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How to Use Google+ Efficiently to Boost Your Business

Google+ is the newest entrant into the cornucopia of social networks. While many critics have given it the nickname of “Ghost town”, if utilized strategically, it can work wonders for your brand. Google+  is the magic wand that can work wonders for your business and is an excellent belvedere for creating customer engagement and promoting yourself or your business on the Googleverse. According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has more than 300 million users, which puts behind Twitter with 200 million followers. These mouthwatering statistics should prompt you to use this amazing “new relations builder” network for leveraging your business and to do it NOW.

google+6 Reasons Why You Should Use Google+?

  1. Link authorship and your Google+ personal account: Google enables you to your content from a domain to your Google+ profile. Once the Authorship is established your photo will appear next to the all your posts in the search results. The benefits include:
    1. Enhance visibility among search results
    2. Your content garners greater authority
    3. Greater level of trust created among readers.
  2. Link your Google+ page and your Business website: After analyzing 5,000 websites, Hubspot concluded that the websites with “+1” button get 3.5 times more visits on Google+. Moreover it helps you grow your audience on Google+ and also within the search engine results. Installing a Google+ badge on your website will work wonders for you. Posting genuine content and updating your posts regularly will project a good impression on the viewers. Advantages are: 1. Increases your follower database 2. Will institute you and your brand as a source of quality and authoritative information.
  3. Hangouts and Hang on air: Google Hangout is a unique way of carrying out video conferences or webinars. If you are not ready to invest in webinars, by the aid of Hangouts interaction with 9 contacts is possible. However live streaming on YouTube can increase the audience and to have online discussions with people from all over the world. With the Hang on Air you can launch your product as videos to the global audience or carry out debates and discussions which can be viewed later or live. Highlights: 1. Video conferences with employees on the go 2. Web conferences 3. Online interviews
  4. Google+ and SEO: The content posted on Google+ is immediately indexed by Google. It has a positive influence on Google search engine. If you are followed by people on Google+, then there are chances that your article will be ranked higher.
  5. Join and create communities: Being social by participating in like-minded communities and creating communities using your personal profile and page is a great way to increase engagement with other members. You can make your profile private and invite people of your choosing. Alternatively, your community can be made public and you can moderate the requests to join the community.
  6. Google+ Local: With Google+ you can be where your customers want you to be. When your page is listed as local business, you can post pictures and reviews can be written by visitors. For example: If you decide to go to a restaurant and check it on Google, you can read the reviews and see the pictures of that place. Google+ even prompts you to write reviews on the local businesses of your area.

Conclusion: Google+, if used efficiently can do wonders to your business, and more importantly,it may help you to boost your rankings in organic search.

Key takeaways:

  • Increase your authority
  • Enhance visibility
  • Reach out to a greater audience.

All in all, its a powerful social media tool , having all power packed features that can give you quality conversions.

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How to Increase Followers on Pinterest Efficiently

pinterestSocial media is becoming the most widely used platform for projecting small and medium sized businesses to the global audience. Pinterest is the newest emerging member of the social media and has 70 million followers. According to a data, 80% of Pinterest’s followers are women. If your brand is related to homer décor, craft, food, health and women centric, then this website is definitely the best platform to display your forte. However, if you have still not established a strong fan following then here are a few tips bound to attract people towards your band.

  1. Add a Pinterest follow button on your website: Add the Pinterest follow button at all prominent places on your website. If you have high traffic on your blog/page/website, this button will divert the visitors to your Pinterest page. By making it simpler for people to find your brand, you are converting audience into brand advocates.
  2. Follow other pinners: Being social is the key to get more followers. A simple rule says people follow you when you follow them. Check which of the pinners have similar interest as yours, follow 5-10 new pinners every week and hopefully mane of them will follow your.
  3. Post attention-grabbing content: People have followed you because they like your content. Ensure that you live up to their expectations by posting the best content. Don’t forget to post your stuff as well. People will be more attracted towards a brand having humane touch.
  4. Thank the people who are pinning your posts: Find out the people who are pinning your posts and acknowledge them. When you see that someone has pinned from your site, always leave a comment and thank the pinner. There are all chances that he will follow you back.
  5. Take part in collaborative boards and post there regularly: This will project your posts in front of a greater audience and will help you get more followers. However beware and post only on those boards that have the same niche as yours. It makes no sense to post home décor pins on a finance board.
  6. Search out for people who have interests similar to yours and comment on their pins: The best way to interact with people is to post sensible and likable comments. This is a fun way to develop relations with people who will follow you back.
  7. Post content regularly: This can be the hero or the villain of your page. Posting too frequently can be annoying to your followers. Also posting spam stuff would make you lose your followers. There is no need to spend entire days to get a few hundred followers, posting 4-5 pins a day which are of superb quality would gain the much needed attention.

