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Ways to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook

Facebook today no more is just to connect and chat with friends and family. This is most preferred social media network preferred by most businesses, when beginning to build presence in online media. Facebook is a reinvention for business to grow online. Businesses today are implementing social media marketing strategy for productivity enhancement.

Even though there are many social media engaging large social media networks, statistics have proven that Facebook creates a strong, smarter marketing ecosystem that is multi-media rich and broad.

Do you know how to run business on facebook?

Businesses are still learning to increase the social media engagement on Facebook. Ask yourself a few vital questions when attempting to increase productivity on facebook. A few relevant questions are mentioned below:

  1. How often a business should post on Facebook?
  2. Will updates drive fan engagement?

Here are some answers to the important questions popping in your mind every time you wish to collaborate social media technology to foster long time success to your business.

facebook engagement1.    Know the best productive hour to post on Facebook

It has been analytically proven by experts that to get the best results evening hours when the fans are not at work, during “non-busy” hours  you can expect increased “likes” and “comments on your facebook page.

2.    Best day to post on Facebook

It’s good to post throughout the week. However better engagement is more mid-week and on Sundays.

3.    Is it write to post often in one single day

Quality matters the most, not quantity when publishing to your wall. One or two brand posts can expect higher fan engagement and “like” rates as compared to posting 3 -4 times a day.

4.    What content to post?

To begin a dialogue with fans, ask questions the content post should be informative and answer questions popping in the mindset of the readers. To increase ‘likes’ and Comments, strategically analyze posts to get fans talking (i.e., increase their Post Comment rates)

5.    Key words to use for Facebook offers

Do not run around the bush. When it comes to deals, give a straightforward offer. Statistics have proven that retail brand Posts containing the sales keywords “Rs off” and “coupon” receive the highest fan engagement.

The most popular sales keywords used by businesses such as “sale” and “% off,” receive the lowest fan engagement.

6.    Keep posts simple

Of course, interesting content  added to W all Posts in the form of links, photos and videos is engaging however the more simple Posts is likely to achieve the most fan engagement. Avoid more complicated Posts, such as those with attached links and thumbnail photos.

Get active, to evolve and engage your business in the facebook world.


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Google’s Panda Update: “Content is the king”

Purpose of Google Panda

Google’s Panda update is a filter which was introduced in February 2011. The purpose of introducing this filter is to stop favouring sites carrying poor quality content, basically spammy content trying to rank in the search engines  from working their way into Google’s top most search results. Sites have to understand that Google is only trying its best to get rid of results that are not significant.

Effect on your Seo

Google PandaIt is advisable not to publish content just to drive traffic to your site, to attract more visitors from the search engines without paying heed on the quality of content published. Publishing content just for the heck of traffic to get some impressions and click on ads is not a good idea. Content which is rich in quality, real and useful to the readers is to be delivered. Google is just trying to get us access to the content on sites that is real and mindful of the fact that “Content is the king”

Articles that are created just to create false traffic to search engines are best when they find they are kicked off the picture, Panda update surely is the best implemented since it grabs keyword efficient quality rich content to rank first.

What we at B M Consulting follow?

We conduct extensive research to analyze the articles that are ranking best in your esteemed industry. Our motto we follow is “Content is the king”, so to escape the wrath of panda it is advisable for all to invest in quality content writers, who deliver exceptionally real and useful content.

Sites alike us that have made the right changes and have explored ways to escape Panda can be sure of finding its way to the top in the Google search engines. Mind you all, Panda since updated from time to time is efficient to catch the sites that have escaped before.

