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Google Shopping Campaign Basics and Essentials

History and Introduction

The concept of Google Shopping was founded and introduced by Craig Nevill-Manning in 2002 as ‘Froogle’ that comprises a service which allows the Internet users to find products online and compare their prices. Google Shopping witnessed its journey by different names like Froogle, Google Product and Google Product Search respectively. Google Shopping exploits latest technologies to promote the business of merchants by finding the right audience for their products.

Getting Started with Google Shopping

You must have noticed that when you search for a certain product in Google, it displays some advertisements matching your search query in either the search engine result page or in a shopping tab.

For example, if a user types ‘buy red earrings’ in Google search bar, then some sponsored ads appear in the search results as shown below, this is nothing but a result of the Google Shopping campaign. As you can see here, each advertisement contains a relevant title, price and image which are exactly meeting the user requirement.

In this way, Google Shopping boosts the chances of visibility of your products among the online users. As nothing worth comes free, to avail this service i.e. to get your product ranked in search results, you have to pay to the Google. When a user clicks on your product he/she gets navigated to the relevant landing page of merchant website. In this way, a chance of getting sales through Google Shopping significantly increases.


Backbone of Google Shopping

Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords form the backbone of Google Shopping. Let’s discuss them in brief.

  • Google Merchant Center – Google Merchant Center provides a platform where merchant feed their store details and SKU details (or in simple words – product details). It contains a list of all the products that an online store contains. The format of this list can be textual or in XML. Each product contains some values or attributes that describe how the product exactly is. Some of these values or attributes are size, color, available quantity, price, product identifiers (EAN/ISBN), etc. Some of these attributes are compulsory whereas some are optional. If the description doesn’t match the product or is irrelevant in any way, then the product may not locate in the Google search results, which is nothing but a loss for the business.


  • Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an online advertisement service which allows merchants to create advertisement campaigns. Through advertisement campaigns, the merchants can choose their budget, bids, location, schedule, etc. It is mandatory to have a Google AdWords account to run a campaign for Google Shopping.


Steps to Create Google Shopping Campaign

Firstly, you need to have an online e-commerce website upon which your customer will be redirected once they click on the advertisement. Secondly, you have to set up a Google Merchant account as well as a Google AdWords account, and then you will be linking both of them with each other. Let’s take a closer look at the steps to do this.

  • Go to and create a Google Merchant Center account. If you already have a Google AdWords account then go to Tools section and select Merchant Center, and here you can create a Google Merchant Center account. During account creation you will be asked to fill in the required fields like business location, store name, website and contact details.


By default, Google follows one store – one merchant account format. However, if you want to add multiple merchant accounts to a single Google account, you need to contact Google and follow a customized procedure to do so. Each merchant account will be given a unique merchant identifier.


  • Next, you have to upload the product list (also called as data feed) of all the products available in your online store. This list contains products and their respective attributes as discussed above.
  • Now, it’s time to verify your website with Google Merchant Center. Once this account gets verified, just link this account to your Google AdWords account.
  • Now, this is the time to setup Google Shopping campaign through Google Adwords. Sign in to your Google Adwords account and click on the campaign drop-down menu and choose Shopping from it. You will be asked to set up your campaign by entering the details like – a campaign name, merchant identifier ID, country of sale, and target locations.


  • Now, create an Adgroup that will consist of all the products that you wish to display in advertisements. You can also setup different Adgroups for different product groups with variable bids depending on your business insights.


In this way, your Google Shopping campaign is all set. Moreover, you can edit, manage and measure your campaign’s performance using Google AdWords account.

Google Shopping has potential to significantly boost the CTRs as well as the sales. It allows your brand and products to grab focus of a wide set of audience, and consequently better business opportunities. For further assistance on Google AdWords, Google Merchant Center or Google Shopping, please feel free to contact us on You may also visit our website for more information.