So the bottom line is: Getting hundreds of followers is as difficult as climbing Mount Everest, start with small goals like spending half an hour a day to pinning. Make pinning on Pinterest fun filled and creative to build a great online museum. We hope that you have got the hang of it!

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How to Use Slideshare to Promote Your Business

Are you looking forth to promote your content on the Internet so as to accentuate your visibility? You are doing that on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all other social media websites but if you have not tried posting on Slideshare, then you are really missing the boat. Slideshare is the most popular presentation-sharing website in the world with 130 million page views and 60 million monthly visitors. It is mobile compatible and if your content is generic and informative to be ranked on Google’s first page, it can go viral and elevate your brand’s presence overnight!

slideshareThis article is a must read for all the people wanting to carve their niche on Google’s front pages.

  • Defining Slideshare: A free social website that allows you to post PDF’s, PowerPoint presentation and videos and is accessible by all people. The content posted here can be viewed by all public, searched and shared by everyone. The advantages of posting on Slideshare are: increases awareness about your brand in the Internet Kingdom, expands your client list and ultimately drives more traffic and leads to your blog or website. If you embed your blog post with a Slideshare which summarizes the whole content, the value of your blog increases many-folds.
  • Search Engine Optimization of your Slideshare content: By putting in the right keywords in your content will ensure that Google will give first preference to your presentation. When someone searches for a specific item or term, your post if contains the relevant information will pop up first. The content on Google’s first pages is considered authentic and it has a very high traffic rate.
  • How to augment your Slideshare content? There are a few tips to optimize your presentations to make it more appealing.
  • Include Images: Think what your target audience will respond to the most and accordingly add an eye-catching picture in your presentation’s first page.
  • Add a relevant title: Including a title that is easily understandable and suits your content makes it searchable. It should be short and easy to be recognized in the thumbnail format. It should be optimized for search by adding appropriate words, numbers or subject matter.
  • Tags: Adding tags on your content keywords makes your presentation more visible.
  • Description: Adding a simple and appealing description makes your article more searchable. Optimizing the SEO helps your article get more views.
  • Strategic placement of links: Articles or presentations contacting more page links are placed higher by Google Page Rank. Adding links to your website on the first slide, last slide and in the middle slides makes it rank higher on Google.
  • Content should contain: Slideshare is used by people on go, as it contains concise and precise matter. Adding appropriate pictures, tables and statistics makes your article more convincing. Typically it should contain simple text that is quick to digest.

Your blog synopsis can be condensed into a PowerPoint in Slideshare to cater to the online audience. By including a “call to action” sentence in the last slide and in between, you can make your content go endemic on the internet.

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How to Maintain a Facebook Page Successfully

Advertising on Facebook has broken all conventional taboos of marketing. For a company or individual to sculpt his irreplaceable mark in the market, a functional Facebook page is a prerequisite. Creating a Facebook page implies that you have decided to fill up the generic gap of communication between the customer and company.

