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Time is gone where Facebook and twitter or LinkedIn were the only popular social networking sites for promoting your business. If you still think Facebook and Twitter are only marketing tools for branding your business; you are wrong. It’s now the era of Pinterest. Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. As for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 16000 times longer than a Facebook post.

Over the past few years, Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm. According to the latest data Pinterest has a total of 70 million users in whole world.

When it comes to using social media to drive traffic to your website, Pinterest is one of the best networks out there. In fact, pewresearch reports that 28% of online adults today use Pinterest, making it one of the most popular social networks (behind Facebook and LinkedIn).

The real strength of Pinterest is the integrated features of their business accounts. Join the 500,000 businesses with Pinterest for Business accounts, and you’ll get added marketing features to promote your brand on one of the fastest growing and popular social media platforms.

Since its creation in 2010, Pinterest has become an incredibly important marketing tool for artists and galleries. Whether you’re just starting out or need a brush up, our guide can help you make the most of Pinterest.

Do you want your business to reach beyond your website or Facebook page? Your best solution is Pinterest. With over 10 million unique visitors per month, Pinterest allows people to share images found online with ease, connecting users from around the world.

As an image-centric social network, Pinterest is an excellent social network for wedding and event professionals; brides and grooms alike will often use Pinterest for wedding inspiration and wedding planning. Other businesses can also benefit equally upon using the display platform applicably. Suitable displays of any forms of business are known to drive attention and thus traffic.

It may surprise you to know that many recommended search engine optimization (SEO) strategies also apply to Pinterest.

Best Pinterest strategies that help drive more traffic to your website by making your content easier to find, both on and off Pinterest.

1. Optimize Your Boards

2. Optimize Pin Descriptions

3. Use Rich Pins

4. Increase Engagement

5. Install the “Pin It” Button

Try it out! Get your business on to Pinterest, use the above small tips and observe your business getting a significant increment in traffic.

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Client on-boarding is essentially defined as ‘establishing the account relationship, having a legal framework and getting the CRM correctly populated between yourself and the client’. In the practical corporate world, it is much more than just that. For marketing agencies, it is rather an ongoing process for the initial months with the client. And being a fundamental part of the relationship, marketing agencies that shun away from firm execution of client on-boarding either lose their clients fast or end up with clients who are just carrying on to get their projects done.



As very well said by the author and marketing consultant John Janstch – “If you hold a customer’s hand for 90 days, they’ll be loyal for life”, if clients are satisfied in the initial stages, they will never abscond your services. Simply pulling them towards your services does not suffice, especially in the marketing industry. This is because actual results take time to show up and you need to continuously convince clients that you are truly working towards the very best for them.

After the client acquisition process, you need to assure the client that they have made the right choice by picking on you. Set the client into your business and establish a good and promising relationship. One must executively integrate clients into the business rather than just having them on the clientele list.

The following steps can be used for assuring a successful client on-boarding process:

  1. Collect all client information and requirements to every detail. It would be a good idea to update all this information onto your CRM and share the updation with the client.
  2. Send a welcome note to the client on acquisition – this could be in the form of a letter or an email. You may also send a welcome kit to the client. Welcome kits would generally (but not necessary or limited to) the following items: a welcome video/link, several business cards, business brochure, testimonials/case studies and promotional items engraved with your logo.
  3. Arrange for a team meeting so that both teams are introduced to each other and the client is in well knowledge about who is working on his project.
  4. Regular reporting about the ongoing activities to the client is an important augment of all on-boarding activities. Make sure the client is in loop.
  5. Check-up calls at regular intervals (weekly calls are recommended) keep you both updated on any new activities/changes that are going on.

Keep the above points in mind to ensure an effective client on-boarding that will result in less of churn for your business. No-one wants to keep on cliffing too new clients because of losing older ones. Make your clients cling on to you by building a profitable business relation.

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Internet can be defined as a worldwide network of computer networks that connects university, government, commercial, and other computers in over 200 countries. There are thousands of networks, millions of computers, and billions of users on the Internet, and this numbers expanding daily. Internet helps a lot to people in managing, manipulating, storing, regaining, sharing/communicating and transmitting small as well as large amount of information/data conveniently and effectively. Better and faster communication source internet has led to globalization and has immensely helped industries and businesses around the world.

