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Analysis Strategies for Effective SEO

Search engine optimisation is a technique to improve visibility of website in search engine. There are certain departments under SEO that need special analysis attention. Some of those shall be discussed herewith.


Keyword Analysis – Keyword analysis is indispensable for effective SEO. Relevant and correct use of keyword is valuable and helps in acquiring quality traffic. For obtaining relevant traffic, broad match or long tail keywords are suggested. Although keyword research is time consuming but tools like keyword planner and analytics may help in finding right keyword.

Keyword analysis leads to following advantages

  • By analysing the right keyword it becomes easy to allocate more budgets to that keyword and perform spend optimization.
  • Helps in achieving more conversions and return on investment.
  • Helpful in generating more leads


Website Analysis – To improve website effectiveness, analysis of website is mandatory. It helps in measuring the amount of traffic reaches your website also from which location, of what age and sex, or we can say helps in market researching. It also helps in finding which page has more view and which has lesser view. Pages with lesser view can be analysed effectively, so that views can be improved and hence traffic.

You can perform Website Analysis by analysing on page factors of website, it should follow google guidelines:

  • Website structure, URL structure should be google readable
  • Usage of relevant Keywords, at right places and rule of keyword density should be follow
  • If you are using images, optimisation of images is required
  • No copied content is permissible and content should be relevant


Competitive Analysis – Competitive analysis is necessary to study about strength and weakness of competitor. Your competitor’s analysis help you in reaching possible customers and it is directly related to return on investment factor.  Your competitor is one who is ranking in google search ranking.

Following analysis can be done –

  • By studying thoroughly what keywords they are using and the way they are using those keywords so that they are ranking. There are many keyword tools are available like keyword analyser which improve analysis.
  • Check your competitor Backlinks using seoprofiler tool, you can find how many links pointing to their website also you can find the domain which are pointing them and with which anchor text.
  • PPC – Pay per click ads of your competitor can be analysed using various tools. What keywords they are using in their ads and how their ads are performing as compared to your ad.

Backlink Analysis – Links pointing to your website from other websites are referred to as backlinks. Backlinks are one of the biggest factors that help in improving ranking of websites. Ranking of website does not depend upon number of backlinks that have been created; it largely depends upon quality of backlinks. Backlinks from high ranking and relevant website are counted as quality backlinks. If any website with poor ranking points to your site, it can harm the performance of your website. To monitor such issues, management of backlinks needs to be done.

Backlink monitoring can be done using website monitoring

  • Link management tools are very helpful in monitoring backlinks by providing nature of backlinks whether it is no-follow or do-follow, its page rank, automatic notification if any changes are made to links and many other features.
  • If any spammy link is found, it can be removed using disavow tool. This feature is available at google webmaster tool. Disavow tool should only be used when you are sure links are spammy as incorrect use of this tool may give negative result to your website’s result.

Monitoring Backlinks and analysis process is very effective from SEO perspective. If perform all the above discuss techniques with accurately and sincerely, a large amount of quality traffic can be acquired.

Compiled by: Meghna Sahu

Tips followed by successful CEOs for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been declared as something irrelevant and slow, and gradually companies have begun overlooking the practice. But, the truth remains that some of the best ranked companies have paved their way through SEO.

Have a look:

  • Buffalo Wild Wings generated 132000 leads through organic Google search
  • Cavalier Ford used geo-targeted keyword research and optimization to get 119% traffic rise and 47% conversion rise
  • FedEx used website audit and SEO had a 50% increase in traffic with 26% increase in conversion

Till date, SEO remains THE mechanism to get your Organic site ranking hiked reaching out for traffic increment and following a better conversion scale.


SEO management is a whole topic that can be vastly elaborated, but for now let us take a look at some simple tips that can be followed to get your SEO on the best track for best results.