Starting up your own Facebook page is like entering into a committed relationship with the page. It has to be constantly updated and maintained. Your Facebook page is like a child, creating the Facebook page is not enough. You have to nurture it with the right amount of content and efforts, take interest and enable it to find its mark online among the colossal number of competitors. Ultimately after investing all your efforts, it bear fruit in terms of profits and wider fan base. Here are a few tested worked-wonders-for-us tips:

facebook pageTips to Maintain YourFacebook Page

  • Hook on more people – Invite your friends and contacts to like your page and become fans. Give people a reason to like your page and portray what you will offer them. Distinctiveness attracts more people, think of ideas to be creative. Offering inaugural schemes is one way by which your business page will attract more fans by virtue of word of mouth.
  • Post frequently – Posting regularly, not too often and not too rarely. Find out the correct rhythm which resonates the best with your audience. Being over obsessive about your business would can be annoying to the fans hence it posting should be done in the correct frequency.
  • Keep the coming back – Create engaging authentic content which enraptures your fans. Including contests, as well as timely promotional schemes will make the fans to check your page time and again. Organize online conversations that will involve the audience and strengthen your relations with them.
  • Post useful and aesthetic content – While posting something on your page, always think “How will it help the fans, is it adorned with useful content to draw more people to read it?” Adding information that will help the followers and making it pleasing to the eye is the trademark of a distinct Facebook page.
  • Encourage inter-fan conversations – Create spotlight on your fans. Interaction between your fans augments your fan’s experience. By creating contests like fan of the week or recognizing the topmost contributor renders that you give utmost importance to your fans and establishing customer relationship is your primary goal.
  • Advertise your page – There are numerous ways to increase your fan database. Creating a fantastic Facebook page is not the end of the story, it has to be publicized among the public. E-mail blasts, Facebook contests and integrating Facebook URL’s with our marketing materials are a few ways in which you can draw a large fan following.

Facebook is a tool for marketing and behind every fan is a user taking interest into your brand and wanting to communicate with you.

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How to Make Your Instagram Profile Look Cool

instagram profileIt’s the apt time to carve your identity on the Insta-verse. Post engaging images, get more likes and create your niche identity on the fastest growing social media app. Are you one of those seeking tips on how to create a mammoth fan following on Instagram? In search of tips to make your Instagram profile cool? Well, we note down a few tips which would the required fuel to your profile which are bound to make you seasoned racers in the Insta-race.

  • Its Instagram and not Instaspam: Instagram is not always about narcissism, or about posting all photos including spams. Posting your best content on your profile will do the trick. We know that you want to give a shot by shot rehash of your exclusive concert last night, but there are all chances that it would provoke more irritation than interest. No one wants to see hazy out of focus pictures, so when it comes to uploading pictures they should be of the best quality, exposure and composition. Avoid posting humdrum photos rather post private and lifestyle pictures. Don’t forget to keep a track about which type of pictures get more likes and post accordingly.
  • Timing is the hero of your profile: It is observed that pictures posted after 6 p.m. are most liked or viewed. Taking the aid of Statigram’s optimization tab, you can check what the best time to post photos is. Posting when there is more buzz and activity is bound to make your photo more noticed and liked.
  • Hash-it-up: Hash tags can be the hero and villain of your content. Infusing hashtag strategically makes your picture visible while unnecessary excess use includes you in the bandwagon of hashtag guzzling girl or boy. Suppose you are dining at a new restaurant, use your creative side to come up with the tag of correct specificity keeping the audience in mind. The ideal hashtag number is between three to five.
  • Keep your account public: If your account setting is private, no matter how superb your pictures are, other people will not be able to see them. When your account is private, people will have to ask permission every time for viewing your photos. So no matter how great efforts you put in to engage the audience or choosing the right picture and the correct positioning of hashtags, all your efforts will be in vain.
  • Being social: Just by viewing your Instagram you won’t be able to get any followers. Go out there, explore other people’s profiles and check out their pictures to see if their posts are similar to yours. Finding like-minded people and getting in touch with them will help you increase your followers.

Instagram is the perfect channel for leveraging your business by creating the buzz about your brand. It is mainly used for customer engagement and a gold mine for increasing your follower’s database. So once you have a significant followers, then comes the step of public and private engagement through discounts, sales and other promotional schemes. So our verdict: Buck up and brush your profile to get a colossal number of followers on your profile.