Headline search ads is a self- service advertising solution to drive demand for products sold in These can be used to convert the consumers who are already shopping with amazon to become your customers in no time.


  1. It drives sales and brand recognition with the usage of keyword targeted ads above the search results.
  2. Helps to advertise multiple ASIN’s at on go
  3. Facilitates customized campaign image headline and landing page experience.
  4. Your campaigns can be on display continuously.

Tips to optimize the headline search ads:

Keyword targeting: The kind of keyword you use could also help to optimize your headline search ads. The keywords should be as follows:

  1. Use branded products keywords- Target your brand name along with the product name or some similar option for it.
  2. Competitor branded keywords- Using the keywords of your competitors brands or products can be of help.
  3. Complementary product keywords- Using the keywords of products that are used along with your product can help in creating indirect advertising.
  4. Sponsored products automatic targeting keywords- Targeting successful search queries from the automatic targeting sponsored products campaign.
  5. Out of the league keywords- Use the keywords that are not directly associated to your product but can create some out of the box category demand to attract the buyers to use your product.

Keyword Traffic Indicator : 

As you enter your keyword in the “Add your own keywords” a list of keywords will appear below to choose from. All the keywords there will have a different traffic identifier next to it depending on the impression volume and its relevance of ASINs opted for the campaign: high, medium or low traffic. Depending on your budget opt for the for the keyword, for a low traffic keyword a bid from tight budget should also work.

Bids Strategy :  AMS is an auction based pricing model which implies that you will pay one cent more per click than the next highest bidder. If your impressions are low and you already have an extended keyword list. This helps to get more impressions. It is advisable to increase your bids as the fact remains that if someone bids more than you then their ad will appear instead of yours. This becomes more relevant in case of high traffic keywords.

Custom headlines : The headline that you formulate should contain engaging messages like:

  1. Exclusive or new
  2. Have phrases as buy now or save now.
  3. All claims must appear in product detail page.
  4. Do not use any unsupported claims like #1 or Best seller, these sort of promotional messages will not be approved.

Testing:  Headline search ads give space for some customization of the ad creation, so as to give prominent place above the search results. Spending time in testing the creative can highly affect the ad’s performance. Testing can be done on following ways:

  1. Custom headlines
  2. Order, number and mix features of ASINs
  3. Custom landing page.

Best practices for testing are as follows:

  1. Set multiple campaigns at one time
  2. Change one variable at a time
  3. Run the test for a minimum period of two weeks.
  4. Locate the winning headline based on your business goal and test set-up.


There are metrics available to measure campaign performance. It includes clicks, spend, sales and ACoS ( Advertising Cost of Sales).  Monitor the metric in conjunction with the CTR. Thus a high CTR with low Detail Page Views indicate that customers do not go beyond custom landing page and it indicates to start testing the ASIN mix.

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services is one of the pet projects of Amazon which they have so beautifully designed to make digital marketing easily comprehensible and a self-service for the vendors. It gives you a platform to display your Ads as per your best selling product and as per your requirement. It promotes your brand and boosts product visibility. This service is available for all the registered vendors with amazon.

Amazon AMS

Amazon AMS

One such marketing service provided by Amazon is the Headline Search Ad. Headline Search Ad is a pay per click type of marketing which uses a keyword to drive customers towards their product. One major question that arises in your mind is why HSA? We have listed down a few reasons as to why HSA is a growing trend amongst the vendors to increases their product visibility. Some of them are:


  • It drives sales and increases brand awareness with keyword-targeted ads above the search result, making it easier for customers to locate their correct product in an ocean of options.
  • It provides visibility to three of your best selling products which are identified by a unique block of 10 letters or words that identify items. These unique block of letters and numbers are called ASIN – Amazon Standard Identification Numbers. Therefore, HSA helps you display three such ASIN’s.
  • It provides with various customizable options like modifying your campaign’s image, headline and landing page experience. This helps it making your campaign more appealing and user friendly.

