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Ways to Implement an Effective Call-to-Action

Call –to- Action is a clear and concise communication that compels readers to take an action. It is one of the most important factors driving conversion of any promotional content for blogs or email.  The content should be persuasive and should drive readers to take a definite corrective action such as

  • Click through a landing page
  • Click to pay online for a finalized purchase
  • Subscribe to your email campaigns or newsletters

call to actionIt’s not your sales team alone who is responsible for closings and conversion. Your content marketing team too can drive that traffic, however not without quality content and without a good call-to- action

In this section of the blog we discuss why you’re content needs to go beyond the generic “Click here” option. We provide below a few effective tips on how to create effective calls to action to increase your click-through rates and ultimately drive conversions.

What’s the equation of recipients who “Click” your posts?

The click-through rate of the recipients who click on a certain URL in your email is directly proportional to the fact as to how your content has proved to be a good measure of the effectiveness of your calls to action.

This will allow you to re-work and improvise on your email campaigns’ calls to action. You will there on want to test and implement changes to your content as per the click-through rates to gauge what works best with your specific target audience.

Construct Your Words in a Calculative manner

It is advisable that the content you carry makes use of a strong command verb to start each call-to-action. After discussing out the complete topic in the end sum it up quickly and clearly and make sure to mention what subscribers will get by clicking the call-to-action. Some examples include:

o   Order now

o   Sign up today for weekly/monthly offers

o   Buy now

o   Click to Pay

o   Start your trial now

o   Compare prices here

o   Click here to inquire more

State reasons for the readers to infer why they should take the action

Readers should be able to easily make out the benefits. In other words, what’s in it for them? Will the service or product help them to outgrow their business, or save money? It is advisable for your content to highlight your valuable scheme compared to your competitors. E.g.: 40% off or Free home delivery. Make sure the message is concise and clear. This will help you give you an edge in getting your consumers to take action.

A few more must do’s to consider

Make sure your font size mentioning the call-to-action is easy to view and stands out more compared to other elements in your email so subscribers can’t miss it.

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Case Study Lead Generation For Educational Institute

Client Overview

Client is an Institute of Distance Learning,  offering wide range of management courses in Marketing, Finance, HR, Operation Management, Project Management, IT, Hospital Administration and Health Management. This institute has been imparting high quality education through the state-of-the-art infrastructure, dedicated faculty and ascertaining the potential of the Institute for excellence.

Business Challenge

Client was facing a huge drop in MBA and in Distance MBA last year and wanted to grow online admission and Inquiry.

BM Consulting, Pune took over the business challenge to increase brand awareness and lead generation for the institute MBA.  Director of the institutes and Admission Head described this as the major issue and bottle neck of downpour in MBA and Distance MBA admission.


To be in the race with a Distance MBA, winning edge is the need of today and this is only possible if you keep yourself updated with the latest and modern techniques available in the market. Prior to the boom of the internet, the only way a business could grow was either by attracting more students through random sales offers or via word of mouth publicity. Today the same is achieved by spreading wings and by giving an online face to your business. Content marketing seems to be the buzzword thrown around a lot by businesses today. Everywhere you turn, experts state that you must use content to build your brand.

Strategy we used

We acted in-house resource for digital marketing, to drive online inquiry and increase the awareness of Distance MBA program and make it stand out in the crowd and generate quality leads for July batch.

We designed a Landing page

landing page

(Landing Page)

  1. Made time to pause and reflect

Planning a right time for the uplifting strategy to raise the bar of excellence , teaming up with our analytical and experienced team of social media was half the battle won.

BM Consulting upgraded the features of the Institute through social media networking, mainly on Facebook (FB), Display banner ads, Google search ads , remarketing ads, overlapping with the Institutes Management programs.  We reviewed the desired goals for the institute with the most effective planning.  We planned and timed its approach to coincide with the introduction of the  Blog.