We are mindful of the Google Panda facts and purpose and to help our clientele find its way to the right traffic we deliver just the exceptional – ‘Real Content’

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Making an Effective Email Campaign for Dummies

emailmarketingEmail marketing can be nicknamed as the Godfather of internet marketing. The oldest and probably still the most effective way of marketing is slated to remain functioning for a long time. According to CopyBlogger, an estimated 170 million emails are sent every minute to 3.3 billion accounts globally. Social networks use a variety of fancy marketing techniques, yet a one-on-one conversation can be achieved only by e-mail marketing. If you crack the Holy Grail of social marketing by following some stringent rules, you can form an unbreakable bond between you and your customers. A daunting question may now arise in your mind, “With around 100 emails paving way to inbox every day, how can I prevent my email from becoming a spammer?”

Before sending your next batch of e-mails, wait for a second to take into consideration the following points.

How to build a successful and responsive business E-mail list?

  1. In this marketing, quality is more important than size. If you have bought an email database and you start bombarding people’s accounts without taking their permission, it is equal to invading their privacy and most chances are that your emails would be sent into spam. Rather than using these lecherous techniques that would ultimately give you no Return on Investment, it is better to build up loyal and repeat customers and interested prospects who actually know what your business is and are genuinely interested in it. These are the tested techniques to build your client’s email database: 1. Place a sign-up form on your website and on your social network profiles
  2. Place sign-up forms at the entrance desks.
  3. Ask people to write their email ids at trade and business fairs
  4. Ask people who call you for business matters to give their email ids
  5. Ask people to write their email ids in the virtual as well as paper shopping forms
  • Headings: The attention grabbers and eye catchers. Once your email reaches the customer, you have only one eighth of a second to grab his attention. Thus only if your email’s heading is relevant and catchy would the customer open and read it. Clear, concise and to the point headings are the heroes. The rule of thumb says, avoid spam pros and words.
  • Linking email campaigns and social media: With over half of the world using social networks, it has become an integral part of marketing and blending of emails and social media would yield the best results. Asking your customers who have subscribed to your newsletters to join you on social media would be beneficial. Also including excerpts from your Twitter and Facebook in your emails can be explored. Many successful emails have videos included.
  • Test before sending: After your email strategy is planned, goals set, then you need to check your email before hitting the send button. Your emails should bypass the spam filters and they should be compatible with the browsers that clients use. A precheck routine should be followed because there are instances when your email may look fabulous on Gmail yet it may look absolutely crappy on Hotmail.
  •  Stats are your theoretical advisers: Once you start sending newsletters and emails, don’t forget to keep a regular tab on the statistics. Information like the number of emails that are opened, bounced, folders into which they were received and how many were converted into leads is most inevitable to be known. Analytic metrics about the best time and day to send your emails with the most effective heading and content that echoes to the audience is the key to every successful email marketing campaign.

Your turn: We have pitched in all information about Email marketing for dummies, now the ball is in your court to use it for transforming mere visitors into loyal customers.

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Making Effective Use of Social Media For Recruitments

recruitmentRecruiters are extensively using social media as an effective tool for recruitment’s. Gone are the days when recruiters had to give advertisements about job openings in various newspapers and job seekers had to scan the newspaper pages for finding a suitable job. With over 535 million people using social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, posting jobs and finding relevant jobs is as simple a sailing in calm waters. Social recruiting is the latest trend in this digital era. 77% employers are using social networks to mine the huge talent pool to reach out to the target candidates. Here are a few ways to use social media to find out discover your next employee.

  • LinkedIn: With over 94% recruiters using this channel to find the most qualified and largest pool of applicants. You can either opt for spending $195 to post a job or buy more job credits and pay less for posting a job. The other alternative is to build your own network of connections including friends, local entrepreneurs, clients and co-workers and join groups having similar interests. By posting discussions and by participating in other discussions you will come to know the active responders who can be individually contacted for jobs. Other way of free advertising is to broadcast that you’re hiring in your network activity box, e.g. “Looking for a freelance content writer, contact me for more details”.

Once you find a suitable person then checking his recommendations will enable you to know more about his professional potentials.

