Social Media Marketing for the Tours and Travel Industry

Social media are social networking sites where you can interact with people, it allows you to create new ideas and content, to view and share information even faster and with less cost. Social media marketing is the process of research technology, design and content for branding your business across different types of social media. It is a way to make daily conversation with people, to make aware people about your brand and to keep people engaging.

social media marketing

Try to use proper social media management solution so that you do not need to spend your whole day for posting. You can create monthly social media calendar in which you can define types of posts to be posted, date and day wise, according to calendar create series of posts in advance and then either you can post them daily or you can schedule also, with a specific time.

Why Tourism industry needs social media?
Now let’s see why social media marketing is essential for Tours and Travels industry? We know the importance of Social Media Marketing and now Social Media Marketing has become most important strategy from all marketing strategies which is applicable to this industry also. Though you have a great website, blogs still you need to have an active presence on Social media sites. It’s important because Google ranks your content higher spread via social networking sites than your other content.

Due to busy schedules now we need all things online. While going to plan for tours we first check online tours and travels websites and their reviews. It means that the traditional marketing is replaced by online marketing. So, the social media techniques help them to brand, to attract user, to promote their services and travel destinations.

What strategies you can use for Social Media Marketing:

  • Informational Post with Tourism Information

Try to create some informational posts with your brand to provide updates or news and information about your industry.

  • User Reviews

User review or user story is a key for other users in tourism industry. Since they express their personal experience, this can inspire to other people to choose your industry for their trip.

  • Image Sharing

Image sharing gets the most engagement and it works better than content so the exciting images are a great way to attract and inspire people in planning for their next trip. Try to encourage your users to upload their own photos to build a community around your brand. You can share your fabulous travel photos on Instagram also.

  • Bring Some Fun Into Your Brand

Traveling is nothing but a fun and excitement which is exactly people expect from you. So create your post with fun and excitement to show your users how you are different than others.

  • Create Engaging Posts

Try to create different types of posts. Do not repeat same types of posts. You can use engaging post such as ask short questions to users, create polls(e.g. “Which of these locations is your favorite?”) to keep engaging them. Sometimes you can post travelling tips also.

  • Use Video

According to Forrester research, Sixty percent of all online traffic comes from video. So video sharing is a powerful way to communicate your brand story.

  • Offers

Don’t forget to post your special offers on special occasion to get more traffic to your website.

Keep in mind you have to create great content that will go viral. Focus on how to convert user’s experience in an amazing content so that it will become easy for your audience to share. And if you share these posts between 11 a.m. and noon on Facebook then it will be most successful.

(Compiled by Madhuri Kadgaonkar)

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