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Tips for Increasing Brand Visibility on Online Marketplaces


Beginning from the onset of Amazon in 1995, immediately followed by eBay (also in 1995), till today, ecommerce businesses have seen exceptionally bright colours and high growth rates. Online shopping has become a strong alternative to physical merchandising and has successfully spread throughout a wide range of industries. Thus, not surprisingly at all, the numbers of sellers on online marketplaces are also seen to be leaning towards the growing exponential. A survey showed that 63% of interviewed sellers sell only on marketplaces and 55% of have a profit margin of above 20%.

For any seller active on online marketplaces, there are quite a number of activities to be done and standards to be met in order to actually make recognisable profit. Brand visibility on your specific marketplace is highly crucial as any other marketing strategy. As mentioned above there are numerous sellers on marketplaces that are dealing with the same or similar products. A competitive approach is compulsory to be able to stand out for your targets so as to get sales. This article lists down some points which you must oblige to as an online seller to boost your sales.

  1. Sponsored Product Ads – Most online marketplaces offer this sponsored service which helps in improving your brand visibility in search results and displays on the website. By investing a certain amount in marketplace ads, your products will be displayed on the first search results page and also on other pages as display ads. Pick up this service and you surely will be able to measure the difference easily.
  2. Improving product view – This is what forms the actual base for the customer decision. As an online seller, the customer cannot physically see the product and hence needs to be satisfied enough using images. You must provide valid images for your products with all specialities highlighted. Also, remember to list down all the specifications of your products as it drives the customer decision of purchase.
  3. Good packaging – Of course, books cannot be judges by their covers, but surely the covers also play an important role for marketing in terms of impression. Anything arriving to a customer in bad looks or state will immediately affect your overall online business; therefore invest your time and money in apt packaging. One easy way to do this is to acquire a storage for your products in the marketplace warehouse. You may contact the particular marketplace for further information.
  4. Follow all marketplace rules – Every ecommerce business has set rules that make is distinguished and anyone aspiring to become a successful seller has to adhere to all those rules.
  5. Prioritize on customer delight – make our customers happy and grab those good reviews – the most straightforward decree of becoming a fruitful businessman. Getting good customer feedback naturally pushes your sales towards the increment slide.

These are some effective points which can be used by any seller on an online platform. Successful business needs a bunch of back end activities and the more once enhances them, the more the likelihood of growing in corporate terms!

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Tracking the Client Conversion Journey

Marketing strategies are rather hard to apply in today’s chaotic epoch, with the clocks ticking faster than never before. As consumers, we are subject to all sorts of advertisements on a variety of platforms ranging from emails, messages, display ads and many more. In such situations, although it would be difficult to actually trace out the exact journey of a client lifecycle, it is of utmost importance to have a basic model that can be efficiently used by an organization and its marketers.

The excursion of a potential client from a requirement arising to contract signing with your organization gives you an ample space to proficiently make an impression on the client. Inbound marketing agencies ought to lay out their lead generation strategies on the buyer’s trail. There are three main stages that this journey can be divided into, which will be described in detail below. In a nutshell, these stages would describe the overall client conversion journey.



  1. Reaching out – Brand awareness in the current market is the most vital point of capturing an audience. This point should be strong enough to appropriately pick up the correct target audience from the whole market. Making the first contact of your business with the audience occurs at this stage which is a ticking start for the marketers. It is a bit ambiguous for any organization to create exact goals in this stage since even the customer him/herself is usually not able to recognize this stage. One imperative point that the marketers should never overlook is that strategies that are applied at this stage should serve as effective (information) resources and not sales pitches.

Awareness can be measured using the following points:

  • Survey – carefully survey all your running customers and current prospects of how they reached you. Keep a record of all these points and pay more attention to these channels when creating your marketing strategies.
  • Identify the common search terms that are related with your organization and used widely in the market. Put yourself in the audiences’ shoes when researching on keywords and create content for SEO activities using these words.
  1. Driving the decision – Once you have gained the attention of potential customers, you need to drive them towards making a positive decision. Creating more contact and providing with more information is the key to mastering this point. Initiate contact by embedding contact buttons and live chat on your website. Make sure your contact details are easily visible on all your listings. You should also continue to write more blogs with the captured audience in mind. Working with you is highly beneficial – you know that, so convey the same to your audience. Create interactive contents like infographics, eBooks, videos and case studies. Share these widely throughout your corporate networks. Further attraction of decision driving can be done by offering free trials, packages etc. Marketers must make sure to make the right contacts at the right frequency. Don’t forget that overwhelming your audience can easily push them away from you. 
  1. Conversion – After you have given a broader look of your organization to your audience, specific and one-to-one communications follow up. At this stage, the recipient now is a prospect. He is in genuine requirement and is sincerely interested in your offers. Efficiency, communication and mutual understanding gradually result in conversion whereby the prospect now becomes a client.

 Measuring the conversion rate is an essential factor for any marketer. Conversion rate is measured with respect to factors such as total number of leads, total number of website visitors and the likes. As an efficient organization, all leads who did not convert into clients require attention as well. One needs to study why exactly their conversion was hampered. Looking into these reasons will result in higher conversion rates for the enxt scheme/strategy.


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