  • Facebook: Facebook is used by 66% recruiters, one in every four recruiters has found their employee on Facebook. Facebook page is used to directly hire and for indirect brand engagement. On your Facebook page, you can share your business and updates details with other Facebook users. Facebook has excellent targeting ability and by creating Facebook Ads you can choose the exact target audience. A series of questions to target the people whom you want to see your add like the age group, sex and location. You can choose from pay per click and pay per impression. The other way to post free ads is to join relevant Facebook pages that share similar interests. Like if you are in search of a content writer, by posting your add on “Freelance Content Writers” you will come in contact with many applicants.

The shortlisted candidate’s profiles can be checked to know most things about him.

  • Twitter: 54% HR‘s use Twitter for talent search. A large number of small businesses are using it as a channel for recruitments. Build your companies Twitter account and Voila! You can increase the fan following as well as expand your relationships with clients, competitors and job applicants. Information can be filtered by using hash tags like #chefs, #jobrecruitments, #hiring, etc. Since you have to write your add in 140 characters, remember to use the hash tags strategically.

Once you find a potential candidate on Twitter, by scrutinizing information like how occasionally and what he tweets, quality of tweets and how big is his network you can come to know his personality and traits.

Has your HR team embraced social recruiting? If you are looking to fill the vacant positions in your company, this article nails down all the points worthy of mention.

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Recommended Elements of a Perfect Blog

blogA perfect blog design is the one whose design appeals the vision buds and has an equally stunning impact on the brain. There are certain designs which sink or shine a blog. Choose the wrong interface and your blog will be ruined! Have you ever notices that the best blog’s are organized and have personalized designs? Here are a few tips that would help you understand the elements that must be taken into account while creating your blog.

  • Clear display of categories: While writing a blog, categories are all those things that you would write about. Taking the example of the website, each category is displayed neatly at the top. Perhaps you can even place them on the sidebar for the user to easily navigate across his choice of category. A tip for all the excited amateur bloggers, don’t over-do it! Don’t keep 40 categories to confuse the reader, don’t make them more than 10. The main content should be around 60% of the blog space. Remember, people’s main aim is to read your blog, so don’t distract them with other elements. The design should be such that people should focus on reading your content and the extra things should be added in the sidebar.
  • Placement of social media icons: Blogging being a social sport, readers will want to follow you on multiple social networks when they like your blog. The simplest way to facilitate this and make it easy for the user is by the social media icons at the top. When hidden under layers of content and not easily noticeable, you’ll miss out to catch the attention of a large chunk of audience. It is no brain teaser that your social outlet tabs should appear on the top of the page. The ideal number of social plugins to be kept is three and scrolling social buttons are popular and easy to use.
  •  Uniformity: While writing a blog, consistency and uniformity of font and font size also matters. Times and Arial are the simplest to read. And talking about the size, the 8-11 is the optimum size. As the size is increased, you can grab the attention of the visitor for longer time. But in case you use complex fonts, increasing the size won’t help you in any way.
  • Keep your pages clutter-free: Thinking to include a new banner or a widget? Before including this, always ask yourself that is it really needed? Would it add value to your blog or will it be useful to the audience? Rather than meddling and cluttering each page with too many things, opt for a new page wherein all them be splashed.
  • Make the commenting simple: For a blogger, the best means of feedback is by comments. Moreover, there are so many commenting systems right from Disqus to Facebook. Disqus is the most interactive commenting platform. Threaded comments are the best comments as they will increase the content on your page. More the text on each page, the longer the tail of keywords and this will help you get more traffic on your website. If you have a Facebook page, rigorous commenting will not help you get search engine related traffic because that content is owned by Facebook.
  • Add short bio: Putting in a short biography about yourself increases your personal connection with the audience. Whether it’s a personal blog or a professional blog, you can include a short bio in your sidebar and link it to the full bio. You can also add a short introduction about your team who works to make your venture a success. Another tip, adding your photo gives that extra personal touch. It is said, people visit your blog because they like your content and also because they like you. Giving a reliable touch will always be adored by readers.
  • Email subscription format: To grow your traffic. Email subscription is the best option. Collection of emails can best be done by adding a pop up email option when the person comes to read your blog. A number of options are available from opt-ins at the top of the page to pop-ups. Asking just for the email id gets more response than asking for the full name and email id. Pop-ups receive greater response. Collecting emails is the best way to notify them about each new content that you post.
  • Color scheme and design matter: Picking up the right colors matters to your audience. Light colors make it easy for the reader to read the text. For example, red or black background is not as easy to read as a simple white or cream background. Also keep your text color black and add as much white space as possible. Because people are coming to read your content and that should be your main focus.
  • Add images to woo your audience: Images speak a million times more than words. Adding an image to your blog post growths the number of people who click through your blog homepage to the main blog. By putting relevant images, traffic as much as 37% can be increased to your post.

