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Amazon Product Ranking: Read on to know how to stay on page 1

Amazon is a marketplace. So when someone searches for something on Amazon, they are most likely to buy it. So how does one get the topmost ranking on the world’s largest retail store?

first page ranking on Amazon

How to get your product to reach the first page of Search?

The better the sales, the higher you are ranked on the page. If you don’t match the other sellers who are on page one, Amazon does not let you be on top. But, there is always another way to do things. You can reach the first page through giveaways and promotions.

Taking help of a promotional site

In order to get better rankings, you will require an audience who is willing to buy your product. Just making a Product promotion won’t be of any use. This is how Amazon helps:

  1. Go on Amazon seller central. Create a product promotion.
  2. Sign up with an Amazon deal site and list your promotion.
  3. Add relative keywords if you want a better rank.
  4. Sales will pour in and your rank will.
  5. If you want to track your product, use Splitly.


Reviews are very important when it comes to buying things on Amazon. If you want to remain on the first page of Amazon, you will have to get good quantity and quality of reviews relative to the other products on that page. This will attract the crowd and give shoppers the option of your product. In order to send automated messages to your buyers and asking them about their experience, you can use Jump Send. This will make them come back for more shopping in the future.

Conversion Rate 

A conversion rate is used to understand how the sales of a product actually take place. In order to calculate it, you must divide the number of customers on a page to the total number of sales. Amazon offers a metric called “Unit Session Percentage.” Similar to the conversion rate, this one has only one difference: they don’t divide the sessions into orders. They divide the sessions into the actual units ordered.

Amazon sales conversion rate

Keywords and Relevancy

When people do product searches, they do it on Amazon. They type in the product that they are looking for and relevant results will appear. The best choice is made and the product is bought. If you want to have a better ranking, you will have to control the Search. This is available through keywords and relevance.

With the help of keywords, Amazon gets to know more about what the products actually are, what they are about and where they should be placed. You can use Keyword Scout to start your keyword search. It comes up with more than a thousand keywords that are related to your product.


The most important element when it comes to Amazon products is the title. Each word can be looked up and you will find relevant details. Amazon gives Sellers a limit of 200 characters. These may be used to create product titles which are equally relevant and clickbait enough to make people click your product and eventually buy it.

Product Features 

The information that you add in your product feature can also be looked up by buyers. You have to include every keyword that you want a good ranking for. The bullet field has a limit of 500 characters. But, you must not put too many words in the field or else it looks drabby and can intimidate the customers. The field must be detailed and full of potential keywords You can also include features and benefits regarding the product.


If you want to provide detailed information about your product, this is the best place to do it as you can add extra keywords.

Search Terms 

Sellers are provided 5 fields of 50 characters of search terms. You can use these to drop synonyms or other longer versions of your main keyword.

Subject Matter

You can use this place to add last few keywords to improve your Amazon product ranking.


If you go in this manner, you will have a good rank on the first page of Amazon.

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Amazon Marketing Strategy 2018 – The Ultimate overview

Amazon is expanding day by day and all the manufacturers and sellers are willing to sell their product on it. Amazon helps sellers in building marketing strategies and selling their products. The various ways in which Amazon is doing marketing are as follows:

Amazon search engine optimization

Amazon uses proper keywords which helps the customers indirectly themselves to what they want and in return benefiting the company.

Amazon Suggested Keywords

Advertising by Amazon

Amazon does advertisement, marketing, and promotions in different ways as per the requirement of the client company. It is a paid service.

External marketing tactics

Amazon conducts external marketing from different sources which are paid as well as non-paid.

There are many points which Amazon kept in mind while formulating strategies:

Role of Search Engine Optimization for Amazon listing

The keyword is important for the product as it is required when a customer searches for something. At that time the searched word should be the keyword then only it will direct the customer to the product. So keyword optimization is very important.

Title of the product

The top 5-6 selected keyword should be used for the product title as it is the most searched thing.

Backend keywords

Backend keywords should not be used more than 249 bytes else Amazon will not index these keywords as it will exceed the maximum limit. This is to be added to the search terms.

Title and Description for Amazon Products

Description of the product

The keywords used here should be precise for the understanding of the customers. Usage of too many words can confuse the customers. The information on the product should be clearly mentioned here.

Different types of keywords

There are different keywords defined for the target audience. Amazon has a filter option for that. As for example: Men/ Women/ Kids. This makes the customer’s work easy.