The above listed reasons as to why one should opt for HSA are the technical reasons. Now let us dive even more deeper from the vendor’s and customer’s point of view as to why HSA is beneficial for both the parties. Some of them are:

  • Always on Approach: According to a Radial Study, over half of Amazon’s US shoppers make multiple purchases per month and about 80% make purchases once a month. These statistics reveal that vendors on Amazon have to be always on the go to cater to the needs of their customers. HSA is one service that allows them to run their campaign on a daily basis and convert these customers automatically, in real time, year round. HSA also provides the flexibility of running multiple campaigns at one given point of time for different line of products.
  • Keyword Targeting: Since it’s a keyword driven campaigns, Amazon provides with a list and type of keywords which increases vendor’s opportunity to display their Ads. Some of the types of keywords are:
    • Branded Product Keywords: Target your brand name and product name or some variation of it. This gives an on point focus directly to your brand and thereby increasing its awareness amongst the customers.
    • Competitor Branded Keywords: Target keywords of your competitor brands and products. This is done to increase the competence of your product.
    • Complementary Product Keywords: Target products that are sold separately from yours but used together, each creating a demand for the other. Like when a customer is looking for a USB cable, Amazon display’s the adapter options for your phone as well.
    • Sponsored Products Automatic Targeting Keywords: Target successful search queries from your Automatic Targeting Sponsored Products campaigns. These are for the products which are sponsored by amazon and are amongst the best-selling categories for that line of product.
    • Out of Category Keywords: Target keywords which are not related to your product, but can pick up some of the out of category impressions to help drive buyers to your products. This a little crucial type of keyword and may or may not be successful for your campaign.


  • Keyword Traffic Indicator: While creating your campaign, there is a ‘add your keyword’ section which indicates the keywords to be added for your campaign with a traffic volume indicator. The traffic volumes like high, medium, and low are based on estimated impression volume and relevance of ASIN’s. These keywords are based on bid pricing model. One should include medium and low traffic keywords given your budget constraints. A low traffic keyword increases your chances of winning the impression and it is based on your ability to use the keyword to your advantage to increase sales.
  • Custom Headline: You need to use engaging headlines to attract your customer to your landing page. This can be done by using words like ‘exclusive’ or ‘new’ or even actionable phrases like ‘buy now’ and ‘save now’. However, it is essential to avoid any false claims by using words like ‘best-selling’ or ‘#1’.
  • Testing: By incorporating more creativity you will tend to attract more customers than usual by changing headlines, brand names, customize and personalize the landing page, include more ASIN’s etc. It is advised to use the best practices as well like running simultaneous campaigns, giving one campaign a period of at least 2 weeks, changing one variable at a time and identifying the winning criteria based on your business goals and test set-up.
  • Reporting: Amazon provides with certain metrics to measure campaign performance likeA
    • ACos – Advertising cost and sales which is calculated by dividing the total cost of advertising by sales generated.
    • DPV – Detail page views which are available under the campaign reports only.
    • Using a permutation combination of such metrics one can customize the landing page by using ASIN mix.

These points will help you to create a campaign which is best suited for your product and thereby increasing sales.

10 Tips to Increase Sales on Amazon & Other Marketplace

In the age where marketing plays a major role in increasing sales strategies have to be developed accordingly to cater to the needs of your customers. For this, it is very essential to know your market and your customers. Do a thorough research on their needs, understand what they want and supply them accordingly. Whether you are doing on ground marketing or digital marketing, make sure it meets the needs of your customer which will be a driving factor for them to return back to your products.

Conversion of your sales begins when your product is listed in the right category and providing offers to your customers which they just can’t refuse. Here are some focus points you can keep in mind while pitching to your customers:

Tips to Increase Sales

Tips to Increase Sales

  • Images speak louder than words: Selecting and showcasing the right set of images on the e-commerce platform can make a considerable impact on your sales. Images with high-quality resolution can display the details you want to show and can stimulate the imagination of the buyer and inspire them to purchase the product. Also, keep in mind to post images with different angles so that it allows the customers to view the product from different angles and make a sound decision.