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How to Use Instagram to Build Your Brand

Out of all the social media platforms out there used for leveraging business, Instagram is the fastest growing app. Now comes the looming question: Are you cleverly using this platform to showcase your business? If your answer is no, this article will provide some great takeaway tips to embed it in your business and for the ones who have already embraced Instagram, we hope to provide a deeper insight.

instagramThe first question that many would think is how can business be promoted on Instagram? Here are a few facts and figures to let you know its quintessential importance.

  • Greater engagement than Facebook, almost 15 % more.
  • More than 16 million photos have been shared till date, with an average of 55 million photos per day.
  • It receives 1.2 billion likes per day.

Instagram’s USP is that the engagement rate is very high. If used strategically, you can reach out to millions of viewers globally. We put down a few time tested points which would enable your business to get greater audience and wider acclaim.

  • Create a wider audience database: Since Instagram is accessible on both Android and iOS, hence has a terrific web presence. Instagram allows you to tell your story with pictures. Pictures are the best portal to explain your story to the mass. Posting engaging and interest arousing pictures is the key to successful marketing on Instagram.
  • Reward followers: Customers always like rewards. To create an amazing brand, the gist is to attract more audience. By knowing your target audience and tactically creating contests in which the winner gets some prize or special concession will lead to large fan following. Many such contests draw thousands of followers.
  • Feature your customers: Super successful brands like Virgin Airlines uploads pictures of the customers and which portrays what experiencing the brand is like. Customers are the greatest brand ambassadors of your company and to see your company from an outsider’s perspective is a great way to tell your story. Highlighting your customers view point is a pronounced way to project your brand to the followers.
  • Use multiple hash tags: It is proved than by using 4-11 hash tags in your post, there can be up to 77 % increase in average interactions per post. The hash tag should be blended seamlessly into the post caption and not be muddled at the end of the post.
  • Show the inside of your brand: Some brands like Burberry not only show their products but also post inside pictures. Only if your story has a human and emotional touch will it appeal the human temperament. Pictures of your co-workers while they’re working or of parties in your office are a great way of adding the human touché.

Instagram is a great channel for adding a personal experience which proves to be the icing on your brand. Begin connecting with your customers and relevant industries and you’ll be amazed to see how this social media marketing strategy will work wonders.

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Twitter Vs Pinterest : What Works Better for Your Business?

Social media is the most prized gift that last decade gave us. Initially used as a means to connect with people, this platform gradually gained its position as means to make business develop and go viral on the global belvedere. Previously the most commonly used question “Are you using social media to promote your business?” is replaced by “Which all social media websites are you using to promote your business?”

pinterestAs the older social media websites are becoming established players, newer entrants are gaining a strong foot hold in this arena where the hottest selling cake is public engrossment and engagement. Two social media which drive the largest amount of e-commerce traffic are Twitter and Pinterest. While Twitter has found its groove, Pinterest is climbing the totem pole steadily at impressive speed. There is a dilemma among many people as to which website to use for generating more public awareness for their brand. We pin down a few pros and cons of Twitter and Pinterest along with the uniqueness that each of these two offer.

Twitter – Internet’s God of speed

Twitter’s USP is speed and concise information. Twitter has mastered the art of attracting traffic.


Twitter is an egregious mine of information with 140 million registered users. Average number of tweets per day is 500 million and thereby the users can reach out to the mass public out there. Moreover, with the 140 character limit, there is a content constraint which attracts more viewers.


Think of some whacky tweet, spend hours on coming up with some great tweet and Bang On! Within seconds it gets buried. The short lifespan of each tweet is its greatest drawback.

Pinterest – Goddess of loveliness and lure

Pinterest’s USP’s – Visual bookmarking, Organizing and Sharing things that the user loves has made it an instant sensation among individuals and business.


Pinterest has 80% female followers from the 70 million users database. So if your business niche is food, fashion or home décor, it will be an instant hit among the viewers. For brands intending to target loyalty, it would be the best platform as trust leads to brand loyalty.


Being favored mostly by women, not all business niches would find a strong foothold on Pinterest. So taking example of NBA, it won’t be able to generate much interest or leads.