Ratings, Reviews, and Q&A

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. When a customer reads the review of another product for a specific product that he is willing to purchase then it will enhance thus purchase.  Question and Answers help the customer in solving then queries which may be unsolved while going through the product description. This helps in increasing the ranking of the product.

Pricing strategy

Price is the most important factor in ranking and sales. The company’s price should be as per the competitor’s price. The perfect price is that which is experimented and applied.

Delivery method

The delivery mode helps in increasing the ranking as the users of Amazon Prime prefers to buy from Amazon they don’t have to pay any shipping charge. Higher ranking and increase in sales are possible with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).


There are different types of ads appearing with the help of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). AMS charges are applied per click i.e. pay per click or cost per click. AMS identifies the target audience very precisely so as to make the marketing effective. There are three different types of formats made available by AMS:

Sponsored products

Sellers can bid on the ranking of an ad in the search bar in Amazon’s Sponsored Products. The ads can be set to appear on the search for a specific keyword.

Headline Search Ads

These are banners that can be displayed on various different places on Amazon search results page. These can be linked with a certain landing page also.

Product display ads

It appears on the product’s page below the buy box. This is done on target marketing basis.

The external marketing strategy of Amazon

Pay per click

This is an easy way to place external links to the product on Amazon.

E-mails/ Newsletters

The sellers provide the information about their products to the customers regularly through e-mail and newsletters. By this, the sales will increase and the customer can easily purchase the product from Amazon.


Amazon has coupons that will directly benefit the customers and these can be purchased from,, and

Social media

Social network helps in growing the brand awareness, increase customer loyalty through its programs, and strengthen the awareness about the products on Amazon.

Content Targeting

The best way to increase awareness is by providing the best content on various blogs, YouTube, Instagram, and various others sites.

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Tips to develop an effective value-based pricing strategy that works wonders on Amazon

Except for the fact that the customer is king, what is the next most important thing you learn from marketing and business? Those making profits are necessary. After all, wouldn’t you want your customers to pay you the maximum price and help you make the most profits?
But the question here is: How to set a price which is not too less, not too high, which might result in potentially losing sales?

A great way to determine the best price for customers is by the method of value-based pricing. It determines the maximum selling price, which does not lose any customer or sales. This is beneficial as it maintains sales levels and brings strong revenue to the business.

Value-based pricing in simpler terms is how worthy a customer finds a product to be. In this pricing strategy, rather than pricing a product based its net costs to the seller, the seller sets the price according to its perceived value, as seen by potential customers. Value-based pricing has been used for many years in sales. This approach gives birth to great profit margins when there is the short supply of product and hence, the value of it rises in the eyes of the customer. The ultimate goal of value-based pricing is to fix the maximum amount a customer would be willing to pay for the product and maximising your sales and profits.


value based pricing on Amazon


When you are trying to implement a value-based pricing strategy, you must keep in mind what your competitors are charging for similar products. Do proper research, ask your customers, take surveys and interviews. When new technology comes in the middle, identifying similar products can be a tad bit difficult. They may simply not exist. In such cases, you need to find the next best option you have. You need to know what your customer would buy had it not been your product.

Once you have worked out every detail that needs any additional improvement, you can determine the maximum value based price for your product. You need to identify which features of your product set it apart from those of your competitors. You need to have a unique feature, it could be the services you offer, delivery time, availability of customer service and returns or refunds policy. Such benefits help in providing value to your customers, which can significantly boost sales, profit margin and overall revenue for your business.

Value-based pricing is important as it allows you to charge the maximum price your customers are willing to pay, without losing them. It can be extremely effective when used with a strong marketing strategy.

Sometimes, mistakes happen while ascertaining the price value and putting it forward. Some clients don’t have the product knowledge to truly understand the value of the product and its performance. Some businesses consider that everyone knows everything, which is a common mistake made by them.  They sometimes forget that customers may not know it all.

However, by using effective marketing techniques, the customer can be educated so that they understand the value of the product. Value-based pricing, when executed well, can improve sales rates and the profitability of each sale. Through extensive research, market details and customer relationships, one can determine the maximum price a customer is willing to pay for a product.
Value-based pricing can be used in many industries and for almost every product, What matters most is, how you execute it. The best execution of value-based pricing strategies happens when the price is barely mentioned. What is to be focused on is the particular value of the product to the individual customer.

When implemented with strategies to increase rankings on Amazon, this strategy helps increase profits and grow the business. Amazon’s RANK methodology and full e-commerce digital marketing solutions, help in the same.

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