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Google Analytics Metrics that Matter for Your Business

It is indeed essential for a marketing manager or a CEO of any website, to track essential web analytics parameters,if his earnings solely depends on user behavior in his website.I have seen agencies providing ridiculous report to their clients,claiming how well their website is performing.Certain agencies have set their standard parameters that measures the website.But,it is important to know that,every website is different,and hence their measurement parameters differ too!

google analyticsBasic Google Analytics Metrics You Must Measure

 1.Visits :Visits are total number of visitors that come on your website.This number could be both new as well as returning visitor.These visits could be in a specified date range as set by you in Google Analytics.

2.Unique Visitors:These are the first time visitors on your website.Its always great to have new visitors on your website.Getting good number of unique visitors indicates wide reach of your website.It is important you mention a good ratio between unique and returning visitors.Your returning visitors count is equally important,as it indicates proportion of your loyal audience. new vs returning 3.Average Time Per Visit This is the amount of time in a session. It is calculated by subtracting  time stamp of the first activity in the session minus the time stamp of the last activity of the session. If in a particular time period,there are 700 visits spendng 2300 minutes,then average duration spent on website is 3.29 minutes

4.Bounce Rate Bounce rate percentage is a critical factor in website measurement. It rises , generally,when a visitor leaves your site after viewing only a single page.  Bounce rate also increases if there is no activity carried on the page by user and the page is left idle. A 50% bounce rate is about the industry average.When you are a content website,it is important you maintain a minimum bounce rate.If you have a good bounce rate(less),that means your website provides engaging content,and your users are cling to the website. Generally business or service providing websites(Company websites) have higher bounce rate,and this metric does not matter much to them.

5.Acquisition Overview(Paid and Organic Keywords) Here you will find those keywords that gain you traffic through organic means.Organic traffic means the traffic generated through search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing. In paid keywords section,you will get a detailed report of those keywords that are driving traffic to your website through paid clicks. If you have hired SEO/PPC agency,make sure you ask your SEO /PPC guy to submit this report to you,in order to understand the performance of website.

6.Funnel Visualization user flow   Visitors Flow is a graphical representation of the paths users took through your site, from the source, to visit different  pages, and also helps you to analyze paths they exited your site. Such visualization will help you to understand what factors led your “goal” to remain incomplete. If you have a E-commerce website,that sells watches.Suppose you are selling a high-priced,quality watch that will gain you huge profits.Unfortunately,you are not able to get any conversions on the page,where you have placed the watch.This Visitor Flow visualization will help you to know graphically,user’s behavior on your website and how customers drop away before they land on your desired page. I hope these Google Analytics metrics will help you in grasping your business needs more efficiently.

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Facebook or Twitter- Which Social Media Strategy Suits Your Business?

Romancing your brand and making your customers love your brand is the Holy Grail for any business. An effective communication with your customers is the binding glue between customer satisfaction and success of your brand. Taking advantage of the social media to reach out to customers is what each brand is convergently engaged in doing. Between Facebook and Twitter, the two social media honchos, there has always been a debate among folks as to who is more proficient in elevating your business. We list out the “hits” and then let you decide the clear winner.

twitter_fbTwitter Vs Facebook : Clash of the Social Media Giants

  • Twitter – As speedy as Zeus, the Greek God of speed. The best hit of twitter is that a tweet can go viral worldwide in seconds. Any worthwhile news, can it can reach the workplace of even the remotest place in a flicker of an eyelid. Similarly, each tweet gets buried in minutes, so we consider this as a great miss. Until and unless your content is great, attracts more conversations, it’s just a matter of few minutes and your tweet is submerged in the maze of innumerable tweets.
  • Facebook – Personal touches can be included. Just as much as Twitter is professional, to the same extent Facebook page can be made personal. It’s human tendency that they relate more when that thing has pictures, videos and can be made more demonstrative. Reaching out to customer’s queries is like doing that extra bit which earns for you more acclaim. Adding a catchy profile picture on Facebook makes it quirky and attention grabbing.
  • Twitter – Concise and precise. On twitter you can tweet only 140 words. This allows the person to write everything in the crispest way. No add-ons, only the essentials. Sometimes writing too long essays disinterests the reader. A short and to the point statement is the best way to convey your message.
  • Facebook – Target your desired audience with Facebook Ads. The best way to reach out to the target audience is via these ads. According to a survey Facebook generates 60% of its revenues by the ads which are by far its best propagation channel.