  1. Content writing

Content has always been king and it will remain so. Content that is displayed should strike a chord in your audience. For this to be achieved it is important that content is formulated in-house. You and your staff know your company and what you are best at like no one else. The first content formulation should be therefore be done by your company. Jot down what exactly you want to be informed about your product/service. Fabrication and glittering can definitely be outsourced, but it is important that you have your concepts of content clear in mind.

  1. Outsource the Technical

Technical SEO activities work better if dealt by professionals. They know it better and will dedicate a separate time session for your project. Before outsourcing, make sure that there are no penalties on your website. Investing in active paid search campaigns yields significant results.

  1. Be smart to choose your SEO agency

When you are selecting your SEO agency, just focus on selection. Do not be misled by numerous resources provided. Keep your goals in mind and analyse who can help you reach it out the best.

  1. Involve with your agency

After choosing your agency, do not leave them aside to work on your project. Don’t forget, it is your work and you should be actively involved in it as well to get maximum results. Integrate your team to work with the SEO agency by contacting regularly with updates on websites/services/products. Ask them what you can do to improve (which will accelerate the SEO results). Remember to be in loop with your agency. Leaving everything up to them drags back your results.

  1. Keep learning and monitoring

This point sort of entails the previous one. Keep yourself up to date with trends in marketing and remember to personally monitor all inhouse and outsourced activities.

Twitter addiction works wonders to build fan followers

To grow on twitter and to build a strong fan following you will have to work at building an initial following on Twitter. You will need to get addicted to your twitter account in the initial phase of building fan followers. Of course, a short term addiction for a month or two will be fruitful enough to double down your fan following, uploading and creating interesting tweets.

Twitter addiction works wonders to build fan followers

Studies in the past have indicated the more you tweet the more you build fan followers (1000 tweets = 100 followers where as 10,000 times usually have followings of between 1000-5000 people). So the secret is revealed to you. Get going, sharpen your editorial voice, get more comfortable with the medium (hashtags, @ replies, and more), and self explore and learn the types of content that can be used to appeal and engage your followers.

Indeed, if you’re a small business or brand, Twitter will actually help bring in new customers. To help grow your initial base of followers quickly and easily, here are some additional methods you can try.

Make the most of your past connections on LinkedIn  


Find your LinkedIn connections on Twitter and follow them. Since you’re more likely to be followed by someone you already have a relationship with. Go on the “settings” first of your LinkedIn Contacts page. You have the option to export your contacts into a CSV file. Import your email contacts, which will include your LinkedIn connections, choosing which of them you want to follow.

Schedule your tweets in advance

This practice will help you maintain a consistent flow of content, while saving time. Likewise, you will be more visible on a regular basis and tend to see more engagement and followers.

Chat while on Twitter

On Twitter engage with others every week. There are varied groups within various industries who get together on Twitter to talk about a topic. Joining these chats will allow you an opportunity to engage with others. You’ll get the opportunity to meet new people in your sector and learn valuable information.

Tweet from anywhere and everywhere

Tweet while commuting to and fro from work, Tweet during commercials of your favorite shows; tweet while in the waiting room for the dentist.

Respond to people who are interested in similar content. 


When you comment on, re-tweet, or favorite a Twitter post, consider following users who also engaged with the post. The users will notice that you share similar interests in content and therefore be more inclined to follow you.

Tweet content that is interesting and inspirational to the reader. 


Quotes tend to see higher engagement on Twitter because people enjoy reading them and sharing with others. This will help you to increase engagement and you can also keep a tab on the followers that re-tweet the quote, to understand what interests them. As they are likely to share similar interests, you may consider following them as well.

Try these steps with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. Rest will follow!! All the best guys!!

Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

The best thing about social media is it’s not difficult to use targeted metrics to measure your social media ROI. It offers some of the best metrics for measuring your ROI. Social media is good medium for measuring an increase in brand awareness.

All you need to do is strategically and analytically set your success guide, set a goal of what you want to achieve, and set aside a time period of how long you want to spend achieving it. Get going on the road to success. Once all these measures are in place then measure your results against that.