This added new feature has made a greater impact and has positively influenced the change. We understand the value of the content we are creating and invested money and trust in Paid inbound marketing campaign (Google search ads).

We focussed at bringing relevant traffic, studying and targeting major competitor’s keywords in Distance MBA. Every piece of content written by our experienced team of writers is written into easily deciphered concise and clear bullet points to communicate the required specific message. In a quick scan the visitor is introduced to your product and services that are easy to decipher and turn into prospects and leads, getting your business closer to your stated goals.

  1. Deciphered what client wants

We remembered that interaction is the name of the game. This means, we asked your clients, readers, and prospects what they want to hear about on your blog. We made use of polling software to find out what your readers want you to talk about on the blog.

It’s always better to know what your client wants to discuss. We got blogs written knowing what information your audience craves.

By providing information on your blog we offered added value to your prospects. Creating value can mean anything from providing them with the information they need (education), entertainment, free giveaways, or inspiration. As mentioned in the previous point, we found out what your readers want and then deliver on that need. We created banner ads in education portals to deliver right message to the right audience.

     3.  Marketed the content, Right

We consistently added targeted connections to your social networks, those people who are your target market and are most likely to check out your blog posts. B M Consulting made sure to post your content at regular intervals on the social networks relevant to your business. LinkedIn and Facebook all have amazing groups where you can begin to develop a rapport with other members.

By consistently adding targeted connections to your social networks, we found out that these people were your target market and were most likely to check out your blog posts. Our team of social networking professionals posted your content at regular intervals on the social networks relevant to your business. We made sure to not only post your own content in the group,  your contributions were not about your own content, but a mixture of information, sharing, and communicating with others.


  1. Thought smart, Thought futuristic.


We added a search box in your blog so that a search box glues the user to your blog and gives a user answers to its queries and requirements. Blogs when designed keeping a particular goal in mind largely optimize the conversion possibilities. Keeping these tips in mind you can ensure that your online presence is interwoven carefully and tactfully to help your business develop wings.


Confidence is the power to manage any critical situation adapting to rapid advances in new technology.  Social Networking has added boon to your product and service and allows sharing in the easiest way to generate leads.


We helped you figure out what networks your audience is using the most and keeping a focal point on them we directed you to the exponential Social Media that work for your business, by encouraged Facebook engagement and Blog posts.

End Result

goal completion

  1. 2000+ quality leads from Maharastra region only
  2. 1500+ page likes
  3. 250+ admission for 2014 batch
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Tips for Writing Killer Headlines that Will Drive You Profits

Who said not everyone can write a killer headline? Well, coming up with a great title is more of a science that art and following certain guidelines will make you a master this science. Out of the entire jigsaw called article, the most essential part is the heading. From eery 10 readers, 8 read your title and only 2 out of them go through the entire content. Further, to grab the attention of the reader for eliciting response, you just have 3 seconds. A killer headline has the capacity to turn a visitor into reader, however if the reader stops after reading the title you’re in mucky waters. Every element has to be compelling, each sentence should have a call to action, guiding the reader to move to the next sentence. In this guide, I teach you stepwise how to develop the critical skill of writing a catch headline that would entice your readers to read further.

  1. Your title should communicate the benefits: A simple question: Why would someone buy your product/service? Most common mistake that writers make it adding features in the title. Customers are more interested in the benefits that are offered rather than the features. Benefits are the means in which the product makes the user’s life simpler. Costs, features, facts or color does not help you sell your brand. Follow this point and you’ll have more happy customers who’ll want to share your piece in their circles.

Eg: “Buy our loan services, our reps have more than 10 years’ experience.” Rather than using this heading, a better option would be: “Our loans have hassle-free procedure.”

  1. Mention the big benefit: Discounts and sales are attention grabbers. By announcing the sale right in the title you tend to attract more attention.

Eg: Free subscription to our e-book series.