Having listed the advantages and disadvantages of both these social media platforms, it depends on the user how to strategically use both of them to get the greatest possible leads and traffic. For example, if you are opening a new restaurant, tweeting about its inauguration details and pinning the photos about its ambiance and food will attract maximum public attention in both fortes.

Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest , all these social networking websites have carved their own niches and can be used in different ways depending on the business model.

Hope, I have done my best in providing pros and cons of both the social networking giants.

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Content Writing Tips and Techniques for Your Website

Quality content is a latest buzz word in SEO industry. Although, “content is the king”; it is the quality content that rules the kingdom.Being into content writing and SEO for more than four years, I am witnessing how online content writing is bringing a revolution in online marketing day by day.

contentMany newbie bloggers approach me with their queries,primarily related to their rankings and further about monetizing their blog.To be very frank, blogging is fun till a dollar-bug hurts you.Once you become aware about different earning models through blogging, my dear friend, chances are very high, that you will be messing yourself. 🙂

Years between 2004-2009, World Wide Web has seen  a splendid growth in online content industry.As competition increased, publishers became clever and started outwitting their competitors on search engines. Publishers understood,it is search engines that could derive higher traffic to their blogs.This led Search Engine Optimization to evolve.And,then, rest is history ! Further, then experts divided SEO into white-hat and black-hat. Lot has already been spoken on white-hat and black-hat SEO on many forums.In my opinion,there is no white hat in SEO.If you say you did SEO, there cannot be any thing white-hat, a right word to define could be grey-hat.

Keywords?How Many??Where should I place the keyword??? In 2014, If you are still puzzled with these questions,then my friend , its high time you need to brush up latest SEO development.And of course, this does show your negligence towards algorithmic updates like Panda that happens almost every two months.

Panda is Google’s algorithm that targets low quality,thin content and keyword-stuffed content websites.Google termed these websites as content farms.These websites do not serve any purpose to the user,but follow all those practices that could help them to rank well on Google.

One such panda-hit content website approached me for last year. I did their website audit.I was really surprised to find the keywords they targeted and the quality of content they wrote.Their correspondent told me they used to rank on Page 1 for the keyword “Placement services” in pre Panda period. When I checked the content, it had nothing to do with services, but all they wrote was how much such placement services charge and where to find such placement services in california.All vagues content. No user satisfaction.Absolute rubbish.

So remember,Do not write content for Search Engines, write for your audience.And most importantly, write only if you have a passion over the subject.If have are passionate about your subject, 90% of your traffic issues are solved.Passion in writing is the key to drive organic traffic.

Google has come with the concept of Authorship markup. This will help you to carve your own niche in the web world.You can create your own identity in certain domain.Plus, You maintain your claim over whatever content you write.

I advice you not to fall prey to following things:

  • Keyword Spamming
  • Thin Content
  • Less Authoritative Writing
  • Grammar Errors
  • Too many Above the fold Ads
  • Content : Ads ratio

We at BM Consulting, have a huge team of content writers who are not only dedicated but are experts in various domains.We assure you User friendly writing that will drive quality organic traffic to your website.

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How to Optimize Your Website Performance for Better ROI

Website optimization is the crucial phase of any website development.There are lot many things that need to be taken into consideration when improving a website performance.Many web designers who have been into the profession clearly ignore the importance of website optimization,and hence their website proves futile from conversion point of view.

website optimizationFollowing are the things that could affect your Website Performance

1)Internet: Although this looks quite basic,but yes,having a good internet connection does affect website performance.It is important to understand the number of hops it takes when routing a traffic to the visitor.You must know the bandwidth of each of the connections and take care if the parts of the internet goes down, or is the traffic being routed to other sources.

2)Server Speed :This is another crucial element for improving website performance.I recommend having a dedicated server instead of uploading a website on shared or virtual servers. On dedicated server,you are the only one using the server’s resources. On a virtual host ,you share the server with other websites too. IThis is bit inexpensive.On a fon a shared host you don’t enjoy too little web hosting benefits and share server with thousands of other web sites.