Below are a few simple metrics to help you measure your social media ROI, in terms of finance as well as brand building across earned, owned and paid social media.

Ways to Measure Owned, Earned and Paid Social Media ROI

Determine the Blogger Outreach on posts

Social media campaigns can be measured by scrutinizing the bloggers outreach on your blogs. The outreach of other bloggers, your target audience and their comments can offer some of the best mileage and results of any marketing tactic.

You have to determine answers to the following questions

  • How many bloggers wrote about your posts?
  • How many comments were received by your posts?
  • What were the no of social shares the post got?
  • Prior to the post what was your traffic?
  • What is the increase in traffic since the post?
  • How much did you invest for blogging versus the ratio of sales you received?

Conclude Twitter impact on your business

Twitter not only offers instant eyeballs but great returns as well for any product launch, service or business. Again, measuring your impact is relatively simple.

  • Determine the retweet value against the investments made on the manpower/resources.
  • How often was your hashtag as well as URL used?
  • Screen out how many genuine followers did you get during your promotional expedition?
  • What was the ration of followers on sponsored as well as unsponsored tweet?
  • In case of Sponsored Tweets, what was the cost versus the click-through and conversion?

Establish the most used social media outreach of your posts on Facebook

Facebook is the tool that offers in-build insight tools to measure the demographic metrics and helps gauge a campaign posts

  • How many new worthwhile fans generated by certain posts versus how many you targeted?
  • How many likes and shares did your promotion message get?
  • Were you successful in reaching your target audience through your posts and campaigns?
  • What was the investment on a Facebook ad versus the new sales and prospects generated?
  • What was the money spent on paid promotion versus the business generated?

Measure your posts delivery on YouTube and Other Video Sites

YouTube today is a key tool used by many businesses for any marketing campaign.

Here are the questions that will give you answers to derive the best social media outreach your campaign has got on You Tube.

  • How many views and Likes did you get?
  • How many Favorites did you generate?
  • How many downloads did you get and embeds elsewhere on the Web?
  • How many subscribers did your video attract?
  • If your video had a call to action with a URL, how many times did people click through?
  • How many social shares did you get across networks?

These metrics offer just some of the immediate ways you can measure how successfully your social media goals were met. Which ones you should use and depend on to define success?

It’s vital to bear in mind that a lot of marketing can come down based on brilliant strategy—timing and a welcoming audience.

Keyword Research Strategies for Real Estate Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Keyword research is an integral and basic component of any digital marketing campaign. We have discussed different tricks and techniques to optimize your real estate campaign. Whenever you run a pay-per-click campaign,you have to be very careful with the selection of keywords,since,you have to pay for every single click.

RealEstate keywords

Keyword Research for Real Estate Campaigns

Last month one of my friend – “a PPC Expert” from a reputed company called me. He had issues with respect to the conversions of his real estate campaign. After reviewing his campaign and considering his daily spent, I concluded that he was paying a high price for those keywords that  were difficult to get conversions.

Google’s keyword research tool is a great help for PPC experts.Apart from the keyword research tools,I personally recommend using Google Suggest. Google Suggest brings out those keywords that could be naturally searched by users.




Now put yourself in searcher’s/customer’s shoes.When you search on Google for “3bhk flats for sale”,Google suggests you with 10 different options.As a search engine marketer,you term these options as “keywords”.

As per the analysis,the top keywords suggested in Google Suggest are the frequently searched terms.These keywords if used correctly within your campaign can yield better conversions.

Short Tail Vs Long Tailed keywords for Real Estate Campaigns

long tail keywords are keywords are made up of 3-5 words. They tend to have less traffic because they’re not as popular as “head” terms.”Head terms” are the short tailed terms that are generalized terms having a good traffic.

For eg: “3bhk flat in mumbai” is a short-tailed keyword. whereas,a keyword “3bhk flat in mumbai and suburbs” can be termed as a long-tailed keyword.In PPC campaigns,short-tailed keywords have higher CPC,compared to long-tailed keywords.