  1. Spend 80% of your time writing an effective title: The screaming title leads the visitor to further read your content. So from 1 hour that you spend writing the article, 30 minutes should be given to writing and rewriting an apt title, the 20 minutes to writing the whole framework and the rest time in proofreading.
  2. Keep it to-the-point and short: Strip down your title to the bare essential. A headline minus the superfluous words that explains to the readers all that is there in the article attracts more users.

Eg: “Our devices help you save more electricity.”

Edited headline: “Save more electricity.”

  1. Use more verbs and sparse adjectives: Excessive use of adjectives leads to a dull title. Winston Churchill’s iconic speech “Blood and Tears” just had 12.1% adjectives.

Eg: Best services and affordable rates.

A better version: “Get more and save more”.

  1. Don’t use a self-centered perspective: Another common mistake that marketers make is using “we” in “What we believe”. This portrays a we-perspective that focuses more on what you think is important. Instead, by building headlines that say how it would be beneficial to the users.

Eg: “We vouch by our tax-saving schemes.”

More effective title: “You deserve a bank that helps save on taxes.”

  1. Avoid writing sayings and puns: Your reach to the target audience decreases when you use puns and idioms. They are not understood by all readers and that itself discourages the user from reading further.

Eg: Saving more is as easy as making Maggi.

Instead you can use: “Here is a guide to saving more.”

Key Takeaways

The crux of each headline should include: It should have an urgency call, ultra-specific, convey benefits to the user in a distinctive way and be of use to the reader either in enhancing his knowledge or solving his problem.

Huffington Post case study

Huffington Post is known for the terrific titles that have heled them boost traffic. They use certain time-tested methods which we have listed here.

  • Use of dramatic headlines making you intrigued to read further.
  • Asking its readers for headlines- crowd sourcing the headlines.
  • Huffington Post pitches in articles about the most trending topics.
  • They often try out a single post with two different titles to see which ones works more.

Practice these above skills and you’ll learn how to write magnetic headlines aimed to fascinate your target audience.

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Facebook Page a Magnetic Gateway to Generate Traffic

Facebook today is a wonderful medium to build traffic and route it to a landing page. All age groups aging above 16 years  are glued to Facebook throughout the day. Businesses today have been largely promoting their brand  on Facebook by preparing a Facebook page to enhance the presence of their brand online. We will guide you to get more clicks and get more traffic to a landing page using Facebook.

facebook traffic

There are a few simple steps which you need to follow to upload an interactive Facebook page to promote your brand by way of social media.

  • You firstly need to Login to Facebook account. You need to write real and upload short and relevant content on the wall to interest your target audience.
  • You will now need to copy the Web address of the landing page.
  • People generally prefer to upload content with the web address mentioned right below the content and by doing so the Facebook automatically picks up the image from the mentioned web address. Now, it is likely that the landing page has more than one image on hand and in that case the same multiple images would come up as a collage and one can choose the most suitable image for the post.

All active Facebook users must have noticed that whatever content that is posted on Facebook is also seen in the newsfeed of all your Facebook friends. People generally tend to read content only that is posted on their own timeline, rather than visiting profile page of friends and reading it there. This is actually in most cases done only if a particular friend is being followed.

It is proven that whatever content is posted on Facebook wall with a great and relevant image increases the probability of increased fan followers and number of clicks.  Facebook users can now show any image and every new story has a different look with bigger photos and this change attracts lots of clicks and longer engagements from friends and public.

Moreover the modified News feed feature actually enables the marketer to choose the right image that create interest and engagement amongst the people.

This detailed step by step method to build your online presence on Facebook will help you market your content on Social media. Enjoy the mileage you get!!

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Why is ecommerce website important for your business

E-commerce, the face of business today

E-commerce is the new boom! The skyrocketing sales growth of ecommerce giants such as and has become a point of rigorous discussion at every commonplace. It’s amazing the way the founders of ecommerce giants created mountains of wealth from nothingness.