  • Details and Descriptions: Make sure to include bullet points in your product description section making it easier for customers to read and comprehend. A proper description of the product helps consumers imagine how can they handle the product. The most important thing is to provide authenticate description and not just mere words luring the consumers to purchase. Make sure to deliver what you promise your customers.

  • Placement is the key: There are two sets of buyers online. One who knows what exactly they want and have thorough knowledge about the product they want to purchase. The other kind constitutes the major population of the online buyers. These are the kind that will browse by category. For this, as a seller, you need to be well aware that in which category and sub categories your products fall in. This makes browsing easier for customers of the second category and it will be helpful for them to locate your product.

  • Pricing and Shipping: This is one of the major points to keep in mind while selling your product online. It is essential to provide competitive prices and the prices which justifies the product you are offering. Do a proper research on the competition and develop a compelling price point. The other major factor is the shipping which plays a key role in the decisions of the customer whether or not to buy the product. Include more shipping incentives like provide free shipping or shipping discounts for your regular customers.

  • Customer Service: This is one point where most of the sellers fail. They feel that after their product has safely reached the product to their customers in good condition, their job is done. In fact, this is the starting point to build good relations with your customers. It is very important to get the customers feedback which provides you key areas to make your product better. If the product is damaged or not meeting according to the customer’s desire, make sure you replace it. Only this way will you able to gain their trust and make them come back to you for more.

  • Competitive offers: Know the details of the products that your competitor is selling which are quantity, quality, product size, pricing, shipping etc. After this, improve your products in a way that it offers something more than what your competitors are offering.

  • Promotions: Promotional offers can serve as a one big driving factor for any customers. Offers like free shipping, off-season discounts etc. Amazon had come up with a promotional strategy which increased their sales manifold which is free shipping on orders with eligible items with a total price of 35$ or more. It received so much attention that Amazon made it a regular feature on their website.

  • Fulfillment: If you really want to learn unique marketing strategies you should research about Amazon Marketing Services. They come up with such fresh and new concepts that you can’t help but marvel. One such concept is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) where you can leverage Amazon’s fulfillment networks to make your orders eligible for prime delivery. You can send your orders to Amazon fulfillment centers where they pack and ship the products and provide customer services accordingly.

  • International Listing: Making your product open across the globe by listing it internationally will increase your customer base potentially giving you an instance access to millions of buyers worldwide. Using Amazon Global Services can help you expand your business not only in India but even in abroad in countries like United states, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany and much more.

  • Exporting Inventory: By availing the option of FBA Export which is a service extended by FBA to aid the sellers and bridge the gap between the sellers and their potential buyers. When buyers abroad place an order for your product, Amazon picks, packs and ships your products to the concerned buyer. This help in reducing the traditional barriers that a seller can place while exporting their products.

  • A Targeted approach to advertising: Amazon provides special importance to sponsored products which help you promote your listed product. You can choose your product you want to promote, add keywords to narrow down the search for the customer and enter a cost-per-click bid. When a buyer searches using the keyword, Amazon displays the product and takes the buyer to your landing page. What’s more is you will only have to pay their fees if a buyer clicks your ads.

Using such tips will help you to set your business online not just in your home country but even internationally. If you really want to know more about online marketing services, it is advisable to read the content that Amazon provides for unique ideas to do targeted marketing.


What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon lunched Enhanced brand content self-service to all 3rd party private sellers to boost the conversation rate by adding rich content, including images and formatted text, to product descriptions.  Enhance brand content (A+) catalogue will help seller’s customers and address their most common questions in order to drive more rapid and informed purchase decisions.

Who will be eligible for Enhanced brand content?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content is available for any third-party seller ( 3P) sellers with their own branded products  registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry. If you are not yet registered for Amazon’s Brand registry, it’s time to register here follow the link:

Enhanced Brand Content is free for now, but Amazon may charge for the feature later.