Higher the traffic,higher is the cost-per-click of the keyword.This does not mean you should ignore long-tailed keywords.

short vs long tail


Keyword Match Types

Whenever selecting keywords,it is important that you add a proper match type to it.

Broad match is the default match type and the one that reaches the large audience. When you use broad match, your ad appears whenever a user’s search query includes any word in your key phrase, in any order. For example, if you use broad match on “luxury apartments” your ad might be displayed if a user types “luxury 3bhk flats,”big apartments” or even “luxury guest house”.

Phrase match offers some of the features of broad match.Your ad appears only when a user queries your key phrase using your keywords in the exact order you enter them, but there might be other words either before or after that phrase. for eg: if your phrase keyword is “luxury apartments”.Then your ad will appear for the keywords:

luxury apartments in mumbai

spacious luxury apartments

Exact match is very specific and restrictive of the keyword match types. With this match type, users can only see your ad when they type your exact keyword phrase by itself.

For eg:if you have a keyword [luxury apartments in mumbai],then your ad will appear only for the keyword luxury apartments in mumbai.It will not appear for other terms like luxury apartments in mumbai suburb or even luxurious apartments in mumbai.

Your cost per click may vary depending on match type of the keywords.

Digital marketing for real estate is getting more and more competitive.We,at BMConsulting, provide well researched solutions to make your real estate campaign more optimized.

Writing Effective PPC Ads:Tips for Writing Compelling Text Ads

In the last blog,I discussed important components needed for Google Adwords Search network campaign. Although,we discussed each component separately, It’s important to cover them in detail.In this post, I am going to discuss about writing compelling PPC Text Ads,that will give you winning results.

PPC Adcopy


Writing a Text Ad is one of the most crucial phase in campaign setup.I wonder,why many advertisers overlook this phase,and focus their analysis only on numbers/conversions.If you don’t have a catchy Ad,you cannot expect any conversions.Bill Gates, once said “Out of sight is out of mind”.Although,he made this statement with respect to search engine rankings,but,yes,this rule applies everywhere.If you are not presentable,no one will care about you.Even If you are wealthy,intelligent and wise,but still you are not able to showcase your talent/wealth to people,then what is the use?Now,talking with respect to Adwords, consider wealth as “bid” and intelligence as “quality score”.You are able to rank your ad in top position with these two factors.But,unless and until you have got a catchy Ad text,you would be able to attract only a few.

Steps for Writing Most Effective PPC Ads

1.Competitor Research

Competitor research is a very basic thing when you are working on a campaign setup.Try to study your competitor ads using all possible keywords you are interested to target.You can study competitor’s ad copies using the tools like Google Adwords Preview Tool,SEMRush,Spyfu. You can analyze their targeted keywords,and even understand how much they bid for specific keywords.

2.Ad Content

As,mentioned in my last post, It is recommended you brainstorm about ad copy with your content writer.Remember You have 25 characters for a headline and 35 characters for Ad description.So,All you have these 60-70 characters to showcase your business.Explain the content writer your goal,your required keywords and ask him/her to make a winning text ad for you.This is the strategy,we at BMConsulting ,have been doing for our huge client base.

I have seen many advertisers not making good use of display URL character limit.You have got  35 character limit,hence make sure you have an optimized display URL focused on landing page related keywords. Focus on Call to Action. By adding call-to-action phrases like “Sign up Now,” or “Buy Now,” “Get Now”,creates a more appealing impact to your customers.

You must keep a balance between writing a creative PPC text Ad as well as focusing on technical factors like quality score,CTR.

3.Landing Page

I get annoyed when my PPC guy tells me I will get “X” clicks in “$XYZ”.Goshhh!! Your client don’t care how much clicks/traffic you get him to his website.Sales is what matters!His conversions/leads will get your salary :).