The blogosphere is too huge to ever compile a list of instruction that you can follow for creating a successful blog. However, increasing traffic to your blog is not rocket science, by simply following the above mentioned tips, you can drastically increase the number of viewers. These tips will make your blog look clean, neat and easy to navigate. Try them and see how the traffic increases humongous.

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Events

Planning for events, be it conferences, sports meets, foodie events or a local meet-up can be extremely tough to organize. When done correctly, the end results can be amazing, however when they are disorganized it can lead to a lot of unfavorable murmur. Meetings are always related to the social nature wherein people come to meet like-minded people or to connect with peers. Hence it makes complete sense to use social media to make it a successful event. Why not launch it with a bang! To save you from this disgrace and to ensure that you emerge a clear praiseworthy organizer, we have gathered an itinerary for your help.

  • social media for eventsFacebook: With more than 1 billion worldwide users, the biggest platform to launch or inform about an event is Facebook. It comes to the rescue of most event organizers and you can have an audience that would be engaged throughout the entire lifecycle of events. Apart from spreading the word, it can also be used to engage the audience. By organizing discussions and polls about the topics that your audience want to have included will get your event a greater audience. Many international conferences in order to create curiosity and greater noise post videos of the place and a short biography of the speakers. Also to prevent it from making boring, interviews are added of the speakers wherein they do not divulge into the technicalities, rather talk about their expertise. This way the participants can come to know what to except and what all topics would be covered. Creating a Facebook Page for the event may weigh a little on your pocket but then it would be visible to a large audience. You can pass on the message to a large number of people like your friends, mentors, family and all the other potential interested ones.
  • It’s all about Tweeting: The microblogging network Twitter has more than 200 million active users and comes second to Facebook on popularity ranks. The simplicity and brevity of the hashtag strategy to send out the message about the event is the best word-of-mouth channel. Using hashtags before the keywords makes your event displayed to the public and retweeting about it makes sure that it doesn’t get buried under layers of millions of tweets. Ask your friends and the participants to also Tweet about the same to get a greater pitch.
  • LinkedIn: This business network enables you to strike the target audience and get responsive users. Also being most favored by business users, it can be used right from planning to promotion to post event follow-up. You can connect with like-minded people and get some great suggestions and inputs to help you in all stages.
  • Meetup, Envite and Eventbrite for invitation: These are the new meeting platforms are have gained considerable audience. Local meets are organized on these website to meet like-minded people and have become quite popular. There are paid and free subscriptions and both can be utilized to spread the word about your event.
  • Socializing your Google Ads: Are you using Google+? If you are organizing a very enriching conference and wish to showcase it to the global audience then spending some bucks on Google Ads would be an added benefit. It raises the credibility and we vouch it would bring in attendees from all over the world.
  • Create a blog post on your page for the event: Social media can be used an added amenity but the event has to be promoted on your website to attract and let all the visitors know about it. You can create a blog post that has content that is intriguing and engaging and adding videos will definitely draw the much needed attention. Don’t forget to add social plugins wherein the readers can share it on social networks.
  • Contests and free tickets: Another great way to draw more notice to your event and to consistently maintain the hubbub around it is by organizing contest and giving free tickets to the winners. You can do it either by Tweet contest or by inviting the participants to post comments on your event blog post. Keep the procedure simple and appoint judges. Keep it at the right time to enhance the sale cycle. Even a day before the conference when there are a few places yet to be filled you can lower the rates or give away free passes.
  • Augment your event for sharing on social networks: After all the efforts that you put in to make the even a success, you do not want people complaining on social channels about the shortcomings. Keeping the location with wireless internet lets the people tweet about their experiences and post on Facebook about all that’s actually happening. Also make sure to take the feedbacks about the services and the speakers so that next time it can be improved. This is essential so that the next time you come up with an event it can be perfect.