Never too late to start

Brands undoubtedly are not created overnight;  it is tough to match up the brand equity of the existing exceptional. To create an eternal brand that is alluring to the online consumers online brands have to create relationships with consumers as strong as some physical brands have.

In a certain period of time, a brand focussing on building a relationship with customers will be able to emerge.. It will be no longer just an “upstart brand” but a brand that has threatened the brand power of likes such as flip kart .com and Strongly believing in this prediction in mind you can venture in to the boom of e-commerce and proudly get associated with technology that works – Always

Investing in e-commerce site,a tailor made stunning website can be best delivered by BM Consulting, a leading web Development Company in Pune. Here you will get the right help to reach more potential customers to achieve outstanding brand identity.

 E-commerce website crucial for your business

  • E-commerce website for your business facilitates close proximity to customers. It’s advantageous for your business to be available to clientele 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your client can shop from the ease of their homes, offices while travelling without having to worry on going to the shops or waiting in queues.
  • As a business you have a limitless possibility to promote a wide range of goods and services to your clientele and moreover your clients will be able to buy online goods at a much cheaper rate.
  • Your customers will be able to locate you more quickly in the global market, as neither you nor your customers are restricted to your / their locality.E-commerce sites have made shopping easier and have become a mainstay of the every industry today and are valuable for both consumers and online businesses.

 In due course of time in the coming years you will be able to create online business that will change the way customers relate to a brand or product.

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Importance of Writing Case Studies in Blogs

What is evergreen content?

casestudyCase studies, also termed as evergreen content is the way to foster long term visibility online. When you post evergreen content in social media pages, in the world of content marketing you will reap more and more awards, for days months and years to come. Evergreen content keeps on giving, mainly because it is not time sensitive and is going to always be ‘in-date’ regardless of current trends. Evergreen content takes time to conceptualize and will continue to produce traffic, leads and sales for the credible.

Due to its powerful articulation to a purpose, case studies not only add a huge level of authority to your website but are also one of those incredible ways of generating long term traffic. Let’s take a closer look at why case studies are good and show trends in overtime engagement.

Case studies are very specific in purpose

Case studies speak volumes and hook people go to your website as it speaks about the niche that you are covering and speaks in details about your experiences of a particular activity. eg: When HR and technology blend together your case study includes right insights to take the right business decisions and engages the younger tech savvy millennial workforce.

Have problem centric approach to audiences problems

The reason why case studies are so respected and sought after in any content marketing strategy is that they are an easy way to link between yourself (and brand) and your audience. You should focus on providing a simple and relevant interpretation on the issues and lay out principles to your audiences and start your case study off with a story.

Case studies are easy to read and follow, and is an evergreen content which never fails to draw audiences. This is why they are so powerful, popular and effective.

Case studies display the process

There are many different people in your audience: Some people in your audience are just looking for answers. Some people in your audience are just looking to be assured that whatever situation they are going through, somebody has experienced that as well. Case studies are excellent sources for these people.

Case studies enable your site to stand out as an authority

Well-written case studies really shine. However, case studies take a lot of work. More importantly, case studies apply a deeper level of analysis and companies should take cues as per the statistics so that the process is made clear.

Case study content needs to be strategically put to use

As powerful as the case study format is, it takes a lot of work to create relevant case studies. However, this too can be conquered with proper tools and proper data gathering strategies. Base your case study on interactive format on questions asked by forum members and get your answers from the responses. It’s a simple structure but it works.

Case studies enable you to present solid information, monitor the movement of your products or services and show off your authority to your audiences. This will help mitigate the time, space and cost constraints and will stand the test of time and continue to generate traffic.

By bringing about a positive impact of certain pattern and the devastating effects of certain other work pattern, will help you strive and craft together your own particular strategy for producing case study content.

Case studies are way ahead and are the perfect union with engaging technology and social media marketing to watch out for in the near future! Moreover, it leads a business to focus on wellness in order to catalyze to be the most healthy and active business in the ever-growing online social media world.

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