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Using Twitter for Marketing your Business

Using Twitter for marketing your business

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service that allows people to send out short messages of 140 characters long to people who subscribe to you as followers. Twitter allows you to grow your network and ‘follow’ individuals or businesses by sending short messages to followers. Twitter a best example of ‘micro-blogging’ service, is a type of social media service that let people interact, share and create content through online communities.

Twitter Marketing

Short messages also known as tweets can include a link to any web content, blog post, PDF document etc. There is complete freedom to follow   people and similarly people too can follow you. Twitter allows its users to respond by reading, replying and sharing tweets to its followers.

Twitter can be useful marketing channel for businesses

Businesses through twitter can promote products, interact with customers, monitor feedback and trends and provide customer service to businesses that has customers who are Twitter users.  However, not every business can grow on twitter.

There are many ways in which business could use Twitter to promote products, converse with customers, monitor feedback and trends and provide customer service. Alike any business activity, to grow your business on Twitter you need to plan well, have a strong resource base and strong monitoring skills.

Benefits for your business associating with Twitter

As a business if your current or potential customer base fits with the Twitter user profile get tweeting. You will need to be committed to tweeting regularly about things your customers will find interesting. Twitter is fruitful for business, and can complement other communication channels as well.

Keep Communicating

Keeps your followers updated with current information about your business and allows followers to communicate with you too. For example, in this high tech world most cinemas effectively use Twitter to speak with patrons, announce new release movies. Moreover twitter is well –equipped to allow its followers to retweet interesting tweets from movie buffs and experts.

Generates leads for your business   

Tweeting special offers, products or services, encourage your followers to investigate more and explore more about your business This feature in turn positively increases the possibility for   potential leads to get converted into sales. For example, Electronic product dealers, Fashion Accessories provider offer special promotions like ‘buy one get one free’ via Twitter.

Builds your brand

Twitter broadly can be used to liven up your brand image. You can do it all Tweets about your people, products or services can help build your brand’s personality. This feasibility gives followers an added sense of your business as more than just a supplier of goods or services. For example, event companies can use quirky language, share links of interests to followers, promote any particular events, comment on any event conducted, e.g. Star award nights (Bollywood- Hollywood) awards and announce new movie launches via Twitter.

Delves into current trends

You don’t necessarily have to tweet to use Twitter. Being a follower of any particular tweet you can explore and get a fair idea of trends and topics that Twitter users are interested in. Twitter allows you to scroll and search topics of your interest that are happening right now. Explore the hot topics of the moment. It even allows you to study what your followers as well as people are saying about your brand in particular. You can research on your competitor’s products, promotions and do a stringent comparative analysis of your product category.

Best way out to seek feedback

Many Businesses use Twitter, to get hands on e online feedback, reviews or comments on their products and services. This information is useful for businesses who want to grow strategically analyzing needs and demands of potential customers and also want to set a benchmark in the competitive industry by improving, and doing research for their own purchases.

Allows businesses to provide 24 hrs customer services for the tech-savvy twitter clients

For Twitter-savvy customers, Twitter is a boon and allows you to ask and answer questions regarding products or services via Twitter in very convenient way. Large travel and Tourism Company has capitalized on this service by twitter and have built in a 24-hour response service for all sorts of customer queries, with staff chatting one to one using their names and answering in a personal tone.

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How to Price Your Web Designing Services

Dilemma faced by designers on pricing their services

A dilemma on pricing your services is faced by all web designers as it is very difficult to set a specific monetary value on your time and experience. A lot of factors need to be considered in order to price a project correctly. And all the projects cannot be priced at unanimously one figure as different projects need different services. This section of the article discusses varied factors that need to be considered when pricing your web design services.

web designServices -Hourly or Fixed?

 Web designers normally charge a fixed price or on an hourly basis for every particular project. Clients in general prefer when they have to pay a fixed price for design work as fixed price allows them to estimate in advance the full cost of a project. It is almost preferred by all designers as well as the client to know up front what the cost will be. It is best to analytically evaluate each project and know the pros and cons of each charging option before you agree terms with the client.

Find out the Market Rate

Study the market well, knowing what your competitors price for a particular design work and services will help you price your own services effectively. It is crucial for you understand the market you will be targeting: small businesses or large companies? Smaller jobs (e.g. logos, banners) or bigger projects (e.g. complete websites)? Conduct a comparative analysis to ensure that you have a realistic estimate of the market rate of your services.

Evaluate Your Own Skill Level

Self -evaluate the quality of your services against competitors. This will help you determine whether you can charge more than the market rate. Take in to consideration factors such as years of experience, your expertise etc. Being aware of your own skill level will allow you to price your rates accordingly and justify these rates to clients.

Build a portfolio

In the initial phase of your career when you are just starting out, it is better to drop your rates initially in order to build up a portfolio. This will help you secure projects and gain momentum in the market as a recent entrant into the market. When there is more demand you can tactfully price your services high and increase your rates. You can then increase your rates if you have a lot of enquiries about work.

Identify Your Own Costs

Be aware of your business costs when you are pricing your services. You should incorporate the cost of any stock images or templates you need to purchase for the project. You should include outsourcing designer or developer charges, if any. Additional costs incurred on telephone calls, insurance, travelling expenses too have to be wisely calculated to establish the costs that have been incurred by you. Smart pricing will ensure that any expenses you incur will eat into your profits. Therefore, they should be incorporated into your pricing structure from the start.

Sign a Contract

Before you set to start up the project it is most advisable to sign a detailed contract before you work together. The contract has to be made elaborately on paper to avoid any moments of business displeasure or negative outbreaks with the client .Key factors that have to be included in the contract are:

  • Estimated time to complete the project
  • After sales service terms and conditions.
  • No of  revisions included other than the initial draft
  • Mode of payment
  • Conditions to be met to cancel the project early
  • Additional fee charges, if any

Get set to some serious business, having understood the tricky business of price quote.

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