3)File Size Compression :File size compression technique is gaining popularity these days.It is essentially used to reduce website loading speed and to reduce file sizes.There are plenty of services that helps in file size compression.You can use some photo/image editing  softwares like GIMP or Adobe photoshop for image file compression.

4)Website Speed :Always separate your Javascript and CSS files.In order to get CSS properties parse when DOM is loading , it is necessary that CSS code stays at  the header of your document.As soon as  a web browser recognizes your CSS styles in the heading ,it will wait to fully display the web page until all styles have been loaded. Any images that are used for icons or background designs will take time to load and hence should be done first.On the contrary,JavaScript files located at your site footer may solve website hangup issues.Dynamic content is difficult to load till DOM gets completely loaded, it may sometime return errors. 

Google has developed a tool called Page Speed Insights to help developers optimize their websites and check for the best levels of performance.


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Importance of Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

With the evolving technology, change has become an integral part of success and, that too, if technology is something related to internet , then you must embrace the technology as soon as possible.Digital marketing is the trending marketing strategy that is replacing conventional marketing,that involves lot of field work.

educationFor a layman,digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media. Digital marketing differs from traditional marketing as it involves the use of channels and methods that enable an organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working and what is not and that too in real time.

So, Why embrace Digital Marketing  for Educational Institutes?

A study released by eMarketer illustrates that the education sector is one of the top industries in the world currently using social media as part of their overall strategy. Over a 72% of respondents in the education industry said they currently implement social media tactics in their marketing daily marketing activities. 17% of educational institutes worldwide said they planning to add social media to their marketing programs.

Another survey by marketingcharts, say that in the average 18-34-year-old college student owns 7 tech devices .The laptop computer is the most commonly owned device, by 85% of the college student population, with smartphone penetration nearing 70% and tablets (36%) more widespread than cell phones (33%). Video game consoles are also popular, gaining two-third popularity.

What conclusion could be drawn from these two statistics?You need not be a data scientist to understand the importance of targeting customers using the devices they use.

All you need a good digital strategy to target your message to your defined customer base.

Why Use Digital Marketing to Reach Students

  • Your potential audience i.e students are already searching online for educational and training stuff.
  • Students these days spend maximum time on the internet rather in front of other media including television.
  • Display advertisements on the internet are effective and generate good sales compared to conventional advertising.They can be used to create a brand awareness among people.
  • Parents judge a school or college based on its website and its online presence.
  • Most students have also begun to judge a school or college through its online presence.Guardians read online reviews before taking any decisions.
  • Outstation students depend heavily on the websites for college admissions.
  • With more user friendly websites,Parents consider doing online admissions and prefer to raise any queries online.
  • In the days of responsive websites and apps,People want everything at their fingertips.A well marketed website solves these issues.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Educational Institutes

 1)Cost Effective:  Digital Marketing  platform is much affordable compared to conventional marketing strategies. Internet marketing strategies like Social Media, Email Marketing,Mobile marketing require less investment  and return good conversions.Thus educational institutions can target a larger audience at a low budget and yield better conversions.

2)Results are Measurable: With better tools available in the market,we can track the performance of different campaigns.With the available statistics you can narrow down the strategy you want to implement  to boost your educational institute goals.

3)Quick Feedbacks:  Digital marketing platforms offer quick feedback as messages or queries are read immediately and possible to receive instant feedback.Twitter,Facebook are the best medium to obtain instantaneous feedback from students.

4)Power of Social Media:Using Social media,you can create a brand awareness of your educational institute.With the increase in followers and increase in the conversations on your Facebook page,one can determine the  fan following of your page.Today,many students have got Facebook and social network apps installed on their smartphones.Liking or shairing a post hardly takes any time.Make sure your Facebook posts are engaging one.The more it gets shared,the more you get publicity.

BMConsulting,has successfully implemented digital strategies to its vast number of clients in educational sector.

The E-learning market will continue to grow even though there is a financial downturn worldwide.The recent developments include use of cloud computing and mobile technology in E-education.I am anxious, how Facebook will channelize Whatsapp as a social media tool and how will it benefit education sector!

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