Enhanced Brand Content(A+) Benefits :

High conversation rate:  Sellers using A+ catalogue have seen 5-10% increase in conversation rate.


While Search Optimization is likely the last thing on Amazon’s mind, it is something that you can get out of Enhanced Brand Content. EBC allows you to create modules with pictures and value points, which you can use to include your keywords, which will then come up in search.

Brand Story:

You are proving your brand’s unique story can help build your brand’s visibility and customer trust. Most seller using this opportunity to add to your brand’s unique value proposition and drive repeat purchases.

Stand different from your competitors:

Adding extra content/design and images definitely stand your brand  uniquely and better than your competitors.

How to use Enhanced brand content

These best practices will help you optimize for success.

  • Highlight your product unique value points. Online sellers purchased based on emotion rather than practical concerns, so it’s better to highlighting the benefits versus the features.


  • Read and analyses the competitors reviews and find out what your prospect buyers cares about and then highlight those points through Enhanced brand content. You can also check customer returns to find similar data as well..


  • Use text on image media to highlight product features and benefits to improve conversion


  • Most users prefer short content, so aim for a small amount of high quality content that allows users to quickly learn everything they need to know.


  • Optimize for mobile. receives over 8 million mobile visitors every day.
    Try you’re A+ catalogue for your best selling or highest ranking products first. If your product is more likely to make a return, it’s a better investment.



What to Avoid while creating Amazon Enhanced Content

Amazon offers an in-depth list of what to avoid under the Enhanced Brand Content Help section and you should reference that before submitting your EBC page to avoid rejection.


  • Referencing your company as a seller or distributor or provide company contact information
  • Using opinions or claims (I.E. Cheapest, Best, etc.)
  • Including copyrights, trademarks, or registered symbols including logos, branded content, etc.
  • Using third party quotes including references, reviews, and quotes
    Mentioning shipping information
  • Including low quality images or images that don’t reflect the product (Brand Story images are not required to include the product)
  • Adding duplicate images
  • Website links
  • Excessive use of bolding or capitalization

You must also hold to the category requirements for your product, maintain a high-quality standard of spelling and grammar, and treat your Enhanced Brand Content Detail Page with the same care you would any other product page.

If you have a private label product, then you should be taking advantage of it. With benefits including branding, enhanced content for better engagement, and photos in the product description, it’s well worth the time to integrate into your products.


Example EBC


Agency Support to create Enhanced brand content:



5 Simple & Less Expensive Ways to Get Sales in Festive Season

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of all businesses, large and small. Whether you run a retail shop or sell on an e-commerce giant like Amazon or Flipkart, increasing sales through online channels is a little more tricky than you actually think.

Fortunately, there are numbers of ways you can make more sales online, many of them can be implemented right away. Here are 5 actionable techniques you can use to increase online sales performance.

sales in festive season

Image SCR:yourstory

Increase sales using Facebook

The festive season is the peak time to reach new customers, increase conversion rates, and boost sales. Advertising on Facebook is almost always a good idea, but you always need to have a strategy and attainable goals behind your campaigns – and at this time of the year, it should be less about awareness, and more about conversions.

  • Facebook Page – Be sure to include clear and visible calls to action and a button to get people to your site as easily as possible. Invest in graphics that are fun, unique, and seasonal.
  • Carousel ads – Carousel ads are a highly effective way to feature a variety of products, events, or services that can be linked directly back to your site with call to action buttons
  • Seasonal campaigns – A theme based campaign can be a great way to encourage your audience to share your festival discounts. For example, giveaways, coupons, flash sales are all great to engaging your audience and encouraging them to share your promotions with their friends.

Increase sale using Google

The number of searches in google increase in the festive time, why not make all those searches you prospect customers using Google Adwords.

What can Google do for you?