We listed out the advantages of the two hot shots. Facebook is twice as big in size as Twitter but the latter is more professional whereas the former is more profile versatile. Use both of them to shrewdly attract more visitors, thereby leading to a chain reaction whereby more people interact with your brand and build a bigger community. This gradually moves the people from passive observes to potential customers. Our advice- Go with the flow and utilize both Facebook and Twitter to the maximum extent.

We help you to find out the best possible conversion driven social media strategy for your  business.

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How to Design a Perfect Conversion-Driven Landing Page

Landing Page – This is that million dollar page that caters your potential customers  and earn you bread and butter. But,unfortunately, I have observed,this is either the most neglected page or lacks that X-effect that will help you drive a conversion. There is no particular rule of thumb that could be a deciding factor when you design a landing page. It is all about a niche,your customer behavior and the ideas you brainstorm with your graphics team to make the best possible landing page.

landing pageLanding Page Design Tips to Generate Conversions

Call-to-Action Yes,this is what we all hear when we start learning about Inbound marketing /Search marketing or Conversion optimization. Call-to-Action has to be the core element of any landing page. Think how customer will behave on your page. Your audience will appreciate you more if they find things easy and simple to grasp. If your business is into lead generation, make sure you place your form at a prominent place,and is catchy enough to attract your audience. It is always better you keep it above the fold. Get used to Call-to-Action keywords like Buy Now, Download now, Register now, Enquire Now, See How we Work, Let us solve your query, Find better Solution and more

Landing Page and Ad Copy Relevancy  It is important that your landing page serves your ad copy better. In order to achieve a good quality score on Adwords, it is important to keep landing page content relevant to the Ad copy you serve. It is very disgusting to see an Ad copy that talks about “excellent plumbing service. Enquire Now!”, leading to a home page of that Plumber’s website,where neither a Contact Us form is available nor a Phone no. is available.

Minimum Navigation Possible All right, so you got your audience on the landing page. Its your job to make them stay, till they are converted. Keep no loose pockets. We at BMConsulting, advise our clients to keep minimum navigational links,and instead engage audience with value-added services you serve.

Trust Factor Treat your landing page something like “marriage material”. I know, I am going a bit off the track.But,yes seriously. A “marriage material” guy keeps all his things tidy to create an impression. No sooner he meets his “would-be-better-half”,than he tries to generate a “trust-factor” in her.Similar is the case with landing page.You get a visitor through some referral source.When he lands,your landing page not only should attract him,but also generate some kind of trust-factor in him.

You can mention in your private policy that you won’t misuse the data you collected from customers.This will build a trust in your customers.If you expect some transaction to happen on landing page,make sure you put “certified by VeriSign” or some other organization’s logo on the page.This will mark you as an authoritative website,and people will not fear to do any business with you.

Testing You must run A/B test,before you zero down upon landing page.Cjange the content,keywords,images and Call to Action,to check how these changes reflects on user’s behavior.

I remember,long time back BMConsulting  designed a landing page for a company looking for ethical hackers.We had a long brainstorming session with graphics team,and suddenly and idea popped up.We had a good optimized landing page with keywords and services,but we encrypted the “contact-us form”.And ,instead,we wrote there “Prove us,You are a Hacker”.

And yes,the idea worked and was a super hit enough to get us our checks in advance. We will be sharing good examples of Landing pages in upcoming blog post. Stay tune 🙂

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How to Do Successful Email Marketing For College Admissions

Email marketing campaign for college admissions

Never and never methods of marketing are resonating in the market. Digital marketing in a never exhausting field with mammoth amount of scopes for marketing being discovered every new day. However with the evolution of the novel marketing methods, many people and institutes thing that email marketing has taken a backseat. However this is absolutely untrue as e-mail marketing still occupies the center stage as a marketing tool for universities and institutes. Most of the universities and colleges use email marketing to rouse interest and demand among the potential students and their parents. However, with the marketplace being chaotic and muddled with messages from so many institutes competing for grabbing student’s attention, you need a right strategy to attract the prospective target audience.

