Content
  • Less Authoritative Writing
  • Grammar Errors
  • Too many Above the fold Ads
  • Content : Ads ratio

We at BM Consulting, have a huge team of content writers who are not only dedicated but are experts in various domains.We assure you User friendly writing that will drive quality organic traffic to your website.

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