  • Measurable – With Google AdWords, every single aspect of your marketing campaign is measurable, right down to the number of clicks, number of impressions, click through rate (CTR), number of conversions, conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per acquisition (CPA), etc. It’s very easy to measure your return on investment (ROI).
  • Cost Effective – You only pay when someone clicks on your ad (i.e. you pay per click) and you determine exactly how much you want to spend.
  • Maximum Relevance – When you run a Google Adwords campaign, the clicks you received will be mostly related to your keywords
  • Location Targeting- Google AdWords allows you to target specific geographic locations.
  • Language Targeting- AdWords has over 40 language options for campaign targeting.
  • Time Targeting- AdWords allows advertisers to select specific hours during the day for optimal targeting.

Email marketing

While it may sound like email is the last thing anyone will consider checking during the festive season, the fact is that email marketing is still one of top marketing tactics. Considering that 25% of all email sent during the year goes out during the festive season, it’s time to start planning your email marketing campaign.

  • Exclusive, Subscribers – Only Discounts- Why not reward your loyal Customer with an exclusive offer? Whether that means offering them a discount on online products, providing free shipping, or creating another lucrative promotion, your Customer will appreciate the kindness you’ve extended.
  • Festive wishes- Without your customers, your brand would not exist. This holiday season, show your appreciation with a “Happy Festive season!” email sent to clients, subscribers, and other connections. Going the extra mile proves that you care about your network and wish them the best during the holiday season.Add a layer of personalization further proves your commitment to the happiness of your customers and connections.
  • Shopping Reminders- Are you hosting a festive sale? Make sure you remind your customers and subscribers! Otherwise, how will they know to shop? Shopping reminder emails don’t need to be overwhelming or frequent. A simple reminder to take advantage of a great online or in-store shopping discount can go a long way!

Text Message Campaign

SMS marketing is one of the best for hosting festive sales . The possibility of your email going uncheck is high but with the good open rate of SMS, there are greater chances of increasing conversion. Some technique for text message.

  • Weekly text message – A simple weekly “text tip” keeps you in front of your prospects while providing value and paving the way for other types of text messaging.
  • Send out flash texts about Discounts – Flash sales announced only via text message are a great way to make your customers feel special and build excitement around your text message marketing.
  • Festive- Without your customers, your brand would not exist. This holiday season; show your appreciation with a “Happy Festive season!” SMS sent to clients, subscribers, and other connections. Going the extra mile proves that you care about your network and wish them the best during the holiday season. Add a layer of personalization further proves your commitment to the happiness of your customers and connections.

Selling on Amazon –

Try out the Amazon sponsored add services, Keyword Optimization, optimized bids, create targeted campaigns, boost sales to increase the visibility of your products and ultimately increase your sales.

  • Promotion – A promotion offers an incentive for a customer to make a buying decision sooner rather than later, or to choose one product or seller over another.

Types of promotion are – Money Off (Purchase Discount),Buy One Get One (Free Product),External Benefit. Customer reaches a minimum threshold, either by spending a dollar amount you’ve specified, or by buying a certain quantity of a product or products.

  • Sponsored ads – With more than 350 million products on Amazon. it becomes more and more difficult for sellers to get their products in front of the customer. Thus, Amazon’s “Sponsored Products” ads are becoming extremely popular among sellers as they offer minimum cost to advertised their product. BM Consulting helps Amazon sellers avoid some common mistakes and get the most out of Amazon Sponsored Products.
  • Amazon FBA – Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, and your business can benefit from our expertise. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Best of all, FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.
  • Lighting deal – Lightning Deals can be found throughout, and are available on the Today’s Deals page or Prime Day page. Lightning Deals are available, one per customer, until either the promotion period for the deal expires or all the available inventory is claimed.Since Lightning Deals are time-sensitive, it’s important to complete your order as soon as possible. You can sign up to watch a Lightning Deal up to 24 hours before it begins.
  • A+ catalogue – A+ Content is a detailed product descriptions, rich images, charts and narrative copy to help customers make informed buying decisions.This premium content from manufacturers is meant to drive more conversions on a detail page. According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase sales on average 3 to 10% by educating the consumer about your product and brand.