We present a few essential points which would enable institutes to leverage their email marketing drives and make them stand apart from the crowd:

Email Marketing Practices for College Admissions

  • Identify your goals in each set of target audience and work accordingly: While devising your e-mail marketing strategies, keep in mind the set of people you are targeting. Setting up the objectives as per the audience’s view point and then tailoring the message and structure is the most essential part to draw the maximum attention.
  • Dictate a strong call-to-action: When people visit your website, tell them what course of action to take. After taking a virtual tour of your institute, guide them as to what you want them to do. Adding “visit our website today”, “call us today” or “register now” conveys the mutual feeling of symbiosis.
  • Craft a short precise and engaging subject line:  This is the most essential part of the email to add an enticing line which would convert readers into visitors and then into potential audience. The key trick is to keep this line short and to the point.
  • Correct timing: The most overlooked aspect is to choose the appropriate timing to send the e-mails. There is less probability of the mails to be read on weekends or on Mondays. Make it a point to send somewhere on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mails sent on holidays are less proven to be read or responded.
  • Add a social sharing feature: Social sharing feature enables the institute to gain a foot holding on the social media platform and thereby reaching a greater audience. This share feature of “like us” or “follow us” allows the institute to spread its arms among even that audience which is unaware of the institute’s existence.
  • Keep a record: Keep a record of various activities like the sending date of the email, subject of the email, number of subjects to whom it was distributed and their response. By this you will get to know what type of text, subject line and information resonates the best among the audience.

There would be tons of emails bombarded on the parents and students inbox every day about different institutes. Let your email stand out from among all your competitors and notice a vast amount of leads and audience interest on your institute’s website.You can also refer to effective use of email marketing in education sector.

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How Digital Marketing is Changing Marketing

“The landscape of marketing is everything but stagnant- ubiquitous, polymorphous and metamorphic”.  In the amphitheater of marketing, digital marketing has occupied a center stage, standing poised with its arms reaching up to all strata of digital including social media, always ready to interpret the art not of composers but of increasing sales. A kaleidoscope of flavors, each media in the blogosphere compared to a flavor, pervasive yet unique.  Two years after 2012, when it was predicted that the world would end, digital marketing has comprehensively changed the means of marketing.

marketingThis is an ever evolving branch, which never sleeps. Within the time frame of discovering a new trend and flanking it on social media, it has already become old, such is its speed. With a myriad of devices being connected with the net, the wearable devices being looked upon as the emerging wonder, reaching out to the customers was never before so easy.

How technology is Changing Digital Marketing

The conventional marketing was a hole digger in people’s pockets, yet the strategists agnostic about the success of their venture, this digital marketing is a fresh breezer. Digital marketing which can either be done by a singular channel means or by “omni-channelling” and the results are simultaneously displayed when the marketing procedure is working. Nominal rates, often free marketing in the digital world is why this is attracting so many audiences. There is no holy bible or Holy Grail in the digital marketing, with its trends changing every day makes sure any person with innovative skills can become a hot-spot here.

Looking for some great answers to your questions? Open the “Internet of Things” and Wham!! Thousands of results will be displayed in a few seconds. In this nebula of webpages, the most infortaining and most visited are the websites which give the best answers. Those answers which a viewer can most relate to is the one he’ll always prefer checking that website. Initially in its heydays, the digital marketing strategy involved making the website as informative as possible. With the evolution of digital marketing, the websites now have to be interactive and yet informative, making sure it quenches the thirst of the viewer only then will he visit it again.

So said, mediocre or irrelevant data displayed on websites will attract the least traffic. Supreme and superincumbent content that is understandable by the viewers is ruling the search engines. Also if the data is precise and superior but the correct set of keywords are not included, it will not be displayed in the top pages of search engines. This lauds unequal importance to Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Management,which are the digital marketing trends.

Moreover, the latest challenge to digital marketers that has popped up with the emergence of wearable and integrated devices is making the digital vendors sweat under excursion to stay the best in the race.Wearable technology is going to be a big thing that will show how technology is changing marketing.

The final concluding remark “Inordinate marketing will be all about sublime content, emotional connection, less hindrance by devices or platform restrains.”

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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy: How to Improve Your Business using LinkedIn

“Can I expand my business using LinkedIn?”  This is the burning question that most of the upcoming startups and the small company owners are asking themselves as well as to digital marketers. According to a study, this social media website has become a secret weapon to boost your business as well as to gain a foothold in the professional market. Leveraging your business through LinkedIn has the benefit that the right type of audience is targeted. So Google is not the sole proprietor for getting your business being discovered online. The latest trend in the e-microcosm is that “You aren’t someone noteworthy until you are found on LinkedIn!”