It’s important to take prospective customers to an appropriate and relevant landing page that is directly related to keywords and ad copy. With the clear message in you Ad copy and a relevant landing page will definitely help you to close the deal. Additionally, grouping your keywords into closely related themes,that is creating a relevant adgroups with focused ads and related landing page will get you good conversions.

I recommend carrying A/B testing using atleast 3 different landing pages and then conclude the final one,depending upon performance.

4.Ad Testing

Remember,you may not get your ad copy right the first time,by testing different text messages and calls-to-action, you can determine what clicks your potential customers,keeping in mind CTR and other technical factors.

These tips for writing compelling text ads will definitely help you in creating a winning strategy for your clients.Hope my tips will help you in creating a good PPC ad copy henceforth.

Tips to Create an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign for Search Networks

Pay per clickPay-Per-Click  advertising is a nice way to drive traffic  to your website.It is often useful when your goal is focused on conversions and getting accurate leads.Many a times,I have heard customers complaining about PPC/paid advertisements, stating that it is too expensive and they are not making any  profit with the campaign.However,if you have got a focused strategy to work upon,Pay-Per-Click campaigns will definitely give you awesome results.Here are a few tips to create an effective Pay-per-Click campaign.

Useful Pay-Per-Click Strategies & Tactics to Run a Successful Campaign

Keyword Research : With the increasing trend in online marketing,there is a greater availability of Keyword Research tools in the market. Since,the keyword research is the base of running any successful campaign,it’s better you take maximum time in developing a quality keyword research for the campaign.Try to look out for the all possible keywords,through which a prospective customer may land on your page.Keyword Tools will definitely help you in getting an estimated traffic and an average cost per click,but don’t ignore much obvious keywords even if they the tool shows less traffic.I personally prefer to follow Google Suggest tool for my keywords research.Google AdWords Keyword ToolsMicrosoft Advertising Intelligence,SEMRush and keyword tools by Market Samurai are some of the well known keyword tools which I recommend.

Using negative keywords inside the campaign will create a good impact.

Negative keywords that you to choose will not trigger your ad. For example, if you are a used car dealer, placing the word “new” in your negative list ,won’t trigger the ad for new car dealer.

Moving further,many advertisers are confused about using keyword matching options.I would recommend to test all keyword matching options(Broad,Exact,Phrase,Broad Match Modifier) on your keywords,and then decide upon relevant strategy.In any campaign,it’s better to test all the possibilities to check out the results before drawing any conclusions.

Ad Groups

Ad Groups should be formed on the basis of topics.Every topic must be separated because the Ads you will be writing would be relevant to the Ad Group you create. To get relevant clicks on your ads,it is important that an ad written need to be inline with the Ad Group and ultimately the campaign.

Text Ads

Always write compelling ads,which people would like to click.Make sure that a potential customer when clicks on your ad should result into conversion.You should create a Call-to-Action kind of scenario in your ads.Try to understand the difference between “Save money on used sofa today” and “buy used sofa”.You have to showcase your business in 35 characters.So,it is better you brainstorm over your ad-copy with content writers.

Remember to enable site links too. Site links have a great scope to improve CTR,and may increase conversions too.In a survey carried by Google , it found that 70% of mobile searchers called a business directly from an ad in the search results. According to Google,it is estimated that around the world over 40 million calls are made from Google ads directly to advertisers each month.

Location Targeting

By making use of Google Adwords, you have got greater flexibility in targeting audience location wise. Therse are the following ways you can target audience location wise:

  • City, state, country, region
  • DMA (designated market area)
  • ZIP code
  • Radius around a point
  • Location extension targeting

Whenever you selecting the advanced setting “People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location” adwords will allow ads to be shown to audience who used the name of the location in their searches,viewed content about that location, or selected the name of location in their search settings.

Enhanced campaigns help you to make bid adjustments by location. This allows an increased or decreased bid in chosen locations,hence improves the performance.

Hope,these tips will help you to setup a search network campaign successfully.In the next session we will discuss about setting up display campaigns.