Your Ad Is Not Eligible For Impressions : Amazon Sponsored ads

    The reasons behind the ineligibility of the ads

When it comes to business, no one will invest money in the dissolving industry. Whenever we bet on the race course, we must make sure that our horse is not limping. An equivalent algorithm is applied in amazon sponsored product ad campaigns. Advertising may be as simple as allocating budget to advertise the product, but what if your listed ads are ineligible to initiate any impression? It will be bizarre for the seller.


The reasons behind the ineligibility of the ads are elaborated as follows:-

  1. Product is listed in buy box: The buy box for the product has been disabled recently or product is not in the buy box from the beginning.
  1. The product is out of stock- The product listed in the inventory is out of stock therefore the ads cannot display. While adding product to the campaigns make sure that the products are in stock.
  1. Ad information missing: The image of the product to be displayed is not present. Some product information required for the ad is missing. There is no inventory information for the product.
  1. Not allowed in sponsored product:-  The category of the product listed is not eligible for the sponsored product ad service.

We have herewith explained to you the reasons behind the ineligibility of the ads for impressions. You may visit for further insights on how to get rid of it.

(Compiled by Nikhil Patil)


How smartphones have gradually taken over the shopping journey at large


Considering the connectivity in today’s era, activity is at its boost all around the clock. And the same goes with marketing and purchasing. Research, inquiry, overviewing and shopping, in general, is never at rest. Individuals are trafficking the internet via smartphones throughout the day for product/service research. Ranging from day-to-day light materials to bulky procurements, every purchase is completed or complemented using the smartphone. An involuntary action of tapping the fingers on the smartphone screen occurs at almost every micro second today in relation to purchase.

smartphone usages 2016 India

Google data mentions that 93% of the population uses a mobile device to research before purchasing. Since this is a significant fraction, it clearly follows that a noteworthy portion of the total purchase made in any brand is credited to smartphone users. Considering the Indian diaspora, about 87% of the Indian community uses smartphone to research before purchasing and 73% of the total smartphone users actually make purchases after this research. India being one of the countries having a large internet user wavelength perceptively reflects the high usage of smartphones in routine consumer activity.

Purchase research is done over a wide range of information. Price information is one of the most sought after data for different brands in online research. Quality of product/service follows this. It is but natural that every individual would like to make a purchase that is affordable and yet has a high quality. Reviews, recommendations and brand names come within this umbrella. Such searches are made during casual talks with friends, serious business gatherings, long term acquisition decisions or even at the shop door step. At all these vicinities, smartphones are the most user friendly, fast and reliable gadgets that can be exploited by any person.

information searched by users

Now moving ahead of research and inquiry, it is noted that consumer decision is highly affected by the smartphone even after physically being in a product outlet. A high percentage of shoppers reflectively turn to their smartphones in order to make a decision of buying.  And online information is pointedly influential in the purchase up to the last minute. Carrying a smartphone to shopping is seen today as something almost important as carrying your wallet.

  shoppers using smartphone

Marketing today does not rest, as consumers are in the ‘on-mode’ 24/7. Smartphones widen the purchase perspective by availing all brands, all information, all possible choices for all possible products/services right on the palms of customers, just a finger tap away.

Banner Advertisements: Obvious and Short Messages

Tackling Banner Advertisements

 In order to boost your online sales, banner advertisements can become a work of art, but like every other form of marketing; you need to know how to create a perfect banner commercial. And for that, you need to first deal with the main issues related to banner advertisements.

Banner ads cartoon

The Problems

There are mainly two problems associated with banner advertisements which need to be tackled in an efficient manner.