Organizing events won’t be as tough as a diamond with these tips and use them to make your event one of a kind!

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Opting For Digital Marketing? Be Sure To Pick the Right Agency!

Business has two main functions – marketing and innovation. Henry Ford has quoted,”A man who stops advertising  to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”. Business needs innovation and, so does the marketing too. Digital Marketing is a wonderful example of innovative marketing. Many a times, people are heard saying, digital marketing is an alternative to conventional marketing. Numerous digital marketers even advise their clients to shrink their marketing team by implementing digital strategy.


Digital marketing is an inventive concept,using new technologies and integrating these new techniques with the more traditional approach and thus efficiently marketing  your organization to the right audience.

Many Digital marketing agencies have a standard plan which they implement  to all sectors in industry. Such agencies lack in research and do not have thorough expertise in client’s domain.Beware of such marketing agencies!

As stated above,a good digital marketing agency  will focus on quality research.

Areas of Research a Digital Agency should focus

  • Business goals for the project
  • Conversion issues if any
  • Scheduling and allocating time frames for each activity
  • Does business really need a website?
  • User Behavior on website
  • Optimized Landing page for website
  • Search engine rankings

How to Choose Right Digital Agency for Your Business

  • Before you zero down upon a particular digital agency,it is important to know whether the agency has worked on a similar domain like your’s.For eg: If you are into Pharma domain, asking the agency to show their client report in pharma industry Domain knowledge is an integral part while choosing any digital marketing agency.
  •  “We will buy you 1000 likes in $x amount”. Yes,beware of such false and fruitless claims. Such digital agencies will take heavy financial amounts in advance,assuring you a particular number of likes in first month. Remember, although they could achieve this number,it won’t last for long time and, the Facebook success is not measured in only in terms of number of likes, but engagement and conversations on it too matter.
  • Freelancer or Agency? Well, it is your decision to choose between the two. An agency has separate teams to handle social media,search and other campaigns for your business. A Freelancer might not be an expert in all the domains of digital marketing. If you choose a freelancer,check whether he is a Google Certified Individual(both in Google Analytics and Google Adwords) or not. If you go for agency,make sure it is a Google Certified Partner company.
  • Ask them the process of Google Adwords Campaign. Ask an agency to send you keyword list before actually starting a campaign. Make sure,they implement conversion tracking in adwords tool. This will help you to distinguish between the conversions happening from adwords and other sources. Ask for a fortnightly campaign report to understand how your money is spent.
  • If an agency is handling Email campaigns, it is important that your message is reached only to prospective clients. It is better, to ask for the mailing list to know whether really your message is sent to right audience or not.
  • “We guarantee no.1 ranking in 45 days” Wow, what a catchy tagline! Beware of such false claims! Ask for the keywords they will rank you no.1 and also know the competition of these keywords.Keywords with zero competition and less search are easy to rank.But,no one will search for such keyword terms.Do not hesitate to know their SEO strategy. Remember,Google is targeting websites who acquire rankings through spamming.You would be penalized forever if you are indulging inblack hat marketing to get rankings. Get a genuine marketing agency,ask for their past projects and verify their ranking keywords.

We,at BMConsulting explore your business through diverse inbound marketing services. Our certified team’s expertise  will help you gain better conversions and decent place in market.

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