To help you maximize your engagement, and improve your business on LinkedIn we have chalked out a few points:

Why Use LinkedIn to Improve Your Business

  • Specificity: Rather than delving into the unnecessary information, stick to the key points. Be most precise in letting people know who you are and what you do so as to avoid confusion among visitors. Include the key ingredients: Your current work, past experience, summary and your specialty. This would enable you to reach out to your customers in telling them what you do and how can you help them. In short build a powerful and informative profile.
  • Add links and websites: LinkedIn allows you to add three links of your work. In order to make the visitors more curious, make this section attractive and as engaging. This tactic would make them inquisitive about the services that you offer.
  • Creativity attracts more leads: Most of the LinkedIn profiles are as dull as a dishwater. To make your profile stand out from the competitors, include a few specs of video’s which would come alive when the visitor checks your profile. This video can include the basics about your company profile, what is offered and don’t forget to add in a few good words by the clients.
  • Add contact information: When someone stops by your profile, essential contact details help to tie in via phone or email. The best feature on LinkedIn is that it allows you to export your connections. A 15-20 minute talk with the potential clients or with the visitors will boost your business directing to a tsunami of leads.
  • Answer the questions: Creating a LinkedIn account and adding professionals to it is not the end of the story. It’s just the tip of an iceberg. Always customers choose the suppliers whose interaction levels are higher. This creates a pseudo effect among the customers by adding an informative and resourceful answer. Another strategy to generate a sense of reliability among customers is to follow-up after some time letting him know that you are personally interested and cater to their needs.
  • Carry out discussions in groups: You can build your business around Groups, each contains a specific target audience. By engaging in conversations and answering the questions posted on these groups enhances your online visibility. Thus more people come to know about you and your work. This develops more contacts and ultimately leads to increasing your business.

No matter what your business is, if you project your business amidst the right target audience; it will definitely help attract more customers, investors, partners and sponsors. Before that,it is necessary that you appoint a good digital marketing agency  that will enhance your business on social networking sites like LinkedIn.

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Tips to Build a Successful Real Estate Website

The best thing about the real estate market is that it’s always on steroids. Real estate is like an immortal species of the market. As more and more brokers are embracing internet to Real Estate Websiteexpand their empire, many a times in this game of dart, they lose the main focus and often target everything other than the bull’s eye. Are you looking for ways how to generate more leads and more traffic on your website? Fret not. This user guide will help boost your website’s productivity and lead to more efficacious marketing. Follow these tips to build a successful real estate website.

  • Buy your own endemic Domain:It makes you look like a “big player” simultaneously lauding a professional touch to your brand. With a personalized domain enables you to maintain a permanent website address and e-mail address.
  • Extract Maximum Benefits out of your Internet Presence: Make your website informative and attractive to make sure people get an avant-garde experience while visiting your website. Let the people get the gist of your schemes and projects by posting videos as well as pictures of what you sell. When information is displayed in form of videos there are more chances that the viewer will take a tour rather than reading long articles posted.
  • Make an Interactive Website: Create an interaction section in your website, allowing the viewers and your customers to ask questions, thus ensuring that all their queries and doubts will be solved. This creates a “placebo” effect among the viewers, thereby visiting your website regularly and also apart from the times when they intend to buy a property.Let your website be an interactive platform between you and the viewers
  • Highlight your listing positions on your website: Make sure to enlighten the public about your presence on other most commonly viewed real estate websites. Create a power point presentation incorporating screen shots of your site statistics as well as listing details.
  •  Explore Online Advertising Options:Posting the link to your website on various other high traffic sites creates curiosity among the visitors and makes people click to your website, thus creating leads and awareness among the public about your brand.It is important you carry extensive marketing through advertisements.
  • Build a Quality landing page: Landing page is defined as the page that your leads would land up to when they click on your ads. The essence of this page is it must be enticing and offer the visitor the crux of your brand. Directly taking them to your website might repulse them, hence this page acts as a prep-tutorial.
  • Fusion of Correct Set of Keywords: Having a state-of-art website does not mean that your work ends, infusing the correct set of keywords to make your website gain a place in the first few pages of various search engines is also essential to direct more views. Special tools like Keyword Discovery will aid in identifying the right keywords for your niche.
  • Utilize the Social Media: The best mode to reach mass public is by social media. Cheaper than the generic traditional marketing and able to catch a larger audience, the popularity of social media for marketing of all genres of business has become as common as the extra amenities offered on a property.

We at BMConsulting, begin real estate website design work by requesting you to fill out a website design questionnaire. We begin our discussion with you to understand your requirements so that you reach to maximum prospective clients. We discuss the basics and the essentials including logos, colors, design preferences, offers, competitors, customer buying process, likes and dislikes, and other preferences that you would like to include on your  real estate website.You can have a look on how we implement digital marketing strategies for real estate clients.

Good luck! We hope that these tips will help you explore the unfathomable microcosm of internet and the boundless possibilities of this Pandora’s Box.

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