  • The integral problem with them is that, it disrupts the viewer of the advertisement, of what they were initially doing on the internet which is usually either researching or engaging on social media or enjoying a video. Since you are creating a friction with your potential consumer, your focus should be on “inbound” marketing and avoiding any disruptive advertisement.
  • The other problem is that these commercials slow down your web surfing as well as your computer performance, which often leads to people installing ad blocking software.

Tips for a Successful Banner Advertisement

Like any other form of advertising, you need to be clear of what you what and how you want to represent in order to stand out of the crowd. This is the same with online banner commercials.

  • You will end up with a poor ad performance if you post your commercial on every website you find. You should take the time out to find out which websites your potential customers view and post your commercials accordingly. Thus, the first thing you should do is to create a list of ideal choices of websites and blogs where you can publish your banner ads and contact those websites directly. Maintaining a good relationship with the owners of these web operators will help you in the long run.
  • You should start out by testing your commercial. This means, posting the first banner ad to see where it sticks, what its shortfalls are and how you can improve your web presence in the next banner advertisement. This also helps you understand how important it is to be creative and innovative in web marketing and how you can catch your customer’s interest on the internet.
  • The next thing you need to know is where to post your ad on a website. Most internet surfers follow the “F” Shaped Pattern. They read from left to right, usually first scanning the top of the page, return to the left and can the middle. They finally return to the left column and scroll from there. According to this pattern, the best place for your banner is likely to be in the top left corner of the website. However, it also depends on the layout of the website.
  • When you post your banner, you should give some thought as to where you will send your banner ad traffic. Depending on what you are promoting in your advertisement you can send them to-
  1. Your Home Page.
  2. A Category Page.
  3. A Product Page.
  4. A Promotional Page.

Buying Banner Advertisements

There are two ways to buy banner advertisements. –

  •  One-Off Banner Ads In this you are directly reaching out to the web operator regarding your advertising campaign and pay the nominal rates they ask for. You should work on becoming a resident advertiser on these websites. This will help you in building a relationship with their regular visitors. Keep on changing your advertising theme and style and make those visitors notice you.
  • Ad Networks If you want to spread your brand, you can tie-up with an ad network. They are middlemen between you and the website your ads reside on. This will help you spread your brand on various web networks.

No matter what approach you choose, you need to be creative enough to leave a mark on your customers. Marketing is all about how you can increase your customer base, hence, start working on your next advertisement now.

Google Adwords Educational Institute Case Study : Search Engine Marketing Case Study

Client Overview

Client was established in 1998. It is counted as one of the first institutions in Pune that provides SAP related Education and Consulting services. With other similar achievements during its tenure in the industry, they has established itself as a leading brand in India in IT & Business Education and Consulting.

Client’s challenge

Beside 17 Years of industry experience, client was facing a huge drop in admissions for the last 6 months. The challenge was low internet penetration.


Our team started working on root causes analysis which can be summarised as follows:

  • SEO was not good and content was not up-to the mark.
  • Client in-house team where not professional investing on Google Adwords & Facebook marketing.

Considering the above cases, BM consulting took appropriate stances to overcome the client challenge. We provided the client with a comprehensive service including ongoing search strategy and implementation, user experience testing, landing page design and the provision of an Google adwords display network and search network.


  1. Monthly traffic grown from 1500 sessions to 7902 sessions.
  2. Conversion rate increased from 4.2% to 5.62%
  3. Bounce rate decreased  from 65% to 53.70%
  4. Monthly Leads (Contact form) increased from 325 to 490
  5. 40% reduces in month Advertising budget 
  6. 45% increase in leads compare to previous month

Traffic Sessions in last 6 months

Case StudyGoal completion over 3-4 months 


Client speak
We are very happy with the results we have got ever since we tied up with you for our website management and SEO. Your team has been very helpful and we would like to continue our association with BM Consulting. Wish you good luck and we hope for more of such good results which will benefit our business further. – Chaitrali , Marketing Head