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Tips for Increasing Brand Visibility on Online Marketplaces


Beginning from the onset of Amazon in 1995, immediately followed by eBay (also in 1995), till today, ecommerce businesses have seen exceptionally bright colours and high growth rates. Online shopping has become a strong alternative to physical merchandising and has successfully spread throughout a wide range of industries. Thus, not surprisingly at all, the numbers of sellers on online marketplaces are also seen to be leaning towards the growing exponential. A survey showed that 63% of interviewed sellers sell only on marketplaces and 55% of have a profit margin of above 20%.

For any seller active on online marketplaces, there are quite a number of activities to be done and standards to be met in order to actually make recognisable profit. Brand visibility on your specific marketplace is highly crucial as any other marketing strategy. As mentioned above there are numerous sellers on marketplaces that are dealing with the same or similar products. A competitive approach is compulsory to be able to stand out for your targets so as to get sales. This article lists down some points which you must oblige to as an online seller to boost your sales.

  1. Sponsored Product Ads – Most online marketplaces offer this sponsored service which helps in improving your brand visibility in search results and displays on the website. By investing a certain amount in marketplace ads, your products will be displayed on the first search results page and also on other pages as display ads. Pick up this service and you surely will be able to measure the difference easily.
  2. Improving product view – This is what forms the actual base for the customer decision. As an online seller, the customer cannot physically see the product and hence needs to be satisfied enough using images. You must provide valid images for your products with all specialities highlighted. Also, remember to list down all the specifications of your products as it drives the customer decision of purchase.
  3. Good packaging – Of course, books cannot be judges by their covers, but surely the covers also play an important role for marketing in terms of impression. Anything arriving to a customer in bad looks or state will immediately affect your overall online business; therefore invest your time and money in apt packaging. One easy way to do this is to acquire a storage for your products in the marketplace warehouse. You may contact the particular marketplace for further information.
  4. Follow all marketplace rules – Every ecommerce business has set rules that make is distinguished and anyone aspiring to become a successful seller has to adhere to all those rules.
  5. Prioritize on customer delight – make our customers happy and grab those good reviews – the most straightforward decree of becoming a fruitful businessman. Getting good customer feedback naturally pushes your sales towards the increment slide.

These are some effective points which can be used by any seller on an online platform. Successful business needs a bunch of back end activities and the more once enhances them, the more the likelihood of growing in corporate terms!

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Attracting More Traffic – Effective Advertising

The main purpose of advertising is to reach out to your target audience; efficiently enough to capture the right proportion of traffic towards your product/service. Getting more customers has always been the main goal and the most unsolved secret to date in the marketing periphery. Common answers to this impenetrable question of traffic come as good marketing, good customer communication, good customer support, etc. Let’s take this a step further and get into the consumer’s shoes. After all, in order to fascinate an audience, you have to infiltrate through their thoughts. There are some simple methods that may be overlooked in your advertising strategy resulting in a much lesser traffic towards you.

The infographic below does a good job at highlighting these points.


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Google launches the Trial Run Ads for apps in search results to let users play before installing

The announcement was among several Google is unveiling on Monday during its Developer Day at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

google video games


In the next few weeks, ads in Android search results will allow users to take games for a test drive before choosing whether to download or not but it allows only for 10 minutes to play with an app right from the search results.

Trial Run Ads will start appearing in Google search results within the next few weeks using AdWords Search. These ads will have a “Trail Now” button, in addition to a download button.Users who want to try the app for games will be able to play the game for up to 10 minutes before deciding whether to download it from the Google Play Store.

images (4)

Google began rolling out app streaming in organic search results which is nothing but the ability to easily find and browse content within apps more widely on Android devices earlier this year, with the “Try now” option to preview an app before downloading it. With so few apps ever used after being downloaded (Google says it’s just one in four), the teasers are aimed at increasing the odds that users will stay engaged after the install.

In December, Google began testing Trial Run Ads through AdMob. The test-drive period in those in-app ads was just 60 seconds, however, compared to the 10 minutes of trial time available to users in the new search trial ads. While initially aimed at game developers, Trial Run Ads will be available to a wide range of apps. Also the Portrait Video Ads in mobile apps will launch in a few weeks by Google.








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Banner Advertisements: Obvious and Short Messages

Tackling Banner Advertisements

 In order to boost your online sales, banner advertisements can become a work of art, but like every other form of marketing; you need to know how to create a perfect banner commercial. And for that, you need to first deal with the main issues related to banner advertisements.

Banner ads cartoon

The Problems

There are mainly two problems associated with banner advertisements which need to be tackled in an efficient manner.

  • The integral problem with them is that, it disrupts the viewer of the advertisement, of what they were initially doing on the internet which is usually either researching or engaging on social media or enjoying a video. Since you are creating a friction with your potential consumer, your focus should be on “inbound” marketing and avoiding any disruptive advertisement.
  • The other problem is that these commercials slow down your web surfing as well as your computer performance, which often leads to people installing ad blocking software.

Tips for a Successful Banner Advertisement

Like any other form of advertising, you need to be clear of what you what and how you want to represent in order to stand out of the crowd. This is the same with online banner commercials.

  • You will end up with a poor ad performance if you post your commercial on every website you find. You should take the time out to find out which websites your potential customers view and post your commercials accordingly. Thus, the first thing you should do is to create a list of ideal choices of websites and blogs where you can publish your banner ads and contact those websites directly. Maintaining a good relationship with the owners of these web operators will help you in the long run.
  • You should start out by testing your commercial. This means, posting the first banner ad to see where it sticks, what its shortfalls are and how you can improve your web presence in the next banner advertisement. This also helps you understand how important it is to be creative and innovative in web marketing and how you can catch your customer’s interest on the internet.
  • The next thing you need to know is where to post your ad on a website. Most internet surfers follow the “F” Shaped Pattern. They read from left to right, usually first scanning the top of the page, return to the left and can the middle. They finally return to the left column and scroll from there. According to this pattern, the best place for your banner is likely to be in the top left corner of the website. However, it also depends on the layout of the website.
  • When you post your banner, you should give some thought as to where you will send your banner ad traffic. Depending on what you are promoting in your advertisement you can send them to-
  1. Your Home Page.
  2. A Category Page.
  3. A Product Page.
  4. A Promotional Page.

Buying Banner Advertisements

There are two ways to buy banner advertisements. –

  •  One-Off Banner Ads In this you are directly reaching out to the web operator regarding your advertising campaign and pay the nominal rates they ask for. You should work on becoming a resident advertiser on these websites. This will help you in building a relationship with their regular visitors. Keep on changing your advertising theme and style and make those visitors notice you.
  • Ad Networks If you want to spread your brand, you can tie-up with an ad network. They are middlemen between you and the website your ads reside on. This will help you spread your brand on various web networks.

No matter what approach you choose, you need to be creative enough to leave a mark on your customers. Marketing is all about how you can increase your customer base, hence, start working on your next advertisement now.

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