It won’t be wrong to say that we are in truly living in a globalized village, where everyone is connected with everyone. Internet has major hand in turning things around for every industry.



Now, it will not be an exaggeration to say that all businesses are in continuous contact with internet for uses expanded over a wide range. Some specific industries have been discussed herein.

Health industry – Internet comes with much advanced solutions for preventing, screening and diagnosing the health conditions. Sensor-enabled devices allow sensors to monitor the health state of a person from body weight and mass, sleep conditions and daily activities. Together with these, internet serves as a layer of communication between the patient and the doctor/hospital.

Education – Education is one of the best things that the internet can provide. There are a number of books, reference books, online help centres, expert’s views and other study oriented material on the internet that can make the learning process very easier as well as a fun learning experience. Internet today is being wildly used by the youngsters to search and apply for universities and colleges. Social media also plays a significant role in the education industry marketing.

E-commerce – This very list starts with the point mentioned as shopping at the tenth place. Shopping has now become one of the most pleasing things to do using the internet. Whenever you find time, just visit the concerned websites and order the items that you need from there. Those items will be delivered to you in best possible time. There is huge number of options available for a common people to buy or to sell any particular item using the internet. Using internet now it is possible to buy products from all over the world.

Manufacturing – The Internet changes a lot in manufacturing sector as we know it. Factories and plants that are connected to the Internet are more efficient, productive and smarter than their non-connected counterparts. With Internet manufacturers can remotely monitor the condition of equipment. Most big companies in the world are now using the robot for manufacturing department. Where they work effectively and efficiently at very low cost which all are operate by internet.

The following facts and figures about the internet throw more light on the abundance of internet exploitation across a variation of services.



In this way, the predominance of internet use for both the business world and the consumer sections is highly a growing factor. As the population has eventually drifted towards the internet for every possible use, no industry can keep out of it!

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Finance is one facet of life that is completely un-detachable, and banks are directly related to finance. Considering the faster speed of time in today’s era of technology, finance, and hence banks need to grow at similar speeds to meet up with customer satisfaction. Every individual today, ranging from a top class entrepreneur to a college going student, needs to have all information of important aspects to be just a finger tap away. And the best way to achieve this is through the remarkable gadget of the 21st century – the mobile. Mobile is one of the most uniquely versatile and fastest growing channels today, which assists in simplifying banking.

mobile banking

mobile banking

Being present on the mobile platform is of utmost significance to all banks today. In order to attain a considerable position in the corporate world, banks have also prominently positioned themselves in the mobile world. Together with all other necessities of life, every individual looks upon a user-friendly, effective and complete banking application on their phones. Mobile banking allows the customer to receive all required information at any time and place. And therefore, it is necessary for banks to build up mobile applications which comply with customer requirements.

With the presence of the mobile phone and respective applications, expectations of consumers rise above peaks. Statistics show that 40% of users immediately turn on to a competitor’s site if yours is not mobile optimized. Also, 1 in every 6 people who change their banks mentions the reason of a poor mobile banking experience. Assurance that any information can be received anywhere and transactions can swiftly take place at any time is the retaining point for your customers. Make sure that your bank fulfils this criterion.

Research proves that the smartphone is one of the most common starting points for banking activity, 59% of consumers begin a banking activity on their phones. As it is well known, the first impression in the strongest. Thus if you optimize efficiently for the mobile platform, you are set out to correctly impress the 59% of consumers. Out of the 34% of consumers who start a banking activity on their desktop, 28% tend to continue on a smartphone. This further sets an emphasis on mobile banking.

Studies show that mobile users use mobile banking for the following activities:

  1. Money Management
  • Checking account balance – 77%
  • Log into account – 61%
  • Pay bills – 51%
  • Transfer money – 51%
  1. Learn more about you
  • Look for social network pages – 48%
  • Play videos about banks – 41%
  1. Financial information
  • Compare interest rates – 42%
  • Compare account features – 39%
  • Promotions or offers – 35%

Some other valid statistical facts which drive the importance of mobile banking are:

  • 53% of consumers who search for a bank download the mobile app
  • 54% of mobile users who searched for a bank applied in a nearby branch
  • Chase, US has 12 million customers using the mobile platform for